Satanists are Fools

Pinnacle funneee - Make Tabula Laughing…

He’s unlikely to say anything else…

How do you read the 60’s - is it out in paperback…?

Which says something about Christian mind-set - considering they joined up anyway…

Unless you are very fat - it will walk around you.

Outcases…? Pillowcases…? Suitcases…? oh - ‘outcasts’ Thank God Jesus’s spelling was better than yours POR - You probably worship the Farter, the Sun and the Whole-wheat-toast.

Hey don’t get me wrong - I think Pinnacle is actually a mastermind Satanist - working undercover to undermine the Church’s credibility… :evilfun:



literally that’s the look on my face right now.

You couldn’t have been more wrong. The point was that the belief can’t stand hearing contrary ideas or opinions and thus does whatever it can (in this case spraying holy water) to stop the opinion and idea.

The point was that beliefs are vile and dangerous. You hold the too closely to the dogma of your karma. What does that mean?

god only knows.

Agnostics, atheists, muslims, hindus, buddhists, mormons and canadians are all mocked, does that make them correct?

and speaking of which, what makes your holy book more holy than theirs?

The torah was written several hundred (if not at least thousand) years before the new testament, according to your logic that would make it more holy would it not?


Cannot even begin to tell you how funny this is! Tabula, admit it, you worship the Whole-wheat toast!

I’m sure this has been posted before, but, what’s with the name of “Church of Satan” and being called a “Satanist”? I’ve heard a few explanations from the members but I have a problem with the name for a few reasons: Church of Satan - gives credibility to the need for a church. Gives the idea of organized religion, gives off the idea of pontiffs, rabbis, by any other name and Satanists - since when does a completely logical person need to label him/herself with a religious title. Satanist = Catholic = Presbyterian = Religious Person. Forgive me if I failed to explain my questions in a better way (give me the benefit of doubt?)…

I’m too lazy to do the research and will accept a good explanation at face value.

Care to go in depth on this PoR? Like…when and where you met this “god” figure who you claim “told” you how to be goodie-goodie to the point that you make yourself look like an ass?

goody goody?

it was no god figure…

it was adam ant…

"With the heartbreak open
So much you can’t hide
Put on a little makeup, makeup
Make sure they get your good side, good side

If the words unspoken
Get stuck in your throat
Send a treasure token, token
Write it on a pound note, pound note

Goody two, goody two
Goody, goody two shoes
Goody two, goody two
Goody, goody two shoes
Don’t drink, don’t smoke
What do you do
Don’t drink, don’t smoke
What do you do
Subtle innuendoes follow
There must be something inside

We don’t follow fashion
That would be a joke
You know we’re going to set them, set them
So everyone can take note, take note

When they saw you kneeling
Crying words that you mean
Opening their eyeballs, eyeballs
Pretending that you’re Al Green, Al Green

Goody two, goody two
Goody, goody two shoes
Goody two, goody two
Goody, goody two shoes
Don’t drink, don’t smoke
What do you do
Don’t drink, don’t smoke
What do you do
Subtle innuendoes follow
There must be something inside

No one’s gonna tell me
What’s wrong or what’s right
Or tell me who to eat with, sleep with
Or that I’ve won the big fight, big fight

Look out or they’ll tell you
You’re a Superstar
Two weeks and you’re an all time legend
I think the games have gone much too far

If the words un[Spoken]
Get stuck in your throat
Send a treasure token, token
Write it on a pound note, pound note

Don’t drink, don’t smoke
What do you do
Don’t drink, don’t smoke
What do you do
Subtle innuendoes follow
Must be something inside

Don’t drink, don’t smoke
What do you do
Don’t drink, don’t smoke
What do you do
Subtle innuendoes follow
Must be something inside"

thanks for the flashback…


Let me refute the heresies from the very beginning,


I love my enemies that’s why I am so harsh at them, just like a father loving his son to death, who can’t stand his son being cast into hell. Being someone’s friend does not mean adopting their ideas, you can’t be wishy washy about the rightous way, you don’t bribe people into the truth! The truth is like a sword, it may hurt you now, but it’s gonna save you when the time comes.


I will pray to Jesus for you tonight and hopefully he’ll forgive you of your blaphemy.




As I said, belief is the truth and there is no point wasting time over unresearched ideas or blatant lies. The fact is, opinions and ideas went away, which signals that they do not have concret grounds. a belief is the truth. it is not dangerous, but unfounded ideas and gossips are! if something is contrary to belief then it is wrong.

The fact is Jesus predicted my mocking. The torah was written earlier but it has already been fulfilled by Christ. age does not make it more holy, but the presence of truth does.

The point is, satanists who are not devil worshippers should change their name because it is MISLEADING!

To those that still don’t understand why Satanism is called Satanism, I will point you at something I wrote for just such an ocasion, long ago, but had forgotten about untill recently.

Rest assured the people PoR has his panties in a knot over (if they even exist) are not Satanists.

Do I really even need to say anything?

Firstly, as Dr. Satanical has pointed out-and not for the first time-satan=adversary. It was bastardized by christianity to take on a whole new meaning. Secondly, by the same token, shouldn’t most christians change their name? Most of the ‘christians’ I run into aren’t christ-like. Most of them don’t know their bible. Most of them don’t attend church or don’t bring any real seriousness to church. Most of them are materialistic. Most of them… Well, you get the idea.

