returning to C.R.E.S.T

The purpose i set forth for this topic is so i can have as much help as possible , i haven’t been back too this place for a year
(note: my homeschooling) , if you want anything in return please say so i will see how i can arrange things.

this is the site link:

i’m an SED student - now possibly a junior
viewing over wikipedia i noticed that i will be heading into the education of: algerbra 2 , trigonometry , pre-calculus and or calculus.
also american history seems to be major.
i;m looking forward to going back to C.R.E.S.T but i still have many set-backs and push-overs for my atittude there one that i’m most concerned about is one of the members there : Matt Mcraine , well for being a Behaviour “specialist” he lacks the ability of doing his job right.
the school itself is a anti-social republican prison (holding democrat’s as threats). i cannot do math very well and my writing skills are fairly well , minus the memory of capitolization and punctuation.
i’m already aware of what the teachers do while the other students would be having fun or doing something more distracting - i used to help the MH (mentally handicapped) on occassion with finished work and good behaviour as a manuver.
i’m well respected and known around CREST but i’m not sure where i’m going 2 get my help since i can’t bring my work home and/or ask staff (teachers aid ,because their busy) or students (because the school doesn’t allow it.

any suggestions or resources that may help please send links or email me about this major issue i’m nearly growing with hysteria over.
please and thank you all members of ILP - much love too you all.


CREST= Citrus Resource for Exceptional Students in Transition
SED= like ESE … 004-05.htm
handbook review if you have any other suggestions or comments.

Hey mate, why dont you just stay home all day on your playstation or just go downtown and hang in the mall?
If you think the schools no good, just walk out, or are they keeping you a prisoner there?
How can we help you?

I don’t understand this thread.

Mick in England

I don’t have a playstation (as nice of a gift it sounds + a few games i can nameoff the bat).i can’t hang in the mall with anybody other than myself in the same case i get rather greusome comments about my face and clothing , etc. the closest thing i have to a mall here is a wal-mart , rather bad place to hang out.

the school building is fine , teachers are great people off their jobs.
i can’t just waltz out when they have radio’s that looks like a international miliatry kind of thing , if i leave the premises they only drag me back.
has much feeling of a prison , mentally and physically.
esspecially hard since i work both night and day shifts on other occassions ILP being one of them , no offensive to anyone your all great people ^^.

well i’m scanning over what is supposed to be done with me as of the near future by then i would love some support with good fresh comedy that might help me get through this rough proccess as of me being a slave to the public in all (review the handbook and you will understand what i mean).i’m more of a free spirit , i want to try new things without the cost of being kicked around by my own seflessness and others perspective’s on me (more specific their first opinion).i’m honestly doing the best i can , any support you feel will help go for it.

advice is my biggest issue here Mick , so if you don’t mind please give me what you would like to know and how i can help you too help myself.


First, how old are you mate, a kid or what?
If you’re a kid you just have to ride out the shit, we’ve all bin through it when we were kids, having to take krap from parents and teachers and society until we’re old enough to say “I ain’t taking it no more”, and doing our own thing instead…

Donnie quote - i can’t hang in the mall with anybody other than myself in the same case i get rather greusome comments about my face and clothing

What are you mate, a bleddy Klingon or what?

Mick in England

no not a klingon , maybe i will post a pic of myself sometime.
might just invert the colour’s so i don’t creep out.

15 , i don’t do my own things i’m kept away from the fun in life.
if i can even have any that is , highly doubted.
guess you could say i’m a kid , i’m not going to correct your opinions.


Hey man, 15’s not a kid, but maybe there’s some law in your State that says all people under 16 are kids so they have to do what they’re told.
So like I said just ride it out til you’re old enough to do your own thing, its tough I know, like them two kids who shot up Columbine High, they couldn’t hack it…
Hey it beats me why they went round shooting other kids, I’d have started with the teachers first… :wink: