im just curious as to how you all would define respect and how it would compare to like or dislike.

I respect those people that give me something that I can agree with, and I do not respect those that waste my time or are incapable of being reasonable.

As for like and dislike I want to add the words attraction and repulsion. What kinds of people do you gravitate towards and what kinds do you find yourself wary of. How does respect relate to this?

Is it safe to say that everyone respects something or someone, and if it is what is the inner psychological structure of an individuals belief system that cuases him/her to like/respect one thing, and dislike/disrespect another. It seems to me that the reasons closely coincide with ones ideals or expectations for the world. Hence I respect those that I like/agree with because they share an ideal/goal that I have for the world; they decrease my sense of alienation, whereas people I cannot agree with increase my sense of isolation, or alienation.

It seems to me that the answer to this question has long been considered and debated, and that what it comes down to is essentially the value that you place on existance, and the kinds of occupations or actions that are the most profound or important in your judgement.

Hmmm, will mankind always be at war with one another?

no, eventually we will kill ourselves completely and only then will wars end…

I think true respect is from the heart anything else is just plain courtesy. I can dislike my boss and yet would have to show respect in which case it would be just courtesy because there can be no respect from the heart for someone whom I dislike. So when you like someone, you automatically respect them. But when you dislike someone and must show respect you only show courtesy.

So if you hated your arch enemy and wanted to kill them you’d be showing them courtesy or respect when acting kindly to them?

I have a huge problem with the usage of respect. It seems to have no consistency. Respect in most cases just seems to be pretend indifference. But in others it’s something selfless and admirable yet foolish at the same time.

Respect is seeing and treating the other as if the other had the same basic worth as you. If I respect you then I will view you and treat you as valuable.

Disrespect is seeing and treating the other as if the other had less worth than you or zero worth.

In my view, everyone deserves to be treated as if they had basic worth.

Now individual deeds go beyond this basic level to a different area of merit. Not everything that a person DOES has worth. Some actions are worthless. Some actions have higher worth than others. Some actions have negative worth.

In my opinion, no matter what a person does they still retain their basic human worth. Even prisoners deserve a basic level or respect, regardless of their crimes. They deserve respect just for being a human being.

The ideas of liking or disliking express a preference. Preference can overlap with our sense of another’s worth.

We can easily like a person when we evaluate him or her as having high worth.

There are friends of mine who I prefer to spend time with, and who don’t do much merit worthy activity. I like them because they are fun to be around, but I have only moderate respect for them because I think they waste too much time. I don’t know if that is a satisfactory explanation, but I cannot think of a better one right now.

Personally I have respect for my boss because he is in the role of my boss. I disrespect a lot of what he does. I consider a lot of what he does as worthless. I treat him himself as if he had value. If I am asked about his actions then might I reply that I disrespect his actions. (If the situaiton was right.)

At the end of the day, we all benefit from a source of income. :wink:

It was a question of respect, how did you bring kindness in between? But since you did, here’s the answer. Yes! If you can be kind to your enemy then showing that kindness would be courtesy and not respect because you really don’t like your enemy. Isn’t it obvious? And of course respect has consistency, where it’s justified it’s respect and where ever not, it becomes courtesy.