Safe Injection Sites

Safe injection sites why are they there? Some people claim that it is a matter of harm-reduction, which is whenever somebody is causing less damage to themselves it is the only decision that can be made.

Safe injection sites are just a cover for the drug problem. Here in Vancouver, B.C. the first Safe injection site was put into place in North America and has prevented over 200 overdoses. However, what good are preventing these overdoses when they are still addicted to the drugs. Wouldn’t that money be better suited towards rehabilition centers instead of condoning illicit acts and drives more addicts to an area that is already overwhelming with prostitution and crime. If harm-reduction theory is really the way to go 1 life that overcomes addiction through rehab is worth over 200 lives that don’t care and continue to inflict harm in themselves.

I think all of that is the argument of Qaulity vs. Qauntity. Some people say that life itself is most precious. Others argue that the way of living is more precious. Example: There are people that are brain dead, but the body is kept alive because the laws and beliefs declare it a human and a life. Others like myself would say it is just a chunk of meat let it go. The person that was is no longer there. It is the person inside that is more important than the body.

So those that agree to safe injection sites are probably more inclined to the belief that life is most precious. It does not matter if anyone is ever going to be home or not. lets just keep the body going for it is the most important thing.

On the flip side. If a person does not OD there is the chance they may eventually get rehab. So hope floats on this. People care enough to give that last ditch chance to others.

When I saw the title, I was about to just respond, “Hell, it’s pretty much safe to shoot up in just about any vien.”. But I guess that’s not the subject.

I have this friend I’ve known for about 12 years who started off about 8 years ago going to the methadone clinic. He was originally getting 500mg a day, and over those 8 years he worked himself down to 10mg a day. Yesterday was 1 month that he hadn’t been to the clinic, after going every day for the last 8 years. This guy is only 27, so he’s still got some life left. I think that no matter what you do, people who are addicted are going to serve that addiction. While there may be negative side effects of certain treatment options, the idea of making it safer in any way, is a good one. Some people are just going to OD and die anyway, you might as well give the ones who want help at least some kind of chance.

Also, good clean drugs aren’t that physically harmful in reasonable doses. Giving people a safe place to do good clean drugs removes some of the stigma, allowing addicts to remain productive members of society while being dopers.

But, I don’t know much about these sites. Do they provide the drugs and the needles? I think they should provide the drugs if they are going to provide the needles. Then they can bar criminals, for instance, and thus encourage people to stay within the bounds of the law.

You know I am reminded of a law Arizona passed about 25 yrs back. They passed a law that if you wanted to sell weed you needed to get a license. So dealers went in got their license and became legal dealers. A few of them did and once in a while a dumb one still does, the others see through the law. While the licensed dealer does not get busted, their customers do. :laughing: That is one heck of a law. So simple, so beautiful and so crafty. I still admire it to this day. My hat is off to the person who thought of it. =D> =D>

No amount of money will ever overcome these problems. Addiction means you will do anything to meet that addiction. The most moral person could be driven to do things they would never have dreamt of before just to get that next fix. Safe injection sites at least give people the chance to meet their addictions without harming anyone else. It allows for regulation, safer drugs and clean needles.

I would go one step further though and simply legalise drugs, tax them as is done with alcohol and tobacco, and use the revenue generated to monitor and police the drug trade. Not without its problems, I know, but by admitting the ‘war on drugs’ will never be won, it allows time, effort and money to be better spent on things which can be controlled. Drugs are, at least in Scotland, a major cause of crime. If they are no longer illegal, and sold at reasonable prices in a safe and controlled enviroment, then drug related crime would fall.

If it’s privately funded, I don’t care much. However, I do not want tax money wasted on this. If people want to shoot up, they are on their own.

Would you prefer to have even more of your tax dollars wasted on cleaning up after them? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, or something like that. Either way, your tax dollars will pay for these people. To decide to pay more out of principle is a case of cutting off the nose to spite the face.

How long can somebody reasonably receive there last ditch chance?
As far as I know people who are getting off drugs don’t care enough about themselves to leave. They care about somebody else, a baby enough to get off the addiction. Through that they use rehab centers.
Sure there are people who have realizations of themselves, but it usually happens when they are sent to jail and have no access to drugs and forced to do rehab.

