Save the planet - a message from another world.

I’m not from a beautiful first peoples tribal culture but I completely empathize with the Kogi pov. Global capitalism/corporatism really sucks. I empathize with their perspective on what we’re doing to the planet. Link from The Guardian here: … n-the-west

This is a sad story, sad because it will fall on deaf ears. “Things are in the saddle and ride mankind.” Emerson wrote to his friend Channing a couple of centuries ago. The only thing that has changed since then is more of the same.

I know. It brings on a Weltschmerz that goes far beyond personal sadness, and sometimes it just takes over my mind and heart to the point that I seek escapism, but hopefully awarely.

Blake’s “Every thing that lives is holy” and Christ’s “Consider the lilies of the field” have been invalidated in Christian theology and Cartesian dualism. In the Christian tradition plants and animals do not have souls, hence they are things we can use in any way we see fit. In Cartesian philosophy, anything other than human is an automaton, a mechanical , mindless being subject to our indesciminate use. What a horrific and ignorant allignment of ideas! Ecology, a survival mandate, will rectify these divisive views, perhaps by making humans extinct.

That’s how it looks to me. One of the big thoughts that comes to mind is how evolution will look after humans and the larger life forms are gone.

I believe as far as the climate goes that is a natural cycle of the earth and is not being altered by humans. However, I do completely sympathize with the view that mother earth is not receiving the respect she deserves and that we should all try our best to give back if at all possible. Also, I believe that we westerners, as a society, have strayed too far away from using natural materials and rely too much on synthesizing materials. I would much rather see trees being planted than being chopped down. As for the Christian view that animals and plants, LIVING THINGS, are here just for humans to abuse and plunder is a complete contradiction of common sense because we humans are no more important to the universe than a water lily.

Nice article. I sympathize with the Kogi and if modern society doesn’t stop their wasteful habits we might just see the Kogi become extinct and that will be a sad day. If modern society keeps going further than erasing the Kogi we might see the human race become extinct. Actually, we won’t, because we’re extinct…

You’re wrong about the “belief” part. The science on AGW is solid.

It’s sad that the AGW part is all you could pick out of my reply. It consisted of what? One sentence. Regardless, AGW is a false science used by whiny deadbeats who could not make it anywhere in life by succeeding in a useful field of study. Befriending a few meteorologists and climatologists and working with some of the scientists of the IPCC, even they doubt their work especially when their (insert year here) sea level predictions were published and we have gone nowhere near their predicted sea levels. Also, some of the largest glaciers on the globe(included in IPCC studies) are expanding and carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere have NOT changed since the dinosaur days because the source of the carbon dioxide has just changed over the years. From dinosaurs to factories the carbon dioxide hanging around in the atmosphere really isn’t affecting us all that much. As a very understanding man, I sympathize with climate change advocates on their fear, but realizing that it’s not REALLY happening besides what is the natural warming and cooling cycle of the earth, I am not fearful as they are.

Now, that being said. I do feel one day we will cut down one tree too many and we will not know until much much later. Something to really look at is a declining oxygen level as there are less and less trees to replace lost oxygen while carbon dioxide increases.

That may very well affect us in the future.

They face nothing differnt then any other humans face everyday. Being primative does not make them special… Ok yes I am being a hard ass on this but really our own kids in our own countries are deprived. when do we think of our own kids first

Whatever beneficial results AGW might have, it’s not good for plants, animals, and humans. It might be good for creatures that thrive in the kind of environment that AGW produces, though. Just recently I’ve been reading about the impending death of the coral reefs due to extreme heat, which means that millions of lives will be impacted by the inability to obtain fish or other oceanic sources of food. Then of course there is expanding desertification, reduction of ice at and near the poles and elsewhere, and the effect of causing more frequent and more intense weather events.

The science on AGW is solid. What is not so solid are the solutions, hence the consequences are likely to be more dire and catastrophic sooner rather than later.

this almost sounds conspired lol here we go again

And what I’m saying, categorically, is that thinking about global warming, which most definitely IS happening, is passe. Thinking about and implementing solutions is where it’s at now.

Usually, the first consequences of recognition of an impending disaster are denial and blame. What to do waits in line behind these two.

Bacteria will prevail. They are better at adapting to harsh environmental conditions than we are.

That is very possible. I read not too long ago that this kind of adaptation is most favorable to small life forms, and that the larger forms usually go extinct, and that would include us humans in the extinction category, I’m afraid. For years a thought of cockroaches taking over the world has been making the rounds. Now it’s not so funny. I think certain aquatic organisms, soil organisms, insects, and rodents should do well. Who knows what they will evolve into, or whether they will have intelligence and language… but then, maybe they already do.

Good point jonquil. As strange as one may see it that mice may one day rule the world one must also consider how fragile human life is in the face of natural disaster, etc.

Sorry, thanks for the clarification.