Revenge is good

well is it???

and what philosophical stances have been either supporting or opposing this statement???

From my own I believe that “revenge is sweet.” But I also believe that it is sweet when it gets avenged through fate or by itself, i.e. we don’t avenge anything, because that’s kinda hard to do you know. So we just keep hoping that justice will be exacted for the wrong done to us and if it is actually exacted by fate then that’s what really makes us feel good inside because then, we didn’t even do anything and yet, the person who wronged us gets punished :laughing:

As for the philosophical view on revenge, I don’t really know any.

Revenge just keeps the game going, it depends on the conditions if it should be justified or not.

The philo. positions pertaining to revenge will center around the topic of ‘retribution’ and punishment and the wider topic of justice, and will cover issues like ‘should people be used as means to an end’ … perhaps ‘free will’ (should there be retribution, or restoration/rehabilitation?)… and what-not…

Plato would probably argue that by taking revenge, you are actually harming yourself. I just see it as plain wrong, anyways.:wink:

I think that even if you don’t consiously think about revenge, or intend to revenge someone for what they’ve done…you end up doing little things to get back at the person anyway.

my opinion is that revenge, in some sort, is indubitable.

it’s great

at starting vendettas, like in israel and palestina atm

I think its real sweet. Its no wonder god wants it all to himself ;]

But check out The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandar Dumas.
The whole novel is about revenge and its an amazing book. A great provactive part of the book is whether or not he has went too far in his vengence.

I think that revenge is important in human interaction for its role as a deterrent. A mugger is more likely to rob a petite woman in a dark alley than to rob a heavyweight boxing champion in plain sight because he fears the revenge of one much more than the other.

If one believes that a person is very unlikely to exact revenge in any situation, that person will likely be the target of aggression.

Other than that, I cannot think of a useful purpose of revenge. It usually just makes things worse, but as I explained is necessary in a way.

Revenge, in my humble opinion, is a sub-conscience display of one’s weakness.

A “Strong” person needs not to get even–otherwise, by taking revenge, he is admitting that his offender was, in fact, sucessfull in offending him.:wink:;):wink:

Misted smile wrote:

Thats wrong. He doubts that he will succeed not fears retribution.

You are picking apart the analogy (not a great one I admit) not the argument.

Perhaps a better one would be: you have decided to play a prank on an unsuspecting person. Who would be a better target: a friend who understands your sense of humor or a mafia hitman?

The issue is the threat of revenge as a necessary deterrent.

Sure that stands to reason better. Cold War I think is probably the best example then.

Revenge isnt good, its great. Does so much for us.

Could you expound on that a little more, please? Thanks!:wink:

Take crime for example. One man wants revenge and wants to take someone’s tv out of there house, the other guy wants to keep his tv. So there for locks are needed to separate the two. locks, security stuff, police. So the revenge they wanted produced so many jobs and gave so many people a…life.

If the world was peaceful there wouldn’t be anything to do.

either you’re bein ironic or imo, you’re totally wrong…

do you have any idea what ammount of money, goods and wellfare goes lost by the abscence of peace, take us for an example, the war it is involved in now and the money it spends on it…

You know that money is making so many jobs right now. Ever hear that when the country goes to war the economy goes up!

Having to produce those jobs takes a great deal of effort and gives many people purpose. Like the people who help the poor and stuff.

I wasn’t being ironic.

If the world was peaceful there wouldn’t be anything to do!!!

why don’t you get yourself killed then??
i think those who suffer from war disagree with you… actually i think what you are saying is a direct insult to them
i’ve got a on-line friend in California which may be sent into iraq, think he’d rather stay at peace, don’t you? (lol,i know he would)


We are not talking about just war also, we are talking about revenge.

I think they would to. :astonished:

Because I might make it in such a way that it might make the news and would become entertainment for you.