For those wondering Safe Injection sites give clean needles and pure confiscated drugs.
The drugs are traded when an addict comes in with street bought ones

There’s other ways of fixing the problem, than just putting a cover or it though.
I think welfare should go on an honor system, anybody caught breaking the rules a certain number of times they are cut off.
Therefore these addicts don’t have the government paying for their addiction and are either forced to pay for their addiction or for their food. They are forced to get jobs.
The physiological need for hunger wins every time unless their brain is damaged in a certain area.

In the downtown Vancouver we plan on getting rid of dumbster’s in back streets which was a big success in different cities across the U.S.

I think as somebody said legalizing drugs could have its up or downs it is hard to guess what would happen through that.

Only problem with legalizing is the drugs are soooooooooo addictive and ruin life. No government would ever get the appeal of it’s voters and that’s why it would never happen.
I like it though you fine and and arrest the people selling illegal and buying illegal drugs. It puts these people out of business, the cost and risk of business is to high because people can purchase it, legalized from stores.
Make the age limit 21 so any teen who would normally be in the i want to be “Cool” phase won’t have the opportunity they would normally have to purchase. And as they grow older they will truly learn the impact drugs has on life.

I don’t want tax money wasted to clean up after them. I’m not ignorant to reality, but money is going to be wasted on them either way. It makes no sense to waste money in a way that supports the habit.

You guys are a bunch of party poopers.

Like I said early on, if it’s privately funded, I don’t care.

People who have the money to provide private funding are probably ripping you off more than the government is.

How do you figure?

You make valid points. Lets look at it this way. That druggy is is the down and out of society. If we give up hope with them then what happens to the next then the next? Humans hope and try with others because they desperately hope that if in a bad place someone will hope for them and help them. If we stop caring about the lowest then what is to stop us from not caring about the next lowest? At some point we would become nothing more than self preserving animals again.

Addiction is a symptom of a bigger problem. It’s not that people of the world just love to do drugs until they’re lives are ruined, as much sense as that might seem to make.

The same can be said for any ‘vice’. Indeed nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs available and potentially harmful, but perfectly legal. I often wonder if nicotine was a new thing, introduced today would it be legal? I think not.
I agree with you though, such a proposal would never get the public vote. We prefer to throw money at problems and if that doesn’t work, throw more money. Governments try to wow us with how much money they are dedicating to the war on drugs.
It would have to be illegal to sell without a license, illegal to buy from someone without a license, only legal in designated areas, licensed seller would have the right to refuse service, licenses would be and an age restriction which I would say should be 18 to be in line with alcohol and cigarettes.
To be honest though, it would create a whole new set of problems, but problems that can be better controlled than the ones we face now.

Definitely. In today’s society no one can be ignorant to the effects of drugs if abused. Substance abuse of any kind usually points to a bigger problem.

I’m not saying we give up hope, but we also can’t be fools.
You can’t hope so much and do so much for a group of people who continues to be deceitful and lying. Why care for somebody who cares so little about themselves? Somebody who isn’t willing to help themselves?
What good does safe injection sites have? I can’t say myself until I see studies of how many people via safe injections are now drug free or if they just prolonging a useless life.
Somebody who uses drug for the first time is generally the same person… THIS IS WHEN IT’S CRITICAL to help them before it gets worse. Because as they continue down the drug road it changes people, the drugs control them. Only way to help these people is through therapy and rehab.

It may seem barbaric but we should let hardcore lifelong users do what they will with their lives and focus on saving and helping the people who have just started down the road of drugs before it’s to late for them.

Hard core drug users tend to harm others when they need a fix. So short of killing hardcore users or putting them in prison, is it not cheaper and safer to just give them the drugs? Making them prisoners is more expensive than providing them with a fix. Giving them the fix ensures, sort of, that they won’t harm another for money to buy a fix. And while putting a bullet in them is the cheapest safest way for all, except the user, society deems that a bit barbaric and crude. Oh and lets not forget the spread of aids and other delightful diseases, shall we. Dirty needles tend to harbor those lovely little things. Users do have sex Users do use public areas. etc etc…so there is the choices:

Expensive prison

Cheap safe fix

Go against society and fix them with a bullet

I lean towards giving them their fix and let them die off that way.