Right of Return: A Question about Palestinian Return

Should the Palestinians who were displaced (either forcibly or out of fear) from 1948 on, be allowed the right to return to the lands that the previously inhabited. For the sake of simplicity, let’s not include the “next generations” of the refugees, those who were born in the countries to which the refugees fled, after displacement.
To some the question will be both obvious and easy to answer, but as we have been shown time and time again, ignorance is both unhelpful to a cause and unfortunately wide spread.

Too much has happened since 1948 which means that a return to those borders seems to me unrealistic. Any political solution would have to be adequate to both sides (discounting military action) and Israel would never agree to this.

If u mean morally (taking account of no political realities) should the Palestines have their land back then i guess yes. But the point is that it is of no real consequence. England should give Gibralta back, Germany shouldnt have invaded Poland in 1939, the western world shouldnt have invaded the Americas and killed of the native populations. But all of these things have happened. THe point is that we have to accept what has actualy happend now. Otherwise how far back could we go before we are satisfied that all past wrongs have been made right? 10 years, 50 years, 1000 years? The cut off point is arbitrary and pointless.

Luke, prophetically stating the obvious, determined that the question was one of morality not reality, congratulations. He also barked out a few historical “should and should not’s” showing he possesses the uncanny ability to…read. Again, congratulations.

I did learn one thing though: “ice-breaking” morality questions are no longer acceptable to start conversations in the presence of such enlightened individuals. With no disrespect for other people using this website, I didn’t know what a good starting point would be as I don’t know where everyone stands regarding the issue.

Just a few remarks regarding your comments like:

The fact that this is more then a page of history, as the issues are still in motion, and unlike Gibralter and Poland, we are in the position to alter its some directions.

The North American Indians have been compensated quite generously, in the form of tax exemptions, land claims, free education, hunting privilages etc., ALL OF WHICH by the way, are the products of that which you denounced: looking back on the past, in depth and numerous times…to Right the Wrong.

So to wrap things up, I do agree that it is necessary to accept historical fact (thanks again Luke), as it provides insight and guidance for future issues.
But in the future, please spare us all and either keep your condescending notions to yourself or provide some input that is actually beneficial.


Ok… :confused:

Ill keep my condescending notions to myself and reflect again that most people on here just cant seem to dane to be polite to each other.

I have also found emoticons can rise to the occasion where words cannot. :wink:

Good, you do just that.
And keep on reflecting

Dept. of Redundacy Dept.

Please “spare us all” by going away and coming back when you’ve found some way of controlling your anger when someone gives their answer to your question. Your arrogant tone is not befitting of this community.

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