Russia and the Goth Table

If the world was actually a highschool cafeteria.

how would it be organized.

what sterotypical cliches would there be?

Russia would be that friend sitting near the popular table because they’ve caused to many arguments to be sitting on the popular table and have crazy parents the other kids’ parents talk about. They’d be far to proud to be sitting at the Goth Table, that’d be Germany, Norway and Poland amongst others. Russia would be there with it shirt tucked into it pants and a Bross haircut (80’s haircut) and wacky i.e., confusing sense or humour you just laugh along too as to avoid them hitting you for reasons unknown.


not just russia.

all countries.

Armenia would be the kid who got his lunch stolen and just goes around asking everyone for a doller

France would be in charge of decorating for the Prom dance. :laughing:

Iran and Iraq qould just be sitting next to each other aruging and every one would just be like “why do they even sit together”

sadly though 75% of this cafeteria wouldnt even be eating at all

I think the Brits would be the cool kids… the smart, preppy, athletic types everyone wants to be…

The Americans would be the dumb jocks.

The Chinese would be busy doing homework.

Everyone would want to get with the Swedish girls :stuck_out_tongue:

But the poor Finlanders would be the depressed emo kids.

I think Russia would be goth.

The French would be the artistic kids, but the popular ones. They’d also be the gossipy mall girls.

The Iranians and North Koreans would be the thugs who sell crack by the vending machines and beat people up.