Same Sex Marriage: will it be a “gayer” society ?

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Same Sex Marriage: will it be a “gayer” society ?
Based on what the vast majority on this forum think about same-sex marriage, I personally do not agree with the idea of same sex marriage. Marriage is a holy matrimony as well as a legal institution between a man and a woman; hence, gay-marriage is unequivocally falls into this particular term. I believe that our set of belief is significantly helping us to form ourselves into a better person, because we are living in a period of history where morality and ethics are emphasized as the primary ingredients of civil virtue. Our society defines same-sex marriage as an infringement of our social values. In essence, the arguments come from many perspectives: religion and culture, the law and constitutions, along with the public. The statement is clear: it is morally wrong to do same-sex marriage.
By and large, society has a right to determine what is and is not acceptable behavior within its borders. The traditional definition of marriage states that it is an institution between one man and one woman. Armed with the basic definition of marriage; marriage is an institution between one man and one woman, the unfavorable party states that same-sex marriage cannot be classified as a holy matrimony. In his article, San Francisco Chronicle staff writer, Bob Egelko, writes that even Superior Court Judge Richard Kramer tries to fathom and conciliate the fundamental policy when it comes to gay rights: “Kramer will hear arguments in a hearing starting Wednesday morning on whether the law that defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman violates anti-discrimination and privacy rules in the Constitution.” While the proponents for the right to same-sex marriages believe that the definition itself is excessive, our society acknowledges that marriage should be defined as the union of two different sexes who love each other.
Personally, I had some experiences that are related to the subject of homosexuality. I have had close friends who turned to gays/lesbians. In regards to privacy purposes, I will not disclose the name of those people. Initially, my friends were just as normal as any other people. They had normal boyfriends/girlfriends, normal type of friends, normal hobby and some even excel in their education. Even though they behave normally, they had this feeling of emptiness within them. They told me that this emptiness could not be filled with normal boyfriends/girlfriends. They told me that they like people from the same gender. There were multiple occasions where their distinct personality, which is to like people of the same gender, showed up. One of them is their fondness in engaging physical contact with people from the same gender. This physical contact was not one of those friendly contacts, but more of those sexual-engaging contacts. Moreover, I had one experience where one of my gay friends confessed his love of me. At that moment, I was completely freaked out; I was astounded and did not know what to do. There were more of other uncommon disturbing examples that I had seen; however, I think that it will not be necessary to elaborate more about this. Personally, I felt rather unusual to see people of the same gender exchange kisses and get married.
On the other hand, religion plays a significant role in terms of the way we form our society. The Christians, as the belief that I also carry, reject the idea of same sex marriage. The Bible, which is usually known as “the word of God”, has numerous verses that were against homosexuality: “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife. And they shall become one flesh” (Genesis.2:24), “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it [is] abomination." (Leviticus 18:21-22) and “So husbands ought to love their own wives as their own bodies; he who loves his wife loves himself. Nevertheless let each one of you in particular so love his own wife as himself.” (Ephesians 5:28-33). As a result, there are large majority of Christian in the world that is against homosexuality. They believe it is not the nature order of a human being to engage in homosexual relationship. Religions and beliefs contribute the morality of human beings, which furthermore help us to create the so-called norms. As we structure our behavior based upon our faith, I believe it will be immoral for me to go against my religion. Moreover, I also believe that we as a society should act upon the conducted norms; in this case, the norms that are closely affiliated with religion(s). Thus, to go against the religion is irrelevant. In addition, I believe that most religions reject the idea of homosexuality too (e.g. Catholics also use the Bible for their teachings), similar to Christianity. Buddhism emphasizes on celibacy; monks are required to stay unmarried or to sexual abstinence.
Furthermore, there is a concern about what the issue of homosexuality will affect the next generation. The characteristic of homosexuality is not something that you born with, as put it,” No solid scientific evidence exists today that people are born homosexual”. Instead, it is a kind of characteristic that is embedded to a person slowly through peers or other influences. In California, same sex marriage is gradually becoming a common issue. If homosexual marriages were to be legal, people will somehow have the impression that homosexuality is not unusual or appalling. In the future, people will think of homosexuality as just another form of characteristic of a human being or even as the norm (typically what the majority is). If this were to occur, I deem that the population of the world will decrease; given fact that homosexual relationships will not be able to procreate. Even currently, the Europeans are already suffering from under population; it is caused by the idea of individualism (the idea of not getting married and live alone by yourself). Although the reason was not because of the increasing number of homosexual relationships, it still has the same basic concept, which is the inability to procreate. This claim is supported by the quote from which says “If homosexual behavior were innately practiced, it would cease to exist by virtue of the inability to procreate”. This fact confirms my prediction on humans’ population; therefore, my suggestion on not legalizing same-sex marriage would provide a better reason by seeing it from another perspective on how our society is formed.

