Sarah Palin?

For those who claim John McCain has better Judgment than
Obama, I give you vice-presidential choices.

Obama picked Joe Biden, someone who actually knows something about foreign policy.
McCain picked Sarah Palin, someone who has been governor of Alaska for only 2 years.

Obama picked someone who has been on the national stage for over 30 years
McCain picked someone who 2 years ago was mayor of a town with 6000 people.

Obama picked someone who has ran for president
McCain picked someone even Kay Baily Hutchens (R) didn’t know anything about

Obama picked someone who has no investigations of him
McCain picked someone already under investigation in just two years

Obama picked someone ready to be president in case…
McCain picked someone who only clear qualification is she is anti-choice

Obama picked someone who believes in science
McCain picked someone who believe in “intelligent Design”

Obama picked someone who knows where Iraq is having visited there
McCain picked someone who probably couldn’t tell us where china is, little less Iraq

For those of you who questions Obama judgment, just look at the vice-presidential pick.

Clearly Obama made a good choice and McCain?

Well let’s say that the choice of Sarah Palin makes Dan quayle look like Abraham Lincoln.


I agree about Palin’s qualifications, but I don’t agree that the pick reveals anything but flawless political judgement. A strongly conservative, pro-life, economic conservative woman from a swing state? That sounds like a solid blow to the Dems, as she is likely to pick up a solid percentage of Hillary’s former evangelizers, and yet she’s conservative enough to keep most of the Republican base.

I think the election just got a whole lot more interesting.

Frankly, the choice reeks of desperation. A hail mary pass if you will. and Alaska is not
a swing state and if Alaska is a swing state McCain is in real trouble. The single worst
pick for Vice-president ever, you can make the argument.


Yes, it did, I am sadly still putting my money on Obama, not that I think McCain is better, they both suck. But Obama has all the right fluffy stuff that attracts folks like catfish to stinkbait, and he is in the right place at the right time. Or should I say left? :laughing: I would say niether VP candidate is really worth crap. I think both Pres candidates bowed to the media rating system. McCain should have tapped Hillary, not that would have been really interesting.

If i recall correctly the media really slammed Biden about something or other quite awhile back. I know they went on and on about him about something, was it in the 80s or the 90s? I know that was the reason I recalled his name. And she has been in the news this past year or two about investigations. I don’t care about experience in politics… hell, I would prefer an inexperienced politician a newbie, at least that person might not be too badly owned or corrupted too much. I do care about what actually they do in the course of their job. I say yank Joe blow off the street and set him in office. With a bunch of others. Can they really screw us worse then we are about to get screwed?


I think the dems hold an edge in the VP slot. but only because what each of them would bring to the table is of secondary importance. Biden has the international experience, and most Americans are aware that we have a hell of a lot of fence mending to do. I’m sure that Palin will warm the hearts of the religious right, but that is still secondary.

Our economy is still tanking, and the republicans are still touting the old line that has failed to work. The economy is going to be an even bigger issue in Nov when those first huge home heating bills show up in the mail box just before election day. The polls may look close today, and maybe even the week before elections, but I think there is a surprise waiting in the voting booth, and the republicans aren’t going to like it. The economic chaos isn’t all their fault, but it happened on their watch, and they are going to pay the penalty. So Palin is the VP choice? Who cares? It’s good that we’ve managed to get a woman on the main ticket twice, but like Geraldine, this is nothing but futile window dressing…

AT this point, all the republicans can do is appeal to the religious right and hope that the division and fear tactics ala Rove will somehow allow a repeat of the last election. But I don’t think it’s going to wash when many of those same people have to make a choice between heat for the house or an empty pantry a couple of days before stepping into that voting booth.

“It’s the economy, stupid.” :smiley:

I wasn’t referring to the economy as I was talking about judgement.
If you look at the choices and the judgement made, it is clear
Biden is a better choice which speaks to Obama Judgement over
McCain choice and judgement.

