Secret research?

Psychology research looks less important in North America than in Europe.
Then You see a show about marketing psychology of hamburgers.
Are there ‘secret’ psychology research project ongoing in the US?

Yes, there are people that do research for the marketing industry that are not “psychologists,” but sometimes are, that is used to manipulate people. Reality TV uses these people sometiems. They use personality theory to pick people that will clash.

Almost every commericial that I see, expecially for high-end products, seems designed to manipulate certain negative personality traits.

Psychology is basicly the study of human behavior. Any pragmatic, success oriented advertiser will be versed somewhat in this field, for reasons that seem rather obvious to me.

Dr Satanical, I am not talking about displaying products, or telling you bad things about the competition. There is research into human behavior ‘How to make people eat more junk’. My problem is with the secrecy. Corporations finance research to control masses amount of people, and when you complain about it they call you paranoid?
All scientific research should be public, especialy if it is about the public.

I agree, however, business changes the names of things some that they don’t sound like an experiment. For instance, they might have a focus group instead of a study. Techniques like covert marketing are really mind control attempts without the permission of the subject. The is totally unethical in psychology. However, when you call it marketing it sounds ok.