Searching for old computer games

Does anyone know where I might find the game Prophecy made back in the early 80s. My son has a list of old games that he and his buddies are collecting. They can’t seem to find this old Prophecy game. They are going retro with computers and computer games. So if any one knows of a site where they can proccur old games I would appreciate the heads up.


how would these guy(s) even play them? i got mech warrior 2 (1995) from my bro,which bought it for like 5$.it will run the opening screen with compatability windows 95,but i’m afriad of installing some ancient directX (over?) my direct X9. this direct X may have been 2 or 3. it will not work without it…

All have refurbished old computers strictly for these games. With the proper programming installed. They also have their day to day computers.

Their buddies are all getting into this too. LOL I guess all these old computers that we have may come in handy after all, Retro can be good. LOL

Thanks for the site info Imp, I will get it to my son. I forgot I made this thread untill the boy mentioned last night about searching for these games again. … mit=Search