Salvia Divinorum, a philosophical drug

I mentioned this in another thread, but I would like to say a bit more about it.
Salvia Divinorum is a halucinogenic drug, which is completely legal in most places.
It is a plant which is smoked (for best effects in a bong). I highly reccomened it to anyone.
The effects last only a few minutes, so none of the worries of extended paranoia that more illegal drugs like magic mushrooms entail.
You breath in the heady smoke, and hold it in as long as you can. After not too long, it is no effort to hold it, and it feels kind of tingly in the lungs. When eventually exhaled the thick white vapors escape in a fascinating trickle, and you may at this point feel slightly light headed. After not too long though, if you have high grade Salvia and held it in a good time, you will be plunged into another world.
The effects are very broad, and whilst it can be worrying sometimes, you have little conception of who you are, or your conception is so changed, that it is no major worry that everything looks so strange.
The visual experience can be very extreme, and include a very patternistic nature, or be composed of simple geometric objects.
I found that as I turned my head (though I didn’t really know this was what I was doing, more rotating the World :smiley: ) I felt as if my visual experiences out there were in fact me, and every slight change was a change to the visual world was a change in me in some way. I felt like a voyager riding on letters. In another trip, it brought me back to remembering what it was actually like to be me years ago (almost certainly not the actual feeling, but i was convinced at the time :smiley: ).

I seriously recommend this drug, as it really brings home the frailty of the veil of perception. A common experience shortly after the trip, i found, was a doubt that the reality i was entering into was real. A sensation that I had descended into some fake world, having just come from the real one.

It can be bought relatively cheaply from good sources online.

I was wondering, anyone tried this or any other hallucinogens, such as peyote?

There seems to be something about this kind of drug that it acts on a part of the mind, such that it imbues the experiences with an immense profundity. It is not like looking at something on a screen, It feels so incredibly there and important.

It is this and some other experiences I have had, that have lead me to belief that there is something in the brain that is responsible for something about experience that is beyond experience. Profundity, if you will. In every experience we have we do attach a level of profundity to it, and this is often governed by the contextual understandings we have of those things.

I often wonder what part this profundity plays in our psyche, and I am given to thinking that it is responsible for our ability to divide our experiential field, and to attach these divided experiences into complex concepts. It is seemingly the glue which holds together our conceptual complexes, and the more divisions that are connected in an complex concept, the more glue there is, the more profundity.
I would say we gain this experience of profundity (to a much lesser degree than when on such drugs) whenever we stare at an awe-inspiring landscape, or we come to that moment of realisation when we understood a highly complex concept, or when we work out whodunnit in an episode of Murder, She Wrote.

I once smoked some low grade (dirt) salvia. It was a good experience, though I was very irratible afterwards. It was about two years ago so I was 19.

My friend was playing the original mario brother’s and I took a huge bong hit of salvia and held it in for as long as I could. Suddenly I felt a strong pressure on my stomach and then my vision blurred. I felt as if I was part of some type of human-like organism. I started to feel like the room was tilting back and I remeber hearing the mario bro’s song in the background. I thought I was in a video game. It seemed as if I was a part of an arm of some gigantic being who was raising his arm repeatedly. I was laughing throughout the whole experience. It was a very odd experience but fun while it lasted. I haven’t had the chance to smoke salvia again (the shop that sold it stopped selling it) and I wouldn’t want to some low grade shit again. Hopefully I will get a hold of some strong salvia in the future.

There’s websites that sell good quality extract.
You can get it either as just normal salvia, or in 5x, 10x, 15, and 20x extract form. I’ve done 10, 15 and 20.
During one of my trips my friend was watching postman pat on the tv, I’m not sure how much or whether it affected my experience though, cos I was pretty far into the effects… but for some reason whenever I remember that trip i remember postman pat…

I’ver never tried salvia, but it sounds good. I’ll have to keep an eye out. Are you guys in the US? It doesn’t sound like something the US government would approve of.

I have tried Mushrooms, and your experience sounds similar. When on it, I had an strong sense of understanding and insight, and some of the ideas that my trip produced were actually pretty interesting.

nnfn, could you say more about “profundity”? Is it some property of our experiences, like “bright” or “painful”, or something we attach to our thoughts, like “interesting”, or something else entirely?


you would want to read “the doors of perception” by adouls huxley.

I tried some of the leaf, the extract is what causes the true hallucinations.

And it works best if burnt by a torch(butane) lighter.

When I tried it, my friend and I smoked a couple of bowls. The most I felt was being a little light-headed, and feeling like the ground was trying to move out from under my feet…hard to explain. I had the body buzz of say, someone who drank 8 beers or so, but the mental effects just weren’t there. I blame this on the salvia not being extract, I’d like to try it sometime.

It’s totally legal in the States, there was some legislation a few years ago trying to get it banned but it fell through.

I had a similar feeling, it was like the body was being pushed in a diagonal directions backwards towards the ground. I also felt like all my pores were tingling or such. Fun stuffs for cheap.

Any links to research on the drug?

This website will handle all your drug information needs:

Can it be smoked with a bowl?

Yea, but make sure you use a butane lighter. This is a must, especially if you have low grade salvia.

I couldn’t find any scientific research papers on that site…did I overlook them?

Try here: