Satanic beliefs...

If it makes you happy then do it??? Hue Hephner made it happen. Yet all the kid players without tones of money are just users. Bond is just a fictional character.

Liberalism is saying we all don’t fit in one tiny box,… we all have different needs and different wrappings. They use slavery to make us realize gays are being enslaved into a tiny box of confused individuals. They know they are happier being gay, and we’d be better off accepting them for who they are.

Both say you are happier doing what feels good. Both say don’t bring down others with your actions or judgements. Both want freedom to worldly pleasures without being judged.

liberalistic hypocracies

Don’t judge, but NAMBLA is wrong. Obvious to save face they choose not to support what Wipika calls something the greeks used to find normal. They find it easier to ignore the fact that their own philosophy is “cut and pasted” together to add to their agenda. Am I saying, “One rule for all instead of special circumstances for all???” Most likely.

Don’t tread on me,… but gun owners get treaded on every time a drug addict kills another. Almost all gun crimes can be linked to drug addiction and abusive alcaholics. But the solution is a band aid of getting rid of guns. Obviously gun owners can’t have rights when they aren’t the norm.

Stem cell research… most progress has been made from stem cells that come from ambilical cords. But because we don’t allow research to be done on fetuses we are hipocrites. When this news reaches the newspaper it comes out as like we don’t support stem cell research at all. I’m quit sure there are people out there that believe that.

Abortion hurts only the child they kill. Yet the life of the aborted is worth nothing compared to sleeping around and alcaholic fathers. They’d rather kill a child then think of fixxing these problems. Hypocrites believe the number one reason to accept abortion is rape, when that is the last reason abortion gets used.

What other liberalistic beliefs are their???

the last liberalistic myth…

They have proven that men will have brains like women after taking estrogine pills and testosterone blockers. This will change the sections of the brain in order to make them bigger or smaller. This allows biasness toward gender spacifics allowing them to be a dirrectional force. Thus men and women are different by nature. Love between the sexes forces us to look beyond our bodily differences. Yet CBS news picks the scientists that are willing to say that it’s normal for homosexuals to be bias toward a sexual difference. They even said that homosexuals will come from mothers who have more then one son. That the younger son is exposed to a chemical that gives them antibodies to testosterone. Yet identical twins will have one be gay and one not. To them this means that they don’t yet understand why. Yet… no proof of an antibody haveing this cause and effect in people. And no proof of a selective chemical bathh that would effect one twin or another.

How is this science having bias assumptions. Psychology. Homosexuals are right brain dominate people. Thus their imagination side is dominate. Thus when they grow up, they define themselves in comparison to their older brothers. If their brother is an agressive personality, and they are passive agressive or agressive passive, they will imediatly feel different. Now the mother is more likely a passive personality, thus the child will bond differently with the mother then the brother. Thus they will be emasculated from birth.

Now what cause and effect will homosexual science blame to cause emasculation?.. Well it’s noted that as right brain dominate people they are less likely to be lawyers or mathmatical scientists. They will be theoretical scienists,… witch means they start with an assumption and try to prove it with parrellel facts. So they have noted that homosexuals will have an enlarged audio section of the brain. Well, As right brain dominate people they are likely to have an enlarged auditory section of the brain. Through conditioning, they may develope a photographic like audio memory. It is shown that dislexia is a visual memory that gives them problems with none visual things (math reading). So they probably have an enlarged visual section of the brain. Yet this wasn’t parrelleled to the gay thing because it wasn’t convienant. And just because you like music, it doesn’t mean your gay. So cause and effect isn’t forced by DNA or a chemical bath. It isn’t a choice. It’s a biasness of lifestyle. If you love someone you’d learn to love doing things for them. If you identify yourself with someone, you’ll be sypathetic to them, and be open to doing the things they do. You’d accept them and live bicariously through them. You’d use your imagination to hear them tell stories.

They did a study showing homosexuals react to same sex pharamones. Yet they omited bisexuals from this study. Bisexuals would have shown you can react to both pharamones equally. Yet this would mean a controlled cause and effect. Well did DNA cause your brain to biochemically react to pharamones? Or did you learn to associate pharamones with sex, and release endorphines at that memory. No one knows.

They even noted that homosexual males have extra physical memories in the sexion of the brain that has to do with ?sex? Yet I’m sure this is 100% conditioned. Yet that was never even mentioned. Your willing to admit that the mother can become conditioned to having male children (I’m sure it helps ease the child bearring tolls),… but your unwilling to admit that homosexuals can become conditioned to being homosexual. If you fill your section of the brain with only one kind of memory, then every time you have a sexual impulse, your brain will bring up these memories. Witch brings to subject, homosexuals are more likely to be child molestors then straights (by percent). Witch shows that all it takes is trying it to learn to like it.

