if i say “god damn” with the freedom of speech then why not say his name in vain it’s like a spitual reflex to get someone angry that’s all but christianity doesn’t undertsand it from my point of view wich is “god you had no reason to do this to me” that is my real message i just shorten it down with anger by saying “god damn” so whats the problem if i’m only taking care of myself likewise evryone should,any comments to disagree with my point id’e love to talk to anyone about.

Timecube you are gradually seducing me.

“god you had no reason to do this to me”

I suppose the “in vain” part of the rule has a bit to do with the fact that god would have a perfect reason to do what he did to you. When something bad happens to you I suppose that you should really say thanks to him. The bad event has given you the opportunity to show him your stuff. Bad is good.

tell that to god and he wont destory poor satan who was created evil without a choice i hate omnipotent beings.

Well, the religious people say that we have free will and that’s why our reactions are important to god. He’s on the edge of his seat over it all. However, it might be the case that the angels are just ciphers and have no real free will. So, when they go through hell it’s just a shadow really. That means that god isn’t doing anything harmful to Satan. He’s like god’s android. It’s us that count.

Also, I hate them too (but don’t let Him know that).

The Third Commandment advising against taking the name of God in vain is for Christians and concerns re-birth. You don’t have these interests so don’t worry about it.

Word’s like “God” have an emotional content which contains a great deal of energy and materiality of a finer quality. Its release through expressions of negative emotion is what makes swearing feel good.

However, since Christianity is concerned with the development of the inner man, these same energies within their corresponding materiality thrown off through swearing are the same as those that serve as nutrition for this spiritual growth. It is part of the normal way in which we psychologically starve ourselves.

Words like “God” not only have an exoteric meaning but also reflect something we intuitively know. They are naturally taken in and injested feeding the body through contemplation. Taking this name in vain throws it away and starves the developing inner man at that moment.

Christianity takes this seriously but if you don’t, forget about it and assert your freedom of speech.


“You don’t have these interests so don’t worry about it.”

How you can know that one is way beyond me.


Timecube at this point in his life is being critical which in itself is not bad. I merely suggest that taking this into consideration, it would do more harm to suppress anger than in swearing. The importance of the esoteric or inner considerations begins when a person becomes inwardly aware of them and the good that can result. First things first.

The fact that you can fathom Timecube’s unique thought process says a lot.


I was married once. I’ve become open minded in the face of complaints and have learned through experience as is said in the old Russian saying: "All things blow over in time. " People can change and it is not my place to deny anyone.


that is why i posted a thread called “tools of god” its in creative writing for some reason or other but that’s how i see us and sense the trinity counts god he see’s us from the same view because i am of him and he is of me but i don’t want to be a part oh his creation principle because of the laws and sins i have to deal with plus sin is a kind of freedom to me as long as killing counts im good and as for the laws or commandments they just put pressure on christians wich leads them to worrying about being gay and etc even though it’s just a part of life.