Screenshot Thread

Shoot it, link it, post it.

That happened to me, once. Unfortunately, I had stomach flu at the time, so I shat ten pennies.

That begs the question,

What kind of chemical reactions take place in Faust’s excretory system?

The phrase 'beg the question" doesn’t mean what you think it means.

What does it mean?

What do you think that I think it means?

Begging the question is a technical phrase that refers to an invalid method of arguing where one assumes the conclusion in the premises. What you meant is something like, “this question is relevant” or “this issue raises the question…”

Don’t mind me, actually. I’m cranky as hell these days.

It’s cool, XZC.

There are two specific things I find highly-ironic and hilarious about that screenshot…

Firstly, this boy has enough self-recognition to identify himself as a “Retarded Mutation”. :laughing:

Lastly, this boy has enough metaphysical curiosity to ask “what does this mean?” in an existential manner-of-speaking. :laughing:

So that gets two bravos: =D> =D> And to answer this boy’s question, I would tell him that it means he is in-fact a “Retarded Mutation”… :laughing:

My guess is that he’s probably a /b/ troll. They do the yahoo questions thing alot.

True, but sometimes stupidity has a nasty habit of bordering pure simplicity, LOL!

I’m sorry, but I red “so I shat ten penis’s”.