Scientology secret exposed

This is a link to a video concerning Scientology. I place it here not to bash them, but for others to view and make up their own minds. So, here is supposed secret revealed about Scientology

yep that was quite ridiculous

I know all about Scientology and it’s gigantic world wide scam

Just so yall know, L Ron Hubbard wrote a series of Science Fiction books. That alien was one of the main characters (the bad guy). I am guessing that L Ron Hubbard was reading from his fiction book in that audio. That video is totally BS. I am not a Scientologist, but I am not ignorant enough to believe that video either.

Coincidentally, my mother dated a Scientologist when I was younger, and I ended up going to the church to take a few courses. Most of what they taught seemed like plain common sense to me. The people there did speak of “Thetans” as higher up members, not aliens. They DID say that these people had “powers” of sorts, but a lot more mundane then that video suggested. They said things like they can tell when you are lying, or read your mind, stuff like that. Not “change space and time” or any of that bull crap. Not saying the former is very believable either, but less nuts then the latter.

It IS true that they hide stuff about the higher levels to lower level people. That coupled with the fact that if you either have a family member that is in the IRS or FBI, OR you have ever taken LSD then you can’t progress past a certain level, makes people come up with all sorts of crazy ideas about Scientology.

The bottom line is that they are a little bit looney, but not so much as in that video or people make them out to be. I wouldn’t say it is a scam so much either since the courses I took could provide useful information to the right people. The auditing thing seems to work as well. It is just like psychotherapy though…

The courses and auditing process are just half-assed sessions where you focus in some way.

the claims about the dark lord Xenu that brought aliens to earth on DC-8’s and blew them up with bombs in volcanoes is all true. They had to admit it was true when they were involved in a copyright lawsuit.

The reason why the FBI and IRS are not allowed in is because scientology works around the law to achieve it’s goals, which it does so on the basis of its own morals. They infiltrated the IRS before, and L ron let his wife go to jail for it.

Here is the fair game clause which describes what to do about “SP’s” (suppressive persons)

In order to actually be told the far out story you have to progress to the upper levels and end up paying a bunch of money.

IT’s all about money…

Did you know that by having a woman spank a mans ass in a degrading dog like manner, saying “smoking is bad”, that eprson is a lot more likely to quit smoking?

If you pay money for a course you are going to focus on it, and that’s basically all the courses do for you.

One of the sessions is to just sit and stare into someone else s eyes, saying nothing. They will eventually train you how to respond to critics. how to fool yourself and others…

here is a documentary you should watch if you feel scientology is harmless, innocent, or honest.

and another

I am not a fan of Scientology at all. All I see this church to be run on is money and power.

But I will not deny that the people who run the church are extremely clever. From what I have seen they coax you in with comforting ideas of ways to become a better person in a society of other good people. One of their introduction videos ends with something along the lines of ‘We are not going to force you to follow our way, but right now you have two choices. Either leave the room and get on with your normal life, or stay and learn how to be come a better person free of anger and hate’. If you knew nothing about the later stages of Scientology what do you think you would do? They also use the idea of soul and body a lot which I think a lot of people find very comforting.

From there on I guess its easy to see how they get people in who end up like those people being interviewed or Tom Cruise (I always think of brain washed!) It must just be a case of slowly and gently nudging people in the ‘right’ direction. Making them think they have free choice but it is presented to them in such away that there is an obvious and ‘good’ answer.

Very clever and very scary :S

Do you think you could resist it?

I have a friend who is a scientologist. From what he has told me, I gather that they believe they are alien spirits inhabiting human bodies. They believe persons who oppose them are quasi-demons. My friend believed he had recalled his past lives during auditing sessions. From the way he described auditing it sounds like the questioners evoke a dissociative state in the subject. I don’t know if the depiction in the video is valid, but scientology beliefs have a science fiction like quality, so I wouldn’tt be surprised if it were true.