salvia divinorum

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[b] “What is the purpose of the wheel? There may be no purpose, it may just be spinning forever and ever.”

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"Their movement was monotonous, ceaseless, periodic, and never-ending. ... I could sense the presence of some Being or Force that pushed the whole works along from the outside, and I knew that it would never stop."

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"I began to realize that existence was pointless, meaningless, that we must all be cogs in some giant entity. ... I was a tiny cog in a giant, silly, pointless entity, a useless machine, running constantly, accomplishing nothing, on a scale so massive it was the entire universe."

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Tried this stuff once with my husband, was the scariest trip either of us ever had.

I don’t recommend it.


Compared to salvia, LSD is like child’s play.

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“What I do remember is getting up out of my bed, but having a sense that I was a puppet… The reason it freaked me out more than I would have expected is just because it felt SOOO REAL… Like the only thing going through my head was that I’ve been living as a puppet all these years, seriously just someone’s pet like a hamster or something… like everything I know and have done for my whole life hasn’t been real, and now I’ve actually discovered the true reality… and I just simply KNEW that everything in my life had all been imagined… I KNEW it, I was SO CONVINCED that I was NOW in reality… this puppet world… And through the whole thing I just had this extremely strong sense that I was being watched by someone who controlled my life… just like a hamster in a cage of some sort… Anyways, slowly and ONLY at this point did a touch of reality hit, and I realized that THIS was the trip! … up to that point I was SURE it was reality…”

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That stuff is dangerous because people think it’s harmless so they get like 100X and do a bong rip.

People think LSD is child’s play compared to it because most people think LSD is extremely hardcore and so they only do a single blotter. Slurp a few puddles and you’ll see drugs like mushrooms, or salvia can’t even come close to the effects of high dosages of LSD.

High doses of either shrooms or LSD will result in ego death, at which point it all kind of loses its meaning. I have done high doses of both and I would choose LsD in a second over shrooms. That is just me. I had a shroom trip that felt like it took about 2 weeks once. LSD has never done that. I just layed there at the footsteps of god’s presence in my bed, unable to move when I took too much acid.

Salvia, for me, was a total novelty. I just laughed. I’ve been told Salvia is like 5% of what a DMT trip is like.

LSD was way more fun for me, LOL. It was definitely like peeling back the veil. A beautiful experience, but not one I care to repeat. Confronting fear is a good thing, IDK if I’d do it again though. :wink:

What do you mean ego death? I started taking LSD in 1994 or 1995, and I just took some about a week or so ago. There was a couple of stretches of over a year each where I consumed it in mass quantity, like sometimes 10 strips at a time, or puddles of liquid in the palm of my hand. I ate 27 gel tabs in 2 days once, and 37 drops of liquid at once which kept me awake for almost 4 days in an outright stupor. I’ve done the full blown hallucination thing, the hyper-introspection thing, all the cliches. If ego death is something that happens when you take acid, then I’m sure it’s happened to me, I just don’t know what it means exactly.

It likely hasn’t happened to you then. You would likely know it if it had. … t/all/vc/1

This is true, it is by far an a a way the most powerful hallucinogen, doses being measured in micrograms rather than milligrams.

I checked to see some relative doses and it seems .5 grams of mescalin for example is equivalent to .0000100 grams of LSD, making it 50,000 times more potent gram for gram.

I used to get purple and orange microdots back in the day I’ll eat mescaline too. Gobbo, if there’s an effect LSD can have, I’ve had it. We might just be calling it different things. I routinely ate 10 or more hits at once so many times I can’t even speculate as to how many. I’ve done 35 drops of amber liquid in one dose, I’ve taken a half a sheet of blotter over 3 or 4 days with no sleep. I tripped on a cruise ship two weeks ago at sea. Ego death, terminal degrees of introspection, etc… I get it dude.

Do you? Cause it sounds like you don’t. It sounds like you have a high tolerance to most drugs because you haven’t been sober in 25 years.

