This is a site where people post their secrets on postcards. Some secrets are troubling, some sad, and some funny. It changes regularly.

Thank you Km, interesting what we hide from each other…


Hi km,

Neat site. I wonder, is there a blog to see those things we hide from ourselves? :astonished:

Great link, thanks…

I am of the opinion that we hold more secrets from
ourselves then we do from other people.


:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

that was basically my reaction to that.

on the other hand, it’d be interesting to send something in and see it on that site.

We should have a secrets thread on ILP :astonished:

I’m sure it would end up looking like excerpts from the Best of Jerry Springer show.

You start Km.


:laughing: Ha!

I don’t have secrets. If I do anything bad, naughty or weird, I like to boast about it. It doubles the pleasure.

Here are 10 more (if you overlooked the link on that site) … /flash.htm

Nope, can’t look, secrets are secrets. Voyeurism, peeping tomism and rubbernecking have never appealed to me. To me if you cut loose with a secret about yourself you are probably looking for help or acceptance. If you cut loose with someone elses secret you are probably either looking for help or just mean. Privacy was a main discipline in our home growing up and in my home now, it has never shaken yet. I can’t look even though I admit to a tiny portion of curiosity.

Scerets are forever being uncovered…discovered…created…fabricated…always being told…

I thought the one about the woman being nine and having sex with her older brother was the most important secret = because it terrifies everone…and becomes a secret ten times more…


Kris, I think there are secrets… and there are Secrets.

I try to find if I NEED to know about a secret before it is opened in front of me. That is, could not knowing about this harm me is some way?

If I don’t need to know about it, I then try to find out why I should know about it. Does the person NEED to get something off their chest or do they simply WANT to gossip?

I don’t get off on gossip so I can easily forgo the offer… besides, its fun watching the gossiper face when I you decline. :laughing:

With regard to strangers publishing secrets on a public web for the world to see, I don’t have a problem. If someone wants to take his/her clothes off in public, I wont look away.

Exhibitionists need voyeurs (and vice versa). It’s a yin yang thang.

I want to see a picture of you Km.


No freebies, LA. :smiley:

Little Joe never once gave it away
Everybody had to pay and pay

And the coloured girls say,
doo do doo do doo do do doo

Ok, so what do you want?


That’s a secret :sunglasses:



I found this fascinating. Some were strange, some sad… but I see something cathartic for all of us.

We all need a lil’ spilling sometimes. My secret has kept me breathing and it definitely isn’t an oxygen tank. :smiley:

Bessy!!! I go to reply to your post and it’s has changed #-o

I can only imagine what your poor (but ‘boring’) husband has to go through: “Didn’t we just decide…” “but you just said…” “I thought we agreed that…” “and what is the fridge doing in the lounge room?” :laughing: