Scientific proof for why meat eating is not moral

A mice, not having ideals, invades homes and steals food for a living…this is the mice’s nature. It cannot do anything else besides steal from people…

However, humans, constructing artifice, the social, have done away with stealing…they create a network of workers, producing goods.

A human does not need to steal to survive…so stealing is considered immoral.

Similarly, a human can create a network of tofu…it has an artifice, a network of workers producing tofu, so it does not need meat to survive. So eating meat is considered immoral.

So, if stealing is wrong, eating meat is wrong. Otherwise, stop saying stealing is wrong.

How is the mouse stealing?? It just knows it is hunting and harvesting. It has no intent to steal, it does not put on a mask, hide it’s identity or threaten you with a weapon( really would love to see a working mouse sized gun though, hmm, I wonder if you can train a mouse to use it, that would be cool to see). As far as tofu, you have to kill plants to make it and destroy land that animals call home. So uuum, yea, lines are drawn about morality with mostly reasoning, some though can be stupid.

The new world morality is that stealing is only wrong for OTHER people.


Some (in the Sandbox) may want to explain to Trixie what ‘scientific proof’ means.

Considering that the Great Plains alone may have once supported 50 million bison, besides many other herbivores, it can be argued that the Great Plains alone could support a population of 500 million humans, just on grains (assuming a 10:1 body mass ratio of bison to humans). This would be more than the current human population of North America.

I avoid meat myself, although I don’t advocate the vegetarian lifestyle. My main objection to eating meat is that if I do eat meat, I feel like a bird in a cock fight. It all goes back to that movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. The ape-men were mostly vegetarian, and their conflicts consisted of jumping up and down, screaming, and waving their arms in the air. And then the extraterrestrials came along, and they taught the ape men how to hunt, fight and kill.

If killing is wrong then eating meat is the only way to live.

If I kill a cow, it can feed me for six months.
Yet if I eat vegetables I would be responsible for the deaths of thousands of insects which have to die to allow vegetables to reach their potential.

Scientific proof that eating meat of more moral then eating vegetables.

Science doesn’t relate to morality. Another moronic thread made completely of horseshit.

So there’s no science of morality?

I would have to say the consciousness level, insects and plants are less likely to be sentient, cows are more likely to be sentient.

If a cow has a sentience level of 10,000, and an insect has a sentience of only 1…is it wrong to kill 10,000 insects to save a cow? A valid point, however, it takes more vegetables to feed a cow (and thus more insects die in the making of cows) so point refuted.

Stealing is not about waving guns around and wearing masks…the silent thieves don’t…

Because a mouse doesn’t have a noetic label of the word “stealing”, doesnt make mouse stealing fundamentally different from human stealing. A mouse has sex, eats food, yet no noetic labels of such things. The underlying mechanics are the same.

Nope. If you think there is then spell it out and I’ll break it down for you and try and help you understand how science works.

Apparently everything steals to survive. Intent means absolutely nothing.

Only in black neighborhoods.

So theres no science behind human behavoirs, beliefs, and cultural norms?

I think you’re confusing yourself here and trying to stretch science beyond it’s limits.

They should have never told all those kids in the sociology departments that what they were doing was science. Look at what that’s done.

‘stealing’ is a human notion, in nature there is no such thing. It is also self contradicting because there is no option but to steal/take at some level, we take from the ground our food and minerals, so really there is no difference in taking a cow.

‘Stealing’ derives from sharing, because we work and share our efforts, stealing is against the philosophy of sharing rather than a crime in and of itself.

Stealing is deemed immoral because it causes pain on some being. So, similarly, meat-eating should be immoral, because it causes pain on some being.

I believe fracking is immoral as well, because it is like stealing, harvesting, and doing damage.

But govt ‘steals’ from us, as do our bosses. eating meat is killing, whereas stealing isn’t necessarily harmful e.g. Where govt uses the money for sharing purposes.

Maybe we should just accept that pain is part and fundament to life!?

Fracking can be damaging, but all mining is too and both are stealing both from the earth, and from future humans who wont appreciate that capitalist used everything up for profit leaving them virtually in the stone age.

Death is the opposite of life.