Revolting habits of lovers

A boy and a girl, who fancy each other, commence a relationship. Said relationship is started by the following act. They stand nose to nose, open their mouths, and take turns spitting into the other one’s mouth.

This practise is called “snogging” and is very widespread among lovers. It is the first - and by no means the least - revolting act that’s performed as a matter of course in human sexual relationships.

Should we ditch lip-to-lip kissing? I say yes.

umm, :astonished: Where did that come from? To add my opinion : EEEEEEEWWWWW gross!

It’s how I perceive all forms of lip-to-lip kissing.

Dude I don’t know if snogging is the same as just kissing, but if it is…
who the hell have you been kissing? If a bitch spit in my mouth I would spit in her eye and never talk to her again.

Your view of kissing is much more gross than the natural act.

What about the whole swapping of reproductive fluid thing? You know, sex, you must think that is gross if you think kissing is gross.

A majority of STD’s cannot be spread by kissing, even open-mouthed.

If you find that disgusting, try being licked on the mouth by the tongue of a Labrador that has just answered the question-‘‘What do my own foesces taste like?’’ this is more disgusting than anything I’ve ever done with another human being. That is considered affection you know.

:astonished: wha… you aint suppose to spit in a person’s mouth. Dang… You need to talk to Dr. Ruth.

lip to lip prepares one for sex, sending bloodflow to the regions of sex makings…

Maybe not a prerequisite but it sure helps.

Several of you have misunderstood me (Mr Predictable being the most apparent exception). I’m saying that snogging amounts to mutual spitting, not that it literally is. All that happens in a kiss is that there’s a sloppy yucky sensation, during which saliva is transferred.

Pavlovian: we’ll come to that later in the thread :slight_smile:

Tertiary: OMG?!

Joek: you mean it prepares the lips for oral sex? I’ve never heard that one before.

:confused: :astonished: I am too old for this conversation. Its way past my regurgitation levels :laughing:

According to the Sexual Offences Act 2003 (UK), children under 16 aren’t allowed to engage in any sexual activity, or behaviour implying sexual activity (such as kissing) in any public place.

So we’re on our way. Soon, all public displays of affection will be outlawed.

Go hug and hold your spouse in a Southern Baptist church during a sermon especially . Such displays are sinful and repugnant. Been there did that and laughed my ass off.

That proposal has “unenforcable” written all over it. Even I wouldn’t go as far as to abolish the foul practise of kissing!

:astonished: so actual spitting in one mouth is called snogging?

Lawd I aint into golden showers either…ewww

No, but that’s what I say it amounts to.

When the kissing discussion peters out, I’ll turn to the second topic of the thread: oral sex.

Man…I … =P~ kissing aint drooling or spitting on each other.

Listen if it peters out… why discuss oral sex?


We can all see that you don’t like particular acts of physical intimacy. Why not list all of the acts of physical intimacy that you do like. I think that could save some time.

Haha, that’s actually a sensible idea, Xanderman. Here’s my short list of acts that I don’t rule out for myself:

Masturbating (including “tit fucking”)
Vaginal intercourse

Err, that’s it. Note that these three things, particularly the third, encompass a wide variety of scenarios, so it isn’t as limited as it looks.

Just had to ask…didnt cha