Secular And Psychological Understanding Of Evil.

Secular And Psychological Understanding Of Evil. A World Without Satan or God.

In a world without god or satan where does evil come from? What exactly is evil? Does evil even exist?

Evil to me is a cheap description we use conveniently to fill the gap of what is unknowable to us when others outside our perceived notions of normalcy become violent and destructive towards others of our own species where we lack the understanding of why such people act in such a manner that they do.

Instead of trying to understand why individuals act violently, destructive, bitter and extremely intolerant of others through psychology most just label such people as evil heretical monsters where society conveniently pushes them aside into state sponsored prisons or execution grounds which is then called a great service of the people.

By doing so nothing is solved in that no understanding of such people can be analysed yet the false sense of security by society is nonetheless achieved until the next episode where the cycle continues indefinately all over again.

We call such individuals evil where we describe them as being monsters or inhuman but the reality as Nietzsche once said is that violent inclinations in men is all too human in that violent malicious emotions in people is apart of our nature not some supernatural independent entity that flows beyond ourselves.

Then you have some secular psychologists and behaviour researchers who will describe evil as a genetical defect or flawed condition but is it really as such?

There is nothing monsterous or inhuman about such people as they are all too human.

There is no genetical defect or flawed psychological condition in such people as it is all too human.

Is evil even useful in describing events?

When Johnny picks up a gun and kills his entire family on a Sunday afternoon why do we say evil compelled him to do these acts where we embodie him as being transformed through evil?

Why don’t we just say psychological depression, rage or angst caused Johnny to kill his entire family at gunpoint instead?

Wouldn’t that be more logical?

Then you have those who speak about total or pure evil. Is there even such a thing?

People commit violent malicious acts for their own selfish benefit, greed or success.

I don’t know of any scenario where people act out on violence just for the sheer pleasure of violence itself apart from myths and literature.

In the end I think most people use the word evil because it symbolizes the enemy from within which is a great threat to many people but even more interesting it is a clever cheap description of calling others monsters or inhuman in that those speaking of so called evil in the back of their minds know that they themselves along with everybody else is fully capable of acting out on the same emotions that they condemn if they were put into a place of extreme desperation and hostility in contrast which rather ironically through dualisms in speaking about evil they hide in their metaphors to make themselves appear impervious towards others in such events.

I pretty much agree with you.

problems in brain function and genetic defects can make people act in ways which are traditionally defined as evil, however, people with that exact same predisposition, may never ever turn that way if monster A and potentialmonster B have different environments.

There is somthing more then monsterous about them and even inhuman. Obviouly they are 100% human, but if they have this malfunctioning prefrontal cortex, they’re not ‘human’ like the rest of us, as in, they may not be able to control themselves, at all, in the traditional sense we do. I’d say its pretty ‘inhuman’ to not have an emotional stoppoint or ability to think rationally. (as almost all cognitively normal humans do) but I guess you could just call them sick, no more ‘inhuman’ then some kind of horrible facial mutation.

Thats not true, you can put these people in fmri’s and watch their brains lightup in comparison with a normal person, when the areas of your brain responsible for emotional control, rage control, and rationality are not responding properly, we can’t expect those people to be able to respond accordingly.

Or for example, if you took 1000 people and shot a spike through their head at all different angles, one of those people if they survive without massive brain damage, could easily have personality changes including insane aggression.

if someone is not getting proper air to the brain, they can rage out so bad, out of control, that they could grab their girlfriend around the throat and choke her to death, on the spot, from any medical condition that prevents oxygen to your brain.

Now none of us want to believe that the only thing preventing us from being psychopaths is proper brain function which can be impaired even in mentally healthy people(biological reasons), but unfortunately that is the case.

We see that when areas of the brain are effected by brain damage, improper functioning, disease, all these things can respond in massive problems with normal huuman cognition, including the types of things like mindless rage and so forth that we’d associate with “evil.”

A lot, A LOT of killers who slaughter people for emotional reasons, when shoved under an mri, the area of the brain for emotional control, rational thinking, it usually doesn’t work like a normal person’s or like another killer who calculated it all out, the area of the brain responsible for those things is under reduced activity.

Look up any of the dozens and dozens of serial killers who admit that they enjoyed it. The joy at the act is a symptom of their mental condition (well biological condition, whatever).

I agree, using the term ‘evil’ doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense for people who don’t specifically choose to be that way. Even if they enjoy it, that shit is usually not under their control.

You don’t wake up one day and decide to enjoy slaughtering a bunch of people including torturing them or whatever, that predisposition is either there, or not. (Well, its different in war and so forth, but against ingroups/your own society, that shit doesn’t happen often very often without psychology or brain issue.)

Why do you think serial killers kill if not for the pleasure of it? I mean, not many serial killers are the type that expload into rage and kill people by mistake, time and time again until their a serial killer, obviously some may be compelled through mania or voices or whatever, and even those that are, some of them do enjoy it, or at least they make those claims.