Resurrecting ILP Legend - PINNACLE OF REASON

Do you support the resurrection of PoR

  • Yes
  • No
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Please select Yes or No or I don’t care. And please let me know why the PoR ban should continue after all these years?

PoR never made a useful contribution to this site and never had the ability to argue his point without flaming people. Regardless of his racist stances no board needs that kind of negativity. If you unban him he’ll just pull all the same crap he used to.

PoR, before I vote, I wanna ask: Why does it matter? You said you found a life outside of the internet and don’t care about ILP anymore and won’t even use it. So who cares if you’re unbanned or not?

creation imperfect

you made a good point. now I don’t know why I started this thread… anyway, I’ll probably see you guys at a later date. but if I fail to come back, just to wish you all (except those who voted no) a merry christmas and a happy new year!


See you later, PoR. Hopefully you’ll return to ILP.

PoR, please return to ILP and stay here. Do not migrate. I repeat, stay here and do not follow me or anyone anywhere else. Dig? Stay, for Phaedrus will take care of you, sounds like it anyway.