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Once in a while, I get interested again in the idea that secret occult societies rule our world. Not because I fear for this, but because it is an attractive concept. It’s attractive because the societies are (at the very least said to be) based on classical concepts of deity. To me as a lover of poetry, this is far more attractive than anything based on the unaesthetic and simplistic concepts of Christianity.

My “belief” in such conspiracy-based rule is hard to determine, even my myself… I find much of it highly plausible on the one hand, since rulers and owners have always been attracted to ceremony and secrecy; the concept of initiation into power is simply very exiting. So is fooling great masses of people. I could see the attraction of “the game”, if it would be played like so many suggest it is.

I am highly sceptic about any value-judgments made about it by Christians, and others who downright condemn all such things it as evil. I am not a Christian and I think that the Christian church is the most eerie institution in the world. None of what I see of illuminati Grove rituals, gives me the shivers as much as a simple catholic mass does. At least, illuminati do not deny the basic facts of life.

I don’t really have a point with this thread except to bring some attention to it in a more or less neutral way. (relatively neutral: without a-priori absolute moral judgments) I wonder what people here think about it, how many people have thought about it, and if there is anyone here who is not in either of these two camps:

Position 1) “They’re evil and control everything in which you have placed your trust”
Position 2) "Come on! Seriously?"

For those who are entirely “uninitiated” in this stuff, here is a site, quite randomly picked, with a bunch of information. I am sure there are others here who have much better sites to offer, but I think this is the general gist of whatever it is that you may come across. Please correct me if I’m wrong there but please give a source then. … ati/dc.htm

well seeing as that site you linked is both incredibly christian and clearly anti-semetic, perhaps you should leave it up to the readers to do their own google search…

Masons believe Lucifer is (the true) God.

That’s what the higher levels are about.

He’s the light bringer. He brings intelligence, and that is the most sacred thing

‘The Craft’ is the domination of the imperfect nature. The light of intelligence is perfect.

Old white guys are obviously attracted to this because Christianity makes no sense and this offers a new religion for them to get into, with new secrets.

Masons would say they are beyond religion. They are if you compare it to a false, control mechanism religion. They have access to higher sciences which gives their ‘group’ a little bit more credibility.

Make no mistake, though — masonry is itself a control mechanism. It’s a globalist group where you have to, under the fear of death, do exactly what the person above you says, unquestioningly, most of the time not knowing how it connects up to the bigger picture. Most masons are good people, but the network hides a group of malicious psychopathic inbred, mostly brainwashed individuals. Since they exist at the top Masonry is essentially just an army of socially aberrant weirdos in robes running around performing actions for hillbilly royalty.

I talk to masons all the time and they think they are on this sacred mission. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are the losers in high school who now sit around in robes trying to be important. I know more about masonry than most masons do, cause they’re content to just follow orders in the dark like any other religious zealot would.

Yes, I think that’s a good idea. I didn’t notice it was antisemitic at all.
(Certainly no special interest in this site it’s just the first one I hit on)

An aside–weren’t most of our Founding Fathers Masons?

Yes, they were.

So what does that mean in the general scheme of things?

maybe democracy is a scam

It must mean that civil rights are evil.

this seems like a straw man to me. Even if all Masons were evil, this does not mean all their public works would be.

It has certaintly turned out that way.

Very few Masons have much power in that organization. It is a club for many many levels.

Meh. Not much. As I said like 100 times already, masonry is just an organization. When conpiracy theorists say ‘masons’ they are usually talking about the inbred weirdos at the top using those below (departmentalized) to push forward the NWO agenda.

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