I think I’ve experienced ego death so many times I’m jaded to it. And I’m only 33, I wasn’t getting geeked at 8 ya know.

I experienced ego death regularly in my public school education. Sometimes in recess also.

Who needs drugs?

I mean, spend a month working as an executive in corporate america. If you don’t notice an ego death, it happened a long time ago. Consider yourself negatively enlightened.

Tried acid and shrooms enjoyed the trips way too much, I will stick with beer. I am too old to trip until I am on my deathbed then, shrooms.

One of the times i did it I had a trip where basically I found myself peeling out of this green cell that was in side a cylinder filled with other green cells on the inside of the cell i could see the reality we all know outside I saw all the other cells and outside the cylinder I could see a huge think that looked like a pulsating mandala that I could feel was pushing this whole cylinder thing along with me in it… Before that part started though all the colors melted and everything seemed to be made out of melting paint, and then a person in a bout made out of a bananna came along and gave me a ride into the see of colors kinda of forcefully pulling me along, then that other stuff happened…

I agree. I smoked salvia a lot of times, it was pretty trippy but not too bad. I took LSD once and the effect was completely different, I no longer had any relationship with reality at all.

I’ve seen a freind have an ego death on ketamin before. He lay down in the bathroom because he ‘knew he was going to die and had accepted it’; that’s what an ego death is I believe. I remember thinking that it was pretty funny at the time, but my friend was genuinely pretty scared by the experience when he finally woke up out of it. It put him off ketamin for a long time.

Are you sure he wasn’t just in a k-hole? That shit makes you immobile man. I always remained cognizant of my surroundings when on it, but occasionally I behaved the way you described your friend behaving.


If you were cognizant of ‘your’ surroundings, then it’s not ego death. On acid or shrooms one would be aware of ‘surroundings’ but that’s about it. It’s basically when you’re reduced to just sensory input without any conceptual framework behind it, which of course includes things like a (human) ego.

With Ketamine it’s different. It sounds like Brevel’s friend may have achieved it. An actual K hole isn’t where you cannot move, it’s where you fall over the precipice of dimensional space, and thenyou cannot register any of those concepts. Everything is 1 point. ‘You’ is gone. The concept of a ‘human’ are gone ‘space’ is gone. It’s just… the hole.

Not exactly science but I did think that this classification worked for mind altering experiences generally. Something I read a while ago:

Personally I don’t think people who take hallucinogens come back thinking rationally about their experience, or that their experience has induced a new level of consciousness, you were just losing the brains ability to order and understand things as you became less and less able to form connections with areas that would enable you to deal with this, and more and more random connections were made between areas that would not normally be communicating.

That’s just supposition, it would be nice to see what areas light up under an MRI as larger and larger doses were introduced to the brain. I suspect we don’t all actually become one with the universe, and there is no sense of self and time ceases to have meaning, I suspect our brain just loses the ability to comprehend these things as it communicates more and more randomly with areas which it seldom usually does.

You’ve never tripped? That is unfortunate.

You might not think about the trip rationally when you are still sort of in the twilight of the high, but once you return to sobriety, how can you not think about it rationally? That is to say, in what circumstances could someone get high and then think about it rationally afterward? Or are you saying that the process of being high renders itself analyzable?

Well, ostensibly it induced a type of consciousness that is new, so I’m not sure what you mean here. Maybe we’re talking semantics. That is, it need not be a ‘level.’

The brain’s ability to ‘understand things’ isn’t predicated on being sober. That’s not at all how it works.

Think about going to seep, which is conveniently enabled by the most powerful hallucinogen in existence, DMT. Just like sleep, fundamentally the benefits of the drug experience come from the fact that another self is spurred into existence, and evolution of self becomes telescopic when you have the introspective juxtaposition of these two or more frameworks. Without sleep, it would appear that the human mind would not function. Sleep is the first and last drug. Doing any of the ones in between are not functionally different. The human body is even wired, physically, for cannabis. Looking back into history drug has has been ubiquitous with the human experience. There are shamans that are found in every culture, as they enable culture itself.