Science has Eroded the Power of Religion

I think science has taken power away from religion. I think most people believe in science. Most people, well, most westerners or people reading this post, believe there are such things as atoms, viruses, and cancer, even though they can’t see or feel them and even though there may be no such thing as a virus, an atom, or a cancer cell, and I think that people, westerners, don’t believe that God exists with the same degree of certainty that they believe viruses exist. So, I conclude that science has taken power from religion. Where as, in the past the acceptance of God and the bible would have been a certainty, like the sky being blue, it’s now a matter of faith as they say. It’s a choice, whereas, we don’t think of people making a choice to decide to believe in atoms or bacteria, it’s just something we assume to be true because scientists say so. Therefore, I conclude that science has taken power from religion in its ability to have us accept its explanations of the unknown and unexplainable.

My next post I will talk about some of the reasons why.

Science removes reasons to believe religion. Religion uses the unexplained to fortify its position, uses it as proof that god exists (“for if god doesn’t exist, how do you explain this?”). Science explains things better, and takes proof away from religion.

:astonished: One belief can erode another. Big surprise.
“Religion” erodes “Science”.
“Science” erodes "Religion.
The earth erodes the earth.

I didn’t think about it, but I guess you’re right. There are always competing belief systems and this is just one case where one has gained ground over another.

& May the least toxic idea win.