Also, if you are going to try and reach out to people- maybe you shouldn’t be so stand-offish. It is generally a turn off, and a good way to put people on the defensive. The level of respect you give is the level of respect you ask for.

as I said before, it is also misleading.


just because some Christians are not very Christ like does not mean they are not trying to follow Christ. Christian mean follower of Christ. and I am a follower of Christ.

Satanist who does not follow the devil should not call themselves satanists. The distinction is very clear. Christians mean followers of Christ, and satanists mean followers of satan. if you don’t follow or try to follow satan then change your name.

Should you then die a martyr? Today perhaps? Possibly now?

Please do it now.

Just go to the nearest mosque and start calling all the Muslims there heretics, blasphemers, and most importantly, Satanists…because as you have pointed out, there is apparently one way and all other ways lead to this “Satan.” So would that not make Islam a Satanic Cult? I’m sure the nice Muslims there would be happy to make you a martyr. Their religion allows murder under certain circumstances.


Everything you say is God this and God that. Once you can prove that God exist only then can you begin to have a solid arguement at all.

Please tell me this is a joke? Sorry but because God told me so has just as much philosophical meaning as when your parents tell you so.


Satanists who do not follow the devil should call themselves Satanists. People who follow the devil should call themselves devil worshipers. Ignorance is no excuse, but if it were, you would now not have one. If you do not want to face facts no-one can force you.

I see no problem with that.
However you can go right on villainizing me if you want. I am a lustful indulgent self serving heathen with absolutely no traditional christian moral values that really does enjoy blasphemy and such, and just because I do not worship your devil doesn’t mean I don’t admire him :slight_smile:


Ignorance of its bibilical context and its biblical allusion is of even more no excuse.


The word Satanist was already been taken by the devil worshippers prior to the sixties. Taking some word which has already been taken is pure plagirism, and is shameful.
the reason ‘satanist’ is a very powerful word as you have acknowledged is because it has a biblical connection. so you are using its biblical connection for your own purpose and at the same time denying any link with Christian bible.

I am very aware of it’s biblical context, it is you who has displayed ignorance of the original meaning. Do not attempt to turn this around…I have probably read your silly little bible more times than you have. I am willing to bet you have not read mine :slight_smile:

Really? Lets see some evidence of these mystical pre Satanism devil worshippers.
Best of luck finding it.

The word is powerful because christian mind cancer has invaded just about everyone, on some level. the fact that so many people believe in the actual existance of Satan (none of them Satanists, mind you) makes them exploitable through this weakness, on all kinds of interesting little levels.
I at no point claimed the word ‘satan’ wasn’t linked to the christian bible. Through the centuries, the buy-bull has absorbed all kinds of things, like a giant theological sponge. My point is, just because something is in the bible doesn’t mean it originated there.

does satan in the bible refer to the devil?

Actually no, it doesn’t. In the OT, Satan is one of god’s top angels. “Satan” is a title actually and it means adversary. Satan was the adversary to humans; like a prosecuter for god, in a sense.

For example, in the story of Job, God allows Satan to test Job because Satan has his doubts about Job’s faith and he confronts God about them. God agrees with Satan and wants to make sure that Job will remain faithful. He allows Satan to test Job so Satan then goes and fulfills God’s wishes.

So basically they use the term Satanist because they indentify with the adversary title–but don’t quote me on that, you would be better off asking Dr. S.

thanks for bringing that back to the forefront FtheNaysayers.

It’s important to know where christianity changed judaism

Here’s something that all you reasoners will love

quote from pinnacle of reason

(This, i find to be the particularly enjoyable part of being a “arrogant

Dear devout christians or other such religious people (pagans and satanists included)
I am sure that we all agree that none of us have seen, met or talked to our religious deieties (gods etc) So we have no way of knowing if what is in the religious texts are indeed god’s words.
Therefore to end the milleniae old blood bath we call holy wars i propse that none of us talk about the subject of which we know nothing about.

Did jesus exist?
Extreemly unlikely as there is no body to confirm otherwise
Is the book of mormon right?
unlikely as there are no gold plates or angels to suggest otherwise
Are satanists following a doomed path to hell?
unlikely because no one knows if heaven or hell exists
there is a long list like this covering all faiths and religious doctrines eg buddhism

I propse the following solution to end the ignorane of all you christians, non god believers, muslims, jews, buddhists, satanists etc

Keep religion in the home or place of worship, away from impressionable youth and out of all law making and political processes.
Everyone can have religious beliefs but they should not be allowed to execute or remove the freedom of each other.

The ultimate irony of all history is that the jewish people fleeing egypt slaid all the pagans and other religions only to be massacred by another religious tinpot a few millenia later. If they instead of killing everyone had instead settled some land away from everyone else, and learned to negotiate and trade instead of following the bloodthirsty decrees of a dillusional claims-to-be-speaking-to-god maniac, they might have managed to prosper and respect freedom and thus avoid the horrible, horrific torture later endured.
This is not meant to offend but to serve as a reminder from history. Beliefs come and go, but your status as a human being can never be altered. Lets let everyone stop the bickering and murder and torture and instead keep our fantasies at home or in group but out of public.

Wrong. Everything else you said hangs on this, so…wrong.

Perhaps try a different angle?

EDIT: I suppose I should append this with some detail. Christians talk to God all the time, a great many of believe that God has answered, and at least since Calvin (and no doubt further back) experience of God has been considered a cornerstone of the faith. So no, you can’t be sure that all will agree on the above. I don’t.