Round we go

My idea of time is a altered mobius circle. The first rotation of the circle nothing changed. In computer science there are only 2 options. well the first cycle nothing came on, the second time there was 1 decision to go the way it didnt go last time this turns the circle into a figure 8 the joining part of the circles is the decision. after it made the second trip it adds another decision, or rather a decsion was added to it. Now after trilllions and trillions of decisions we have this huge lap to make.

Why don’t you try your creative idea??? It’s good to practice it…thinking out of the box.

Hey KS,

why are you resurrecting threads dead for over 8 years…? Are you some kind of necrophilologist…?

It has me chasing my tail. I’ve had to read all of those responses to insure continuity and viability of each post. Phew!