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And there we have it from Dr. Phil himself… :laughing:

Compelling…as usual Phil. Why dont you type up a paper and send it off to the New Scientist?

Homosexuality and the Bicarious nature of Hue Hephner

*And he said I didn’t understand sarcasm

how about contradicting me with philosophies???

Or is that too hard…

DNA is the spacific chemical energy signature for the soul. Identical twins share a connection that other twins do not. This is because they have the same spacific chemical energy signatute that the soul is tied to.

Ghosts have electromagnetic side effects in the air they pass through. Thus the soul causes electromagnetic side effects in the brain. Each feeling energy reacts to different chemical energy signatures in parts of the brain.

So in this when we create new DNA, the soul is connected to this DNA. Motherly instinct is the bond of blood. Thus when they kill their own DNA they go through depression after an abortion.

There is no reason for abortion that cannot be avoided. Yet you’d presume having an easy way out. You could have protected sex untill you are ready for a child. 99.9 percent effective. That’s the odds of protective sex to fail. In these circumstances you can have your family help you with your child. If we spent our efforts we use for abortion on helping parents, maybe we could get somewhere. Yet all I every hear is abusive families and alcaholics and rape. Yet we need to fix these problems, not put band aids on them. My sister straightened up after having a kid, and didn’t become a bigger alcaholic.

NAMBLA North American Man Boy Love Association. (they are on the internet)

They are just like hue hephner. They love things about the child but don’t have the maritaial connection. They let their imagination fill in the gaps that an equal partner would have. Yet since we have redefined marriage to make room homosexuality. Where do you draw the line. Wipikta says in ancient greece it was normal. Who are we to define what is right. It is normal for people to experiance sexual urges before puberty. But who’s to say what is right and wrong by liberalistic beliefs.

I got one for you:

Your dughter is pregnant and in labor, The docter who is the same reverand you have constantly gotten religious advice from, (Hes your minister) informs you that a choice will have to be made. You can either kill the child and You duaghter will live, Or you can let her have the child and it upon birth will kill her.

There is no alternitive option which would you choose? Either way your are going to be responsible for the abortion of one life.

(this choice has been given to you because your Daughter is unconcious from pain and loss of blood at the time of birth, she will die along with the child in about 5 minuets if you do not make a discission)

Which do you choose? Or would you prefer they both Die?

Yea, Sethesh? I am pro-abortion but, I have a hard time with believing that scenario. Doctors are too well informed and far too sure of how to get that sort of situation straightened out fast. And if the doctor is also a reverend well, jeez you got a twofer. So if this is a real doctor he would know how to save both. If the Doctor can save one, the doctor can save both.

Sry Kris, but that doesnt work, Read the paper women die from childbirth everyday. Or the child dies from it so the mother can survive this is a “Real” scenario. Oh and theres a medical name for that type of situation but I dont remember it right now. Obviously if Docters have taken the time to name it, Than it’s real and does happen.

That example was ment to be set on a personal level, to give him a feel for the situation. And yes Kris it can happen.

Doesnt matter how informed someone is things can go wrong.

And Obviously you dont keep up with very many Court cases or maybe theres not many in your area, In mine Docters get sued alot, So even then the situation could be geographical.

Doesnt matter, it still hapens and is still a valid example.

Her let me give you another example anyway. This one Occcurs when the egg attaches itself to the tube running from the overy to the uterus and is fertalized there. Though rare, it will kill the women involved if not removed.
Remember this is now a fertalized egg and hence acording to phil is a living being, If it is not aborted she will die.

That’s called an ectopic pregnancy, my mother had one. But kris, why not just look at it as a thought experiment anyway?

Would I prefer they both die?? Am I an unsypathetic fool???

Well I’d say advancements in science allow C-sections and other advancements to save lives. We aren’t in the dark ages where children die of the plaege. Children die because we don’t se the child as a child but an unimportant fetus.

I believe in science advancements to save both lives. Till then we have to grin and bare it. Pain is a part of life. Even if you have an abortion there is clinical proof of depression as a side effect of killing a child. Why sypathize with the possiabilities when the facts say that people get abortions because they don’t know who the father is.

It’s called science reattach the egg in a safe place.

Why do you use this a case work to accept all abortions??? Are you a lawyer? Maybe that’s why you can’t see religion. Case by case I say. So science isn’t perfect. Lets wait and see what advancements give us. They won’t cure alcaholic abusive fathers,… that has to be cured by choices in life. Instead they hide from it by useing it as a reason for abortion.

Any Doctor worth their salt is not going to stop and ask such a question while the patients are going to die within 5 minutes. If a Doctor does that then you may as well say good bye to both mother and child because that Doctor sucks. Then afterwards get a gun and save lives by shooting the doctor.

