salvia divinorum

1)I never said I had never tripped?

  1. I don’t think it’s a new level of consciousness I just think consciousness is as it is, and all is a part of it, no matter how much drugs you take it can be explained by your level of conscious integrity.

  2. sleeping is not a drug in that it is not naturally induced by materials outside of ourselves. Sleep is more efficient in an evolutionary sense than remaining awake 24/7, we do tend to need to shut down and the length of time we do seems to be conducive to the time where we remain efficient, according to which environment we involved in. Cats for example are often more efficient at night, but only for short periods of time in which they hunt, they therefore tend to go through long periods of cat napping and sleep, actually being unconscious far more than most animals. I am not seeing how this means it’s a drug.

Dreams are unusual, and it’s hard to fathom why we have them, but then that is a tiny part of the sleep cycle. I think we live longer if we use our waking time efficiently and during deep sleep where most of the brain is shut down it gives our bodies a better chance to heal, since we are not using much of our brain at all( and it is the hungriest organ in terms of energy in our bodies, with the exception of the liver with which it is on a par). But then the liver getting a lion share of our energy when the brain shuts down promotes healing and general recovery of the system so… Sleep is not a drug it is a reaction to natural selection.

I get what your saying mainstream. But at the end of the day, it’s just an application of different terminology to the same biological phenomenon.

If you’re asking me have I ever been so fucked up on acid that I couldn’t distinguish myself from my surroundings, then the answer is yes, a great number of times sometimes for days straight. Whether I think that gives me some special insight that I wouldn’t have had otherwise is another story.

I’ve gone through the entirety of all the crazy thinking, and internal dialogues and what have you that a person ever could on hallucinogens. I’ve taken 10 strips as a matter of routine for extended periods of time, slurped puddles out of my hand, squirted it into sugar cubes, accidentally squished a whole bag of em, forgot how many were in there, ate them licked the inside of the bag and tripped for over 2 days. I’ve been to the beach on it and ridden a motorcycle on it. I can drive my car on lsd man. I just don’t freak out on the stuff and getting all spiritual about it. I look at it as a drug. When I take it, I’m not elevating myself to some higher plane. I’m getting fucked up. It’s important to remember that kinda thing when you’re a drug user.

If you’re not using drugs for some purpose, then that is probably not good. Especially with how much you seem to be high.

They are tools. Meditating on acid and shrooms is next level.

lol good for you!

It is the one responsible for the feeling of rest, though. That’s how that polyaphiasiac sleep works.

I agree that dreaming is not a drug, strictly speaking. That was not really my point. Moreso, that it allows us to juxtapose one ‘self’ with another. This is an important psychological function.

I dunno what’s the big deal with trying to tell me I lack some experience on lsd. It was my d.o.c. for years and years. I mean taking it multiple times a week for years straight man. I really don’t think you understand the nature of my experiences with it or you wouldn’t keep insisting that I can’t possibly understand what you do about it. Meditating, thinking introspectively, clearing your mind, whatever new age label you slap on it, it’s just simply the case that I have the experience that you’re saying I don’t. I’ve taken gelcaps, liquid, paper, even had some shit once that was in some kind of crystalline form that was supposed to be acid and most definitely felt like it. I think you underestimate the uniqueness of some of my experiences man. I’ll have an acid eating contest with anyone any time any place.

Hey, sorry man. I’m just responding to what you’re saying.

I didn’t get the latter from the former, but that’s fine. I don’t doubt you’ve had extensive experiences - far more than me. Also I did a crtl f and the only time spiritual came up was when you said it.

In that case I agree, it seems likely that dreaming has an important function, if we deprive people of it they tend to show a rapid decrease in cognitive function and physical symptoms along side it. Dreaming does not however give us a feeling of rest on its own, the whole experience of sleep does.

Actually that’s wrong. Check out polyaphiasiac sleep.

As a side note, I learned about that on the show Alias. That show was awesome. The Rambaldi Documents… oh yeah.

I don’t see what you mean. Napping and sleep achieve the same thing, as does meditation mediate the need for sleep. I was just saying no matter how you sleep dreams are not the only thing that makes you well rested.

Yes, he was in a k - hole. But the way I’ve always heard it referred to, there’s a specific affect of ketamin that makes people accept that either their own death has happened or is about to happen which is called an ego death. On K its supposedly not uncommon, I don’t know about other drugs.

I don’t remember anyone thinking it was in any way meditative, it’s just a psychological trick. Given that between my friends there has been a great deal of k-holes (its a very popular drug in England), but this only ever happened to one of us and it hit him the first time he took a big dose of K, I suspect it happens to people who are wired in some way to be susceptible to it.

I think suffered would be the better verb for my friend’s experience.

Life is suffering.

Is this a noble truth? Dukkah or something like that?

The real truth is that it is suffering only so long as we think it is. In the mind is the power for peace with respect to all things.

Nope, life just is, claiming that just because you suffered that denotes life is no more true than you claiming life is brilliant because everything played out for you. Life just is, if you suffer you do, if you don’t you don’t. There’s no win there either way. The only certainty in life is that you will die, and most likely pay taxes, whether you suffer about it is your own affair. There’s only one way of life and that’s your own, never bitch about it. It just is.

I was quoting Buddha.

Noble troof up in dis.

I don’t get your point here. Are you trying to argue that the fact you were quoting a religious leader exempts your statement from rational scrutiny?

It just felt right to say.

But I recognize everyone’s arguments here as valid.

It was the absolute most unpleasant thing I’ve ever experienced.

You could call it an ego death. I became the foundation of a building that was being crushed. Oh, and for some reason the color brown was disgusting to me and it was everywhere. And for some reason there was a scary Sesame street theme.

I was not a person and had no awareness of the need to breath.
Never again.

Never again, but you’re glad you experienced it, right?

I had a shroom trip that felt like it lasted 2 weeks. 2 weeks… and it was 4 hours.

I cannot even put it into words. It was just flat out absurd how fucked up I was.

I would never want to do it again, but I’m glad that I did.

It’s like it shook off all cultural programming I ever had on me.