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Is it possiable that pi will never end, and never repeat?
Maybe that would mean something toward the forth demension?

  1. Phil27of79 said:
    Is it possiable that pi will never end, and never repeat?
  2. Phil27of79 said:
    Maybe that would mean something toward the forth demension?

1.Pi not abstract mathematical size.
Pi belongs to the physical particle,
which has the form of a circle.

2.The forth dimension – is Vacuum.

Situation in the physics.
A simple question:
can “material entities”, like photon, electron, atom
exist in two different “states of reality”:
“wave” - a “non-local” state that has no specific location,
can be more than one place at a time,
and transform instantaneously into a particle; or
“particle” - a “local” state of substance that must
occupies a specific location at a specific time,
must travel at a speed less than the speed of light and
may change back into a wave.
Somebody said that “material entities” are really just “states of
information” - but then, information about “what” known by “who”?
However, if science is going to talk about the “nature of reality” using
the “silly ideas” expressed in QM theory, then religion and philosophy
certainly has an equal justification for talking about the “nature of
reality” using “silly ideas” like souls, spirits, and life after death.
Physics are just a set of theories trying to explain phenomena.
Thus they can change with time.
Mathematics only the support of physics.
But mathematics by itself is incomplete (refer to Kurt Gedel’s famous theorem).

It is not my article.
It is a part from clause of a scientist, which name I have forgotten.
But this clause is not unique.
There are many articles like this.

Two views on the space and time.
There are an independent space and independent time:
(fhree - dimensional space).
We notice it on our planet - Earth.
There is simultaneous union of space and time:
(negative four-dimensional (Minkowski) space).
Herman Minkowski :
“ Henceforth, space by itself, and time by itself,
are doomed to fade away into mere shadows,
and only a kind of union of the two will preserve an independent reality.”
What is the “a kind of union of the two “?
The answer.
It is Vacuum. T=0K.

If every definition is a comparision to what we already know,… we’d see that the lack of gravity is a vacume. I guess the only thing you can get from this, is what if you combined these two opposites,… you’d have nothing.

Yet space and time are dirrectly effected by one variable,… matter. Is space really warped when gravity pulls? Or is this warping just an effect of gravity. If gravity is the effect of molecules being to close together. Mass causes more pull, more pull causes tighter density,… tighter density causes more consentrated sub atomic pull. Yet if this is a one dementional energy radiating from a point. Convection would be noticed by one dementional readings of gravitational pull.

String theories and a current understanding of anti-electrons sugjest that there is a universal north and south pole for the universe. Yet since there is no way to know if an electron spins or if what we think makes it spin is a side effect to our limited understanding, I’m going to make a sugjestion.

All energy that is self contained is wrapped around a negative inactive energy that we cannot read. Since it is positive and negative, anti-matter would have to be the negative wrapped around the possitive,… or some simple opposite.

Big Bang theory: Big bang was caused by a infinately small particle of anti- matter…supposedly, right (not sure, only learnt this recently), so as God created the universe, could not that anti-matter be defined as God?

I always perscibed to the theory that if you create something from nothing,… you have to create it’s equal and opposite also.

So matter and anti matter.
Protons and neutrons
they are opposites of sorts.

zero point

The zero point of magnatizm can be defined several ways,… No effect, the middle of it’s cause pin pointed by fields and poles, and the medium of it’s interaction.

The zero point of matter, and all of it’s exsistance, can be seen. See a patteren, and follow it through to the very core. For any thing of physics we see physically is because of a sub atomic effect. Energy in form is traded equally, reflected and changed through the perpendicular point of resistance.

The self contained energy of the earth causes heat. Heat that is trapped tries to escape, and causes convection. Yet this charge is reflected outward by a resistance of escape and equaling out. I’m still confused as to what causes the difference between north and south poles. It must have something to do with spears and centrafugal/centripical force as a dividing line. Or is evened out by a stronger force.

Physics & Religion.

‘ The idea that the universe can be viewed as the compound
of two basic orders, the implicate and the explicate, can be
found in many other traditions.
The Tibetan Buddhists call these two aspects the void and
nonvoid. The nonvoid is the reality of visible objects. The
void, like the implicate order, is the birthplace of all things
in the universe, . . .
. . . only the void is real and all forms in the objective world
are illusory, . . . .
The Hindus call the implicate level of reality Brahman.
Brahman is formless but is the birthplace of all forms in
visible reality, which appear out of it and then enfold back
into it in endless flux.
. . . consciousness is not only a subtler form of matter,
but it is more fundamental than matter, and in the Hindu
cosmology it is matter that has emerged from consciousness,
and not the other way around. Or as the Vedas put it, the
physical world is brought into being through both the
‘ veiling’ and ‘ projecting’ powers of consciousness.
. . . the material universe is only a second- generation
reality, a creation of veiled consciousness, the Hindus
say that it is transitory and unreal, or ‘ maya’.
. . .
This same concept can be found in Judaic thought.
. . . . in shamanistic thinking . . . . . .
. . . . . .
Like Bohm, who says that consciousness always has its
source in the implicate, the aborigines believe that the
true source of the mind is in the transcendent reality of
the dreamtime. Normal people do not realize this and
believe that their consciousness is in their bodies.
. . . . .
The Dogan people of the Sudan also believe that the
physical world is the product of a deeper and more
fundamental level of reality . . . . . .’
=== .
Book / The Holographic Universe.
Part 3 / 9. Pages 287 – 289.
By Michael Talbot. /
==================== . . .
My questions after reading this book.

