Science or hokey nonsense and why?

Come now people. Even a brief response of “it’s garbage” or “sure maybe” will do

I looked at it and am having a bit of trouble making sense of it to make an assessment. I’m sure someone a lot smarter than me will be able to comment on it.

I can’t seem to make sense of this either. Why don’t you tell us something about this, Gaiaguerrilla?

Strike-out mine. No clue what the magnetic field thing is all about, but this sounds like good advice.

I’m split between either of two opinions.

(1) It’s a classic example of pseudoscience with some skill. Ie: Not only garbage, but harmful garbage. With a few vague mentions of “scientists are finding blablabla” the writer is able to sell himself as an innovator of some new technique which is just reiterated trash leading people into more ignorance and servitude to idiots.

(2) It’s in its infancy of common understanding and people are just not accepting it.

Gaia, you might be interested in this similar thread.

Read half way down, to me it was nothing but talkative babble, if he had focused on a astrological phenonemen, it would have been interesting, but it was too incoherent with all kinds of references to all too many unserious and unrelating things.

The other link you gave me is interesting, but I don’t think it really relates to this because Gregg Braden has no belief or analysis about any “antichrist.” It’s 2012 with a completely different spin.

Here are key points I’m curious about.

Is there an electromagnetic field that can clearly relate (by physical measurement of systems)

(1) The neurochemistry of the mind

(2) the human electromagnetic field generated and/or varied critically by the human heart

(3) an electromagnetic field throughout Earth which varies based on various outputs of human electromagnetic fields.

(4) The earth’s electromagnetic field as it relates to astronomer’s predictions around late 2012?

(Connect just one of these points and I will be impressed).