Rewrite the Constitution

Yes, I mean all of those things. Just as tentative told you. What is being provided is the illusion of freedom. You have become a socialist without being asked if you wanted to be one.

Read the 911 Patriot Act. You have no freedom of speech or travel without government approval. You may not possess any type of weapon unless the US government permits it first. You may not speak in a way that MIGHT lead to anti-government movements (now referred to as “terrorism”). You may not speak in any unapproved (PC) ways. As of last year, armed NATO forces can enter your home, plant evidence, or actually even kill you without any legal recourse. It is illegal for you to lay your head down for sleep without first paying someone. It is illegal to be homeless for more than 24 hours or the length of time that you can stay awake. It is illegal for you to communicate either directly or implicitly in any manner that the Federal government cannot supervise and decrypt. Although a referendum was never taken, you must submit to any and all surveillance of your movement and communication.

You are mistaking the idea of “you are as free as we give you permission to be” with “you are free because we do not have the right to enslave or entrap you”. If you have to have a permit or license for it, you are NOT free, because at any time, that permit can be taken away and the mere threat of such is enough to keep you inline.

The US was founded on the idea that the people tell the government what rights it has. It is now that the government tells the people what rights they have. The US was founded on anti-socialism. The US is now a hidden socialist regime and an oligarchy wherein the few dictate to the many.

The perception of freedom is all you have. If you don’t believe it, just try to divert from it or escape it. The dog that never wonders out of the range of his leash might well believe that he doesn’t have one.

Sorry, but your assessment of the situation is all hyperbole.

First of all, I am a card carring-socialist. I would have been harrassed for that 30-40 years ago. I have other family members that are Republicans and Democrats too.

The Patriot Act is a disgrace. But one can still make challenges. If you understand the way laws in this country work you will see that the Patriot Act does not trump the Constitution.

Yes the government always tries to trample the Constitution. That is why we have three branches of govenment.

Yes the government has done equally disgusting things in the past: The Japanese internment Camps (there was also some Americans of Italian and German descent put in camps too).

Yes the government in the past has wiretapped American citizens.

Yes local laws in the past prevented equal rights.

Yes the government has arrested and detained people in the past for what they believed or said. Look at Palmer raids.

Examples go on and on.

The point is that in America, becasue of the Constitution, we can pettition for redress of wrongs. That is what the civil Rights movement is all about. It takes eternal vigilance against our own government to maintain our freedoms. Administrations come and go, but the rights are there to be defended.

America is not a civil rights utopia. It is an ongoing struggle to defend and perfect what we have.

And it is immature to say that because it is not a utopia then no freedom exists.

In a few minutes I will go for a walk. I will pass an Islamic Center, a Catholic Church, a Baptist Church, a Presbyterian Church, even a Scientology Church, and I will go buy a newspaper, have something to drink, and complain about the government.

For you to try to convince me that I can not do this, and that I never have done this in 30 years, and that my thinking I can do this is a fantasy, then I will say again that it is you who is living an abstract mental fantasy and claiming you have lost a utopia that never existed.

No. I am saying that such is NOT what freedom is. You have been asleep as the Constitution was undermined and is all but ignored today, except in pretense for sake of the illusion.

And btw, Socialism and Freedom are opposite concepts. You might want to study the concepts a bit more.

I am well aware and knowledgable about my concepts.

If the things I mentioned are not freedom, then if these were not available to me, would that be freedom? That sounds a little Orwellian.

So what is the Freedom that I have lost?

What do you mean by freedom?

As far as I can tell, your idea of understanding freedom means agreeing with you.

Tell me one freedom guaranteed by the Constitution that I have lost.
Tell me the freedom I had 40 years ago that I do not have now.
And don’t say your definition of freedom is the abstract theoretical construction of the an Austrian economic free-market system. Because that is nonsense.

Freedom in the social sense refers to the ability to pursue the needs of life without being manipulated by focused, exaggerated information or controlled through permits issued by a military body.

Today, if you were to try to “survive in the woods” on your own, you would be either run off of the property, arrested, or killed (by accident of course). If you attempt to develop a farm, you will be run out of business and/or starved by unusual diseases and even perhaps killed by those diseases.

A recent and real example concerning even the right to eat;

Fighting Food Fascism

That video is merely about FOOD. Real estate is even worse. Sleep without having to pay someone for the right is ridicules.

Well, I’m sorry, but that definition is not what I accept. It is too narrow. I doubt that you would find that people who consider themselves free use that definition nor people who consider themselves not free.

Do you think you can simply construct a hypothetical scenario and then tell people they are free or not based on your standard?

I live a free life, and so do the people I know. And because we need to have a driver’s license or that there are walk and don’t signs or we can’t sleep in somebody’s woods hardly means that there has been a total demise of the Constitution

You are ALWAYS free to stay within your permitted boundaries.

As I said before, you are dreaming of an America that used to be, when you could say the word “God” in a shopping center or school without worrying about getting arrested.

I’m sorry, but you are really getting obnoxious. I told you what I do on a daily basis today. You insisted that I’m dreaming. You insist that I am not free to do as I please. You even insist that my freedom is not freedom. If there was even one ounce of truth to what you are saying that there is no freedom then you wouldn’t even be allowed to say it.

I feel sorry for those whose minds have made there lives an abstract prison of fear and paranoia and who speak contemptuous of those whose minds are free.

It is hardly contempt. It is a sadness and sense to try to help. It is sad that people like you can be kept so deceived and used so as to deceive others for sake of someone’s else’s despotism.

The deceiving will come to an end. I just suspect that human kind will not be there to celebrate having all been used up in their own lust to grasp for more than their rightful reach.

I don’t think that America (Or Canada, where I live) has the cultural intelligence or energy to actually govern themselves through a traditional democracy. Why re-write the constitution? What’s that going to do? Have you read the original constitution – you really think you’re going to improve on that?

Most people cannot even think in the sense that we define thinking. That is the sad truth. It would just end up being 1% ruling everyone like it is now anyways.

Ever since about the 60’s there has been a gradual shift, mostly led (in public) by Brezinksi with books like The Grand Chessboard to get people away from looking variables and putting them together to think emotionally, and through catch phrases. The television, over the past 30 years, has cemented this into a reality. Obama’s recent ‘change’ is a good example of this. The most ambiguous word in existence used as a locus of political ideology. lol.

Check out The Grand Chessboard for some of Brezinski’s direct quotes about you, the sheeple people that must be conditioned for your own good and safety. He’s a smart guy and I think I agree with him. Just accept it: you cannot win because you’re trapped by the very language you use. You lost the battle 30 years ago, when your parents started raising you.

Only by adding one small bit;

THIS documented law is to serve THIS documented purpose by THIS documented means . And if it doesn’t, or there is a better law to better serve, then THIS law must be removed and/or replaced by any superior serving law offered by anyone.”

Merely by documenting the reasoning and purpose behind each and every law so that future generations can quickly surmise what might be better as new information arises, the Constitution becomes a growing and learning entity that adapts to new situations very quickly without need for political persuasions and deceptions.

Constitutional Rational Harmony - Restoring Sanity to Humanity


I just came across this post (sorry I’m late) and looked this up. It’s interesting, I was having a conversation with Pav here about the problems (or rather, direct antagonisms) of combining capitalist free-market systems with governmental/democratic systems.

The link you gave wasn’t working, so I googled around to read about it and after reading some explanations, came across a fairly strongly-written counterpoint. It at least highlights the risks and weak spots nicely. But I do like new ideas like this one.