not again.

since I don’t want to REPOST everything I’ve already posted recently read through this thread: … p?t=144422

read this book on the history of marriage: … 81-5191152

and then wake up and realize that if ANYONE kills heterosexual marriage it will be heterosexuals. Most young hetero couples DON’T even get married anymore. it’s the homosexual couples that for LEGAL reasons (to take advantage of the same legal advantages a hetero couple can get marrying) wants to marry.

from the book you can learn that hetero’s changed the meaning of marriage to be about love, since homosexuals love each other and our society is approaching a nexus of acceptance for homosexuality (compared to the past where such behavior was looked down upon by everyone) it’s only natural they reach out for marriage.

while they’re reaching out for marriage hetero couples are avoiding it.

social evolution at work, deal with it.

let’s look at that sites agenda (btw nice freudian slip there, it’s, not

the site is founded by "Dr. James C. Dobson, [who] is founder and chairman of the board of Focus on the Family, a non-profit Christian ministry dedicated to the preservation of the family.

So just like all groups who stand against homosexuality they have an agenda.

read this article about fruit flies (in that other thread.) … 060605.htm

I could pull up some of the other stuff I posted in mundane babble but really there’s no point as you are what I like to call “view-locked”.

No matter what view points and PROOF the opposition presents you’ll deny it, claim it’s a lie, or change the subject.



I second the “holy shit not again” theme.

You might want to check out this thread for a variety of ideas about what homosexuality is. If you weed through the insanity there is some good argument and information there. … p?t=144244

Ultimately, being a homosexual is either something that you are born with (which I doubt) or you innocently acquire the behavior through a variety of social and psychological forces. Personally, I don’t believe that people decide to “turn” gay in the same way that they would change brands of dish washing liquid.

Anyway, even if gay marriage does become legal I don’t think that we will have a “gayer” society. As I said, whatever makes people homosexual is too strong to just rub off on people. However, we may see that personality quirks associated with gay effeminate males (mostly because they appear to be fun) rubbing off on heterosexual people. Perhaps we see this already in big cities with the concept of the metrosexual. However, this phenomenon is nothing new to heterosexual men as “dandies” have existed for quite a long time. Anyway, as gay behavior becomes legitimized I believe that more men may start acting gay, but not engaging in homosexual activity (your heart and other bits have to be into that).

The aspect of wide spread behavioral change is debatable though because much gay male behavior appears to be an imitation of classic iconic feminine behavior, which could be counted as being largely frivolous and showy. A Marxist might conclude that said female behavior was mostly a method of attracting a rich capitalist keeper. That’s the idea of the flashy sexy “gold digger” and this might be pointless for a man to engage in. Also, being gay appears to be exhausting to me as a man. Most men seem to enjoy keeping it simple, at least in The United States.

I avoided talking about anyone imitating masculine lesbian behavior because I just don’t see it happening.

Anyway, I don’t think that we will have a “gayer” nation. As I pointed out in the Gay Marriage thread, I am concerned about the fitness of gay people to raise children if they have indeed been conditioned against normal human relationships. That’s another topic and I have said my bit on that.

you had to get the last word on the issue didn’t you addy?

The “fitness” of gay people raising children will be better than hetero homophobes raising children.

That is probably true.

However, I must say that you had to get the last word in!