Salvation from Suffering

How will life emerge?

From an abundance that allows it’s capacity.
In an abundance, there is no need for strategy.
Life expands and mutates.
Introducing the first bastard: the predator.
It’s time for the chill lifeforms to exit stage left.
Chill lifeforms don’t resist predation.
Natural selection pressures life to resist predation.
What is this new monstrosity? Suffering.
Life just got a lot less chill.

I can imagine a thousand worlds,
where creatures are stuck in a war of survival,
visiting misery upon each other,
without any the capacity to pull themselves out of the trap.

But I guess at least once,
a creature stumbles upon new strategies for survival,
strategies that rely, entail and nurture intellectual supremacy.

But intelligence can not only outwit other creatures,
but our own foolish instincts.
With intelligence, we can unlock the chains of madness,
bestowed upon us by viscous world.
A key to a world of unseen locks.

I think the suffering is an inevitable part of the process.
I think intelligence is an opportunity to surpass it.
I don’t know if intelligent life is a moment of reprieve,
before falling back into the clutches of madness.
Or perhaps, a stepping stone to a more sophisticated lifeform.

What I do believe, is that flipping the scales towards intelligence,
shifts the balance of life’s total suffering in a preferred direction.
I hope we create a substantial change.

If nothing else, we can bask in the sun for a moment.

Buddhism is a philosophy for people who are tired, right?

Only indifference? No joy - just flat.

Joy? Bye bye indifference. Hello possibility of suffering. But also, hello possibility of joy despite (and so made possible by) suffering.

I’m not a Buddhist, but to give my opinion:

Tired of hurting, sure. Or seeing / causing hurt.
It could be considered a very strong form of escapism.
Yet within the doctrines of Buddhism,
there is advocation for taking burdens upon oneself,
to alleviate the suffering of others.

One of my primary issues with Buddhism is I don’t believe in Nirvana.
Yes, our actions will impact future generations,
and if life is a circle, and we’re on a cycle of reincarnation,
then that karma will come right back on us.
Yet, I think future is set - and we’ll never escape.
Unless existence ends,
but I don’t believe it will.

I’m trying to understand what you’re referring to here.
Not certain.
If answering to what Buddhists advocate, yeah.

I agree that indifference and joy are mutually exclusive states. And if one is not indifferent, then there is the possibility of suffering.
However, I can envision a world where people are full of love, and there is no suffering.
So I don’t think joy necessitates suffering [but this is only in an idealized world].

I can probably try to find posts where I speak on this subject, but it’s getting late for me. So time for bed.

Have a good one - perhaps I will respond further at a later time.

Not sure about (all) Buddhism. I was meshing it with your comment in the other thread (something/nothing) regarding existence/God and indifference/love.