Is it possible that Physics confirmed and proved the
Religion philosophy of life ?
How is it possible to understand the Religion philosophy
of life from modern Physics view?

My opinion.
The detected material mass of the matter in the
Universe is so small (the average density of all
substance in the Universe is approximately
p=10^-30 g/sm^3) that it cannot ‘close’ the
Universe into sphere and therefore our Universe
as whole is ‘open’, Endless Void / Nothingness /
Vacuum : T=0K.
Quantum Physics says the Vacuum is the birthplace
of all ‘ virtual’ particles . Nobody knows what there are,
but ‘the virtual particles’ change the Vacuum in a
local places and create Nonvoid / Material / Gravity
World with stars, planets and all another objects and
subjects in the Universe.
=== .
Without Eternal/ Infinite Void / Vacuum physics makes no sense.
But as Paul Dirac said:
" The problem of the exact description of vacuum,
in my opinion, is the basic problem now before physics.
Really, if you can’t correctly describe the vacuum,
how it is possible to expect a correct description
of something more complex ? "
Best wishes.
Israel Sadovnik. / Socratus. … 3624&st=15 … 547&st=105
================== . .

John Polkinghorne and his book ‘ Quantum theory’.
=== .
I like to read his books because they raise many questions.
And these questions give information for brain to think.
John Polkinghorne took epigraph of his book ‘ Quantum theory’
the Feynman’s thought : ‘ I think I can safely say that
nobody understands quantum mechanics. ‘
Because, he wrote:
‘ ,we do not understand the theory as fully as we should.
We shall see in what follows that important interpretative
issues remain unresolved. They will demand for their
eventual settlement not only physical insight but also
metaphysical decision ’.
/ preface/
‘ Serious interpretative problems remain unresolved,
and these are the subject of continuing dispute’
/ page 40/
‘ If the study of quantum physics teaches one anything,
it is that the world is full of surprises’
/ page 87 /
‘ Metaphysical criteria that the scientific community take
very seriously in assessing the weight to put on a theory
include: . . . .’
/ page 88 /
‘Quantum theory is certainly strange and surprising, . . .’
/ page92 /
‘ Wave / particle duality is a highly surprising and
instructive phenomenon, . .’
/ page 92 /

John Polkinghorne, as a realist, want to know
‘ what the physical world is actually like’, but until now
physicists don’t have the whole picture of Universe.
And in my opinion John Polkinghorne was right writing
what to understand the problems of creating the Universe:
‘ They will demand for their eventual settlement not only
physical insight but also metaphysical decision ’.
=== .
Best wishes.
Israel Sadovnik. / Socratus.
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‘ QT . . . ,we do not understand the theory as fully as we should.
We shall see in what follows that important interpretative
issues remain unresolved. They will demand for their
eventual settlement not only physical insight but also
metaphysical decision ’.
/ ‘ Quantum theory’ by John Polkinghorne /

So, maybe, Aristotle was right separating the knowledge
of Nature on two parts: Physics and Metaphysics.
==== .

What’s the opposite of a photon or if you want to talk waves: energy?

Comment by Dr. Kanda.

Hello Mr. Israel,
Correct. Vatican was correct!
It goes even further.
Physics is based upon metaphysics.
This is precisely what dimensional analysis says.
We cannot make physics of time, space and mass etc,
namely most basic (prime) quantities.
We cannot define metaphysical concepts using physical concepts.
This is where things went wrong with contemporary physics
QM defines time from momentum.
Relativity theory defines time and space using speed and acceleration.
This is all nonsense. All of this led us to inconsistency.
Best regards,
Dr. Kanda

Science or Religion ?
Religion tells us nothing but fables and fantasies!
That is the truth.
For example: God created woman from Adam’s rib,
using physical laws. So, what is Religion?
Religion is the poor man’s philosophy.

Modern Physics tells us nothing but fables and fantasies!
That is the truth.
For example: One Galaxy can eat another Galaxy.

Cosmic cannibalising:
Images show one galaxy engulfing another … 80652.html

The Discovery of one Galaxy “Attacking” Another … other.html
. . … etc
So, what is Physics?
Physics is the poor man’s philosophy.
== .
What to do?
I think we must answer to the simple classic question:
what did come first the chicken or the egg ?
If somebody didn’t understand this question, I will ask it simpler:
What was before Vacuum or Gravity ?
Does Gravity exist in Vacuum or vice versa?
Why I ask these questions.
Because the Universe ( as a whole ) is Two- Measured,
there are two Worlds: Vacuum and Gravity.
=== .
Israel Sadovnik Socratus.

What is situation in Physics now?

The basis of the Physics consists of:
Abstract ‘ inertial movement’.
Abstract ‘ideal gas and ideal particles.’
Abstract ‘absolute black body.’
Abstract ‘entropy’
Abstract SRT negative 4 - D space,
abstract 5D, …….and 11 - dimensional spaces. .
Abstract separated absolute space and time of Newton.
Abstract ‘virtual particles’, ‘dark matter’, ‘dark energy’.
Abstract ‘big bang’.
Abstract " method of renormalization ". . . . . . etc.
And therefore we can read.
Conclusion from the book ‘ The Holographic Universe ’
by Michael Talbot.
‘ Science is not always as objective as we would like to believe.’

Conclusion from some article:
‘ One of the best kept secrets of science is
that physicists have lost their grip on reality.’
============ . .
In my opinion to understand the paradoxes we must
reconsider the old basis of the Physics.
=== .
Best wishes.
Israel Sadovnik. Socratus.