RIP Omegle

I am putting this topic in Society, Government and Economics because of its primary relevance in social terms, but also because Omegle was a vital tool for philosophy, free exploration of ideas, and would certainly have had some kind of impact on governance and economics in the long-term.

Omegle is officially dead. You can check for yourself. RIP Omegle. 2023 is the end. I didn’t see that coming.

Even though I didn’t use Omegle anymore, I still feel this. I met some great friends on there so many years ago, and equally long ago had lots of wonderful conversations about politics, philosophy, religion, basically everything possible. Free unmediated live-chat based on a common interest tag, there is something to be said for that. Especially considering that other than Omegle there were basically no other options or alternatives for it.

Which, if you think about it, is pretty weird. Why would there not be a ton of websites like this, offering easy live text chat with people based on a shared interest? It must be super easy to code. And I mean it’s the most basic idea in the world, we all want to connect to others. The internet exists to expand our connections beyond our immediate real-world environment. So why is there not a proliferation of sites like this?

Anyway. The one true and lasting site like this seems to be officially dead now. I was curious and checked it out, having not been there in a long time. And found this message, I will copy it below. Seems like some criminal pedo shits were responsible for mounting legal bills against the site’s owner. Although to be fair, I mean they should never have allowed the site to be used for live sex stuff. That is dumb. Keep it normal and professional. Although I am sure that is easier said than done. Anyway.

RIP Omegle, we had a lot of good and great times exploring the universes of truth and ideas in philosophy and beyond. Thanks for the connections and the memories. I hope another similarly easy to use and ubiquitous platform emerges with the same function to simply connect people based on common interests. No ads, no social media nonsense, no sign-up logins, no bullshit. Just click, connect and chat. Forget the video, leave that out. That was what got them in trouble anyway. And now with AI being developed they could use that to auto-moderate text convos to prevent overly sexual content.


Make of that what you will. Comments encouraged here, share your ideas about live real-time chat, Omegle itself, or your experience there or on other platforms. And especially please share any other websites or apps you know of what replicate this same feature, namely allowing people to connect easily and anonymously based only on a common interest. This is a really important feature that seems grossly neglected in the current online and app markets.