Advantage for me. 1 : 0 (one to nothing). :slight_smile:

It is your first correction, because your “first correction” was no correction but a mistake of you that was corrected by me. So it was my first correction. Therefore: Advantage for me. 1 : 0 (one to nothing). :slight_smile:

Okay. Now I can only say what you have said:

The said riddle I posted about three month ago was a copy (the first copied riddle I posted). I did not question that there were too many "no"s in the text, because I did not question the whole copy, and that was my mistake. I am sorry. My apologies. The next riddle will be one of my own thoughts again, I can promise. You are right: One must VERIFY anything. But sometimes one is too busy or too lazy to do it anytime.

Advantage for you. 1 : 1 (one to one). :wink:

No. But it was your first correction. =D>