Scariest book?

The Wolfman and Dracula get a lot of credit nowadays.

But Invisible Man is really the scary shit.

I think it’s really difficult to find a book scary. I’ve certainly found some books more or less grim and/or disturbing than others, but scary is not quite the word I would use to describe any book I’ve read.

Lipsey, Sparks & Steiner, “Economics, 2nd ed.”. Couldn’t even finish it.

This one Goosebumps where it turns out THE KID’S FAMILY DIDN’T DIE IN THAT FIRE DREAM HE HAD; HE DID.

Oughtist either gets it or is able to fake it well enough that it makes no difference.

Gobbo, I’m disappointed in you.

Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged left me scarred for quite some time.

but this isn’t the scarriest book thread, it’s the scariest book thread…an easy mistake to make.

idk what counts as “scary” – like pavlov, i’m not quite sure a book can legitimately scare me. i have, however, recently read a book that was really gruesome: The Seven Days of Peter Crumb. I’d say that book comes closest to being “scary.”

Dracula (though it long time ago). Reading that book was like watching a horror movie in slow motion.

Now that I think about it… I havn’t read a fictional scary book sense I read goosebumps when I was a little kid…

I would say the scariest book I have read was probably Fahrenheit 451…

Oh, I know. It scared me so much it scarred me.

EDIT: No, actually, it disgusted me more than it scared me now that I think of it. What was scary was my then inability see through it. Other than that, I’m in the same boat as you.

Join the club.

The Invisible Man is a work of fiction. Invisible Man is something different.

I am not scared by science fiction as opposed to something more possible that could occur. Misery by Stephen king was the most suspenseful, scariest thing I’ve read. The movie of course isn’t on the same level. “it” by king, was Childs play, in my opinion.

I remember being properly scared reading The Paper Dolls. Dracula is plenty scary too, for sure. I was going to say The Bad Seed, but that was a movie.

Liber 777

The Historian scared me a bit. It brings a believability factor to the idea of Dracula and vampires. While I was reading it, I found my sense of hearing heightened, as if I was waiting to hear a creak in the hallway or a fingernail scraping down the windowpane.

Also, since a few of you are on the topic of Stephen King, I’d say The Skeleton Crew, which is a collection of his short stories, offered some pretty damn creepy nuggets.