Any doctor that is a good doctor will not stop to ask questions they will do everything in their power to save lives. Women die everyday so do infants. Sadly I am very well aware of this and of course Doctors get sued, Some deserve it some don’t.

The scenario is without merit for it is not about abortion, it is about life saving actions or inactions. Abortion is a direct attack on the fetus in order to purposely terminate an unwanted or dangerous pregnancy. Your mother is term so this does not qualify as abortion. To kill the child the Doctor will either have to deliver the child or C- section. Once the child is removed from the mother why kill it? The only reason to butcher the infant would be if it was lodged in the canal and would have to be severed in half, that action would take more time than the 5 minutes you gave the mother. Both die. Not an abortion.

No to be Honest with you Dr. Phil Im not a lawyer, (Though Im told I should be) And I really dont care one way or another about abortion. Im just presenting a side you may have not looked at.

You can’t Controle Death and this is a literal situation that does happen. An abortion is the ONLY answer in both cases (Unless you just want to let them die…)

Attach the egg somewhere else???

Removeing it would kill the egg. So even if you “Could” reatach it it would still be dead. and trust me No God is going to breath life back into it.

I mean Im sure if one was in the Uterous and one was in the Filipion tube sure it might look like a miricale (especialy if both were fertalized and the second wasnt noticed) Doesnt mean it is.

Everything can be explained, All youhave to have is the Knowledge to explain it.

I can tell you EXACTLY how Jesus healled all those people…Would you believe me…No.

But I can tell you it wasnt a being called God that did it, Maybe his faith or belief gave him the ability or avenue to perform through and in time because of the results he actualy believed it himself, But I garuntee you it wasnt God.

And just so you know Dr. Phil, I believe in God, In Fact I know He exist’s and IM still telling you this…You might want to think about that…


Ok well I admit I didnt expect you to get all technichal on me so we’ll say that the docter realized this within say 1 hour before it will be to late to do anything.

On and as far as this subject and my 1st question goes:
You answered it yourself with why it is relevent-

The funny thing is Noone wants to answer the question, All you all want to do is try and prove its not a valid one…

Well guess what, IM useing it because it happened to a friend of mine. So dont even attempt to tell me its not valid I was there when it happened. (Most of my friends are Female) and since I live in the bible belt Guess what??? And yes the docter was the minister of the local church though I admit it wasnt “Her” Church.

Since noone wants to answer this I’ll tell you waht happened:

Her father chose to save his daughter. Because he believed that by doing so she would have another child (And she did with no complications this time) Instead of looseing her and any future children she might have had.


In an ectopic pregnancy the egg cant be “re-attached” somewhere else. It’s not a very good example for Seth’s purposes because it never results in a live birth, so there’s no choice to be made, no conflict of interest. The egg has no interests, it’s already doomed.

Sometimes there’s clinical depression as a side effect of of having a baby too. People get abortions because they dont know who the father is??

Where do you get your facts from…


Thats true. I should have used a better secondary example.

How’s this:

The baby is 1 month away from being born when the docters dicover that the child has severe brain damage.

If Born the child may live at a 50-50 chance rate.

If Born the child will be almost completely brain dead except for the natural non-concious Bodily fiction’s with little hope of ever developing or living a real life. It will need constant care 24-7, 365. For it’s entire life. It may be able to learn to eat on its own eventualy maybe maybe not.

Is it better to Kill this child then to let it live and suffer then Die never haveing Really been “Alive” to begin with? Not to mention the suffering and hardship the child will place on the family and there responsibility to it. Especialy since the family is Poor and cannot aford 24-7, 365 treatment.

Perhaps thats a bit to detailed…

Or this one:

The mother has Aids and several other VD’s (Not her fault she was raped earlier in life) This pregnancy will pass the desease on to the child. Along with several deformities caused by the other VD’s. Now:

Would you choose to have this baby and let it suffer painfuly and continuously for all 10-15 years of its life?

Or would you choose not to have it and sapre it and you the heartbreak? (By the way the mother will probably die within 3 - 5years

I believe that science will be able to reatach the egg someday. And maybe even create preventive techniques and medications???

I believe till the extream cases (where about 10 to 1 percent of all abortions are because someone is in danger, physically) till these extream cases are prevented or cured, we should just take it case by case. The sooner the better.

Lets talk about the retardation cases now…
It’s a testimony to science and religion both that something needs to change. And aborting the fetus isn’t a cure to the problem. I would carry the child out, and hope maybe these new advancements in stem cells could cure it with regrowth.

Lets talk about why most people get an abortion…
Why do most abortions at clinics take place???
Not ready…
Don’t know who the father is…
Can’t afford…
Got drunk and didn’t feel like wearing a rubber…
then lastly and leastly, preventive techniques and medications failed…
These are the real reasons people are against abortion.