Rheumatoid Arthiritis.

Well, after my frostbite, I think I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. This blue massage ball isn’t helping, I think it is making it worse, it’s kind of shaped like a WW2 mine. My feet really hurt. I guess my divine karma caught up to me for hating Jews. Oh wait it didn’t, because I used to be a very nice person until I was 23, and people still treated me like shit my whole life. I mean Fluttershy nice, I was literally as nice as Fluttershy.

Oh and by the way, I have superior genetics, because I regained full sensation in my epidermis just one day after having frostbite.

Go get glucosamine with MSM at your drugstore along with calcium. For two to three days take the pills double the amount prescribed, then follow the prescribed amount. Eat full meals before taking pills. Give it three weeks, you should feel a distinct improvement. Ingest Omega strong foods to help or just get supplements. This all helps my arthritis. I no longer take pain pills except the occasional aspirin to reduce swelling and the occasional pain due to over work. I will be 52 in a few days and am fully physically active. I have had arthritis pain since 14 years. 10 years ago I found the above supplements. As long as I take them , I am fine. If I go off them for a week or two , I start to hurt. You might just need to be on them for a bit to rebuild and give your system a rest in order to heal.


Then you need to read about glucosamine effects being unconclusive, and make sure you have rheumatoid and not osteoarthritis. The former is the immune systems attack on the cartilage… the latter, natural wear and tear.

True about all, I can only speak for how it has all helped my abilities to move without pain or the horrible crunching grinding sound with pain when I move. Zoot is correct, get a doctor to diagnose you, the supplements I suggest will not harm though.

Good quality glucosamine will put a serious dent in your wallet though.

Cheaper then arthritis pain pills and not addictive like pain pills. You also don’t build up a resistence like you can to pain pills causing you to increase the amount you take. Even with just aspirin I have learned to stop taking them for a couple weeks every couple months otherwise I find the aspirin amount starts to become ineffective and I need to take more.

You need to be sure in the first place that you have Rheumatoid Arthiritis. You may be mistaken the pain in the joint as such, which may be for any other reason.

Secondly, if you really have Rheumatoid Arthiritis, I can suggest you some simple and natural tips, with absolutely no side affects.

To get relief from the pain, take one cop of mustard oil, put 10 grams of champor in it, and heat the oil till it dissolves. Now, massage the affectef joint with this oil in lukewarm condition. This will help in reducing pain without painkiller.

Secondly, as for the internal treatment, take 5-10 grams of castor oil with a cup of lukewarm milk in the night. But, start with very less quantity of castor oil as it may cause loose motions to some people. But, if your digestion is tilted towards constipation, castor oil will help a lot there too.

Thirdly, stop using animal fat in any form, like butter and cheese, and restrict yourself only to vegetable oils only. Use fish instead of meat, if you are a non-vegetarian. Use only red wines. Cook your meals in heavy veg-oils like mustard, canola, peanut or olive oil, though mustard oil us the best choice as it has the maximum lubrication, almost like an engine oil, which eventually helps in providing better greasing and lubrication in the joints. Do not take acidic things much. Start using some turmeric powder in your each and every dish. This is a natural antiinflammatory ingredient which will help you a lot.

Take light and less spicy food. Drink a lot of water. Keep your body submerged in the lukewarm water for some time, if that is possible for you to arrange. Avoid cold climate. Lessen your weight if that is necessary.

With love,

Thanks. I honestly have no idea if it is rheumatoid arthiritis though, the people in my head told me it is such. Dont have any mustard oil, so I am just gonna rub the mustard.

Dayuumm. My personal theory is that it’s just growing pains, I may have that as such my nerves are growing, evolving, and this is the natural reaction to frostbite, to grow a new network of nerves, so that I may divert more bodily energies into my feet, so that it is bigger and improved. I feel that I have highly evolved superior DNA, but not as superior and evolved as Magnus, who can go in 0 degree temperatures with no socks.

My bad, I should have known better.

I dunno though, I might be unlucky and you’d be right.

Consult the doctor to clear the confusion.

Secondly, mustard oil is very cheap and easily available all over the world. It was once considered industrial oil and used in machines as a lubricant. Though, under the influence of canola seed GM manufacturers, mustard oil cannot be sold in US as an edible commodity now, but only for external use.

Tixie, the bottom line is that you have to keep yourself warm, moist and lubricated, especially around infected joints, in all cases of arthritis. And, if you have inflammation too, turmic will help you a lot in fighting that from inside. It becomes almost tasteless after cooking and leaves only glowing yellow/golden color in the dish as its only impact, without any compromise with its antiinflammatory properties. Not only that, it has very good antioxidant, antitumour, antibacterial and antiviral properties. All you have to do is put its half teaspoon powder ( yes, that is enough) in every dish while cooking.

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