I have listening to GOP talking point this morning
and they talk about Palin’s “expertise”. I would love to ask her about say, Russia invading Georgia or
the AIDS situation in Africa and listen to her “expertise” They even called her an expert in Energy.
WOW, that is a major stretch of imagination. She has no experience in even basic areas of
domestic policy such as agriculture, or urban policy or the economy.
At best you can say she is well versed in Alaska policy, but Alaska is not like any other state in the
union. They are flushed with oil money and don’t have the fiscal issues that other states such as California has
or New York has or even small states such as South Dakota which has a larger population then alaska.


I know, she has more experience than Obama. Deal with it

also, i’d hit it

bike_seat:I know, she has more experience than Obama. Deal with it

K: I don’t know what universe you live in, but 4 years in the United States Senate is worth more then 2 years being governor of
a small, small state like Alaska. There are literally dozens of major cities with larger population then Alaska including
San Jose, California, and Austin Texas. Under your theory the mayors of those cities are more have more experience then
Obama. Should We pick the mayors of one of those cities? I for one don’t think being Governor of any small state for less then 5 years
gives one the practical experience to be chief executive. If she had been governor for two terms, then we have a conversation.

This election is clearly about judgment and obama showed greater judgment then McCain did in the pick of the VP.


Obama is going to lose

does that anger you?

Why would anybody in their right mind vote for McCain?

I can’t get anyone to give me 5 reasons to vote for McCain.
So why should I vote for McCain?


For most of us Palin is virtually unknown. It’s a matter of finding out if she is qualified to be president. I say “president” because McCain is 72 with a history of cancer. If this ticket gets elected, it won’t be surprising if Palin becomes president before the end of McCain’s first term.

felix dakat: For most of us Palin is virtually unknown. It’s a matter of finding out if she is qualified to be president. I say “president” because McCain is 72 with a history of cancer. If this ticket gets elected, it won’t be surprising if Palin becomes president before the end of McCain’s first term."

K: OK, someone give some reasons why she is qualified for president of the United States?


Well, If experience is supposed to count, then it is hard to see what the hell the repubs are thinking. I agree Felix, the republican VP candidate is far more important than the dem candidate given statistical chances. Talk about poor judgement… It is obvious that all they’re trying to do is peel away female voters, but most of the women I know are not going to be fooled by a skirt offered up as window dressing. The fact that she is anti-abortion may please some of the religious right, but the repubs owned most of them anyway. I think this one is going to backfire big time. Hillary, like her or not, had some pretty fair credentials. Palin is still in kindergarten. If women were looking for a female to offer as a candidate for high office, Palin wouldn’t even make the list. This smacks of paternalistic pandering. The repubs are patting women on the head and saying female credentials really don’t count, because a woman isn’t there to do anything important. That’s the message they are sending to the female voters. This is past desperation, this is complete stupidity.

Tentative–Palin is said to have an 80% approval rating in Alaska. She portrays herself as a maverick and a reformer, which could play well given the corruption in Washington. But she admitted that she hasn’t followed the war in Iraq very closely. Since Iraq is the number one foreign policy issue right now, she doesn’t appear very well prepared for the job.

But oil and the economy are now (given the victory in Iraq) are by far the largest issues here.

And which would you rather have, a vice president short or foreign policy, or a president?

Any bets which way the polls are going to go that will reflect this choice? I think the Democrats already know and they’re in a panic. Just look at Kropotkin, thrashing and flailing.

For the first time in my life, I feel that I can be proud of McCain as a candidate. This was a home run.

:laughing: :laughing: ya’ll might want to wait a couple of weeks till the women’s organizations weigh in. I’m thinking a BIG backfire. By the time the media and the DNC ask the questions where she has no choice but to say “I don’t know”, that she is a “token” female on the ticket will be obvious. I can hardly wait for the VP debates…McSame has just hung an anchor around his neck.


Care to rephrase? Flip-Flopper…well actually I will call it what it is; either you are a liar, or you don’t even know who/what/where you are.

She gets pleasure from killing
animals. She is a hunter- a sport hunter.

Sorry, but I’m missing something; how can anyone even debate this issue? the whole lot of them are trash; as a matter of history I can understand, but any other reason for considering it I just do not get.