Return to Christianity

As the West crumbles and falls apart,
People become desperate and look for an alternative,
Away from the corrupt and tyrannical State.

Leftism: State Authority
Rightism: Church Authority

When one collapses, people flee to the other, and vice versa:


Religion is metaphysics for the masses.

The people of the book, by the book, for the book - Abrahamic - are usually psychologies that need certainty - absolutes.
Oneness, wholeness, singularity…even if expressed in multiplicities.
A need for a static, immutable, indivisible, foundation.

But it can only exist as an idea/ideal - concept - in the mind, and it can only exist there compartmentalized in relation to an experienced existence that contradicts it - it can only exist as a vague, obscure, mystical concept so as to deal with these contradictions - represented, most often, by flowery, seductive, insinuating language that pretends to be revealing when it is concealing, pretends to be saying something profound when it is saying nothing, but simply triggering emotional reactions.
Using words to seduce…by insinuating, promising, alluding, creating impressions…all an intoxicating performance, hypnotizing the participants.

I see it as projecting and outsourcing Authority.

Leftism = Statism, Man looks for Authority in other Men (Patriarchy) or Women (Matriarchy). Worship of the Living, Authority in the Flesh.
Rightism = Spiritualism, Man looks for Authority in the Divine God(s), Male or Female Gods. Worship of the Dead or Yet-to-be, Authority of Ideals.

Particularly among the Jewish/Zionist, the Jewish mentality is specific in that it cannot tolerate a Non-Jewish Authority, and so, is necessarily Spiritual and never Statist.

This is Extreme-Right, Religious Fundamentalism.

The Græco-Roman, Imperialism, is Statism, worship of a Cæsar/Kaiser. Man is the embodiment of Authority. If there is no Ruler/Emperor/King/Lord, then Man must himself become an Authority. Authority must never be granted to the Dead-and-buried.

This is Extreme-Left, State Fundamentalism or Nationalism.

You define things weird. I mean, you’re a weird dude.

I can define an apple as an orange too.

The thing about you is this…

You’re trying to define politics in the sense of a bicameral mind.

None of it is true.

There are as many political views as there are people.

Another asshole trying to rule the world.

What if the world is perfectly fine as it is, and any changes to it would reduce the quality of life rather than improve it?

Ever consider that possibility? No, because you are blind to what others think and feel…

Everyone in all existence is having their consent violated.

That’s not perfect.

You are a psychopath.

I can give you this current plan forever if you personally think it’s perfect… while giving others their perfect… which will be totally different from yours.

Heaven and hell are like fingerprints … no two alike.

You have a small mind. It’s not going to convince people.

You’re trying to rule over others with limits.

My mind is boundless now.

All of this is mind. Do you see me hurting you?

No. I’m just writing a message on a message board to you.

You speak for you, and you only.

Certainly not for me. Certainly not for everyone.

Consent violation is defined as “I don’t want this”

Every post you’ve made on ILP is “I don’t want this”

Do you really think you can outdebate the incarnation of boundless enlightenment?

Think about that.

Every post I’ve made on ILP, I do want this. So, you’re wrong.

Why would I not want this?

You complain in your posts… about “liberals” whatever the fuck you think that means.

You’re working with a bicameral mind that is trying to rule the world and every post you make is a complaint.

Don’t lie to me. Don’t lie to yourself.

This post violates my consent.

Yeah, I’ve seen that trick a million times before.

People think it’s clever.

There is an exception to this law.

A rapist violates consent.

Sending the rapist to prison violates the consent of the rapist.

That’s called justice. It’s about speaking out and doing something about abuse.

And trust me. I’m not abusing you. I’m calling out abuse.

And if people didn’t do what I do, your life would be shit forever.

I know you might be mentally retarded.

Every post is a compliment.

This violates my consent.
You are going to hell, forever.
And you ARE retarded.
Very disturbed.

If everyone gets what they want, forever, then who gets me, if more than two people want me?
Hard to believe, but for the sake of the argument.
Whose consent will be violated if I don’t want to be gotten?

Why am I ever bothering with you?

Dude. You’re being an ass. Everyone on ILP knows that all you post on ILP is complaints about liberalism.

Everyone knows it.

I’m breaking your walls down and you’re resorting to desperate measures here. You’re actually sinking so low that you’ve resorted to lying about your entire posting history.

I’m making a new plan for existence retard.

Hyperdimensional mirror realities. This means an infinite number of people can date you at the same time without bothering you.

How do you know I’m against Liberalism if you don’t know what it means?

You are the bicameral definer of the liberalism that you always complain about.

I actually have my own definition of liberalism that has nothing to do with you and is extremely neutral.

You are engaged in propaganda.

Should a parent allow their child to play in traffic, in the middle of the street?

Or should the parent violate the consent of the child?

You tell me.

And that’s where you don’t understand what I’m doing.

I’m making a plan where nobody is required to make those decisions.

Some children do just fine with traffic and others don’t.

It’s a case by case basis in this world.

But I’m solving the whole fucking thing.