seeing sparks of light

does anyone ever see sparks of light? i do, they usually appear 4-feet away, and are pea sized or smaller. the colors are either blue or yellow. it used to be that after a self- realizing thought, i would see a spark or two, accompanied by a pleasent “clearing out” feeling in my head. now i see them whenever, quite frequently. its possible that its a problem with my brain, but i have a strong feeling it is related to self actualization/ enlightenment. any thoughts?

Not sure…

Sounds interesting though, keep us posted. pun.

I think I might know what you mean, but to be sure, could you perhaps give us some more information?


I see those too sometimes.

According to some superstition, those little sparks of light are supposed to signal a spirit or ghost entering the room.

However, I think they’re only imperfections in your eyeball, like those little squiggly shapes that you see when you look at the sky during the day. Those are only imperfections in the fluid of your eyeball, and it seems logical that those specks of light could be some sort of malfunction in the eye as well.

Well, the squiggly shapes are micro-organisms floating in the fluid surrounding your eyes.
However, the sparks remain unsolved.
I have had visual hallucinations for all of my life. They appear as ubiquitous, floating colored dots. They can range from being a millimeter in diameter to about the size of a pea. At times, they form patterns, and sometimes, even patterns of dizzying intricacy. This can also manifest in a seemingly related hallucination of the slight warping of surfaces, the motion of textile patterns, and other oddities.
The experiences can range from almost imperceivable to being very prominent. The latter end of the spectrum results from extreme distress or when I am very calm and meditating and/or philosophizing, oddly enough.
I was curious about your experiences because I was wondering if they were related, as my counselor and psychiatrist have no idea what I’m talking about when I bring up these hallucinations.



First off let me just state that this is going to be a ridiculous speculation that is most likely not true.

What you are describing is quite similar to the experience one would have on mushrooms/acid etc. Now hallucingens are quite unique as far as drugs go in that they don’t really invoke an up or down (stimulate/depressant) but rather they simply alter the bloodflow to the brain. The same is similar to marijuana but it’s also heavily linked as a depressant.

This altered bloodflow is obviously what causes the hallucinations, but to use that word is to be deceived I think. Hallucinations are not… a distortion of reality because there is no objective universe. You perceive and therefor manifest reality slightly different than others; you as an observer outside of the quantumish spectrum have a fundamentally different perscription on your lenses it seems. One that I would wager puts you quite in touch with the physical world. The movement is patterns is something I’ve pondered often, why patterns? I think perhaps it has to do with something in the data input algorithms our bodies use to percieve the world. Now, the body may be the movie in all it’s artistic glory, but that doesn’t mean the director can’t edit whatever he wants. In other words, the brain may do most the work, but in the end true consciousness has the final say. It would seem then that you have the ability to fundamentally shift your paradigm ever so slightly, but ever so fundamentally.

This would explain why you are a philosopher and also why you are, I’m guessing… good at sports/activities or perhaps really bad.

Either way I’m jealous.

I find your thoughts on the matter very interesting, Old_Gobbo. I have researched the psychedelic experience as well, although I have never taken any drugs of that sort, or of any sort (except for prescribed medicine…note “prescribed” not just “prescription” :wink: ). However, it is also the case that psychedelic experiences are also considered to be psychotic symptoms when not in a drug context. That’s what’s been bothering me lately, because I have been fairly mentally and physically ill of late and I feel as though I’m losing my mind. That being said, GalacticHeart, don’t take that to heart, because your symptom may not be related at all. I was just curious to see if it was because I could then be able to relate to someone.
Old_Gobbo, as to your idea that that is why I am philosophical, well, it is definitely a possibility. It does strike me as odd of late that I seem to have always been something of a mystic despite being very rational. Also, I have always been very curious individual, much more than anyone around me. So, you never know :wink: . Though, since I’m anal retentive, I just thought I’d say that psychedelics work by agonizing the 5-HT2a Serotonin receptor. That is to say that the psychedelic substance works by interfering with serotonin binding to that receptor, thereby altering your perceptions. I’d also like to add at this point that I’ve often felt like I could connect with some other reality that others can’t, as well as the fact that I am synaesthetic. These are psychedelic phenomena as well. Finally, I have experienced what is known as “ego loss” several times in the past. However, this occurs to me only when I experience trauma. That is why I’ve concluded (tentatively, mind you) that I am experiencing psychotic symptoms, either due to extreme depression (I’ve been seriously depressed since I was very little) or perhaps schizophrenia, although this is unlikely because my psychiatrist hasn’t said anything about that, nor did he seem to know anything about the symptoms that I described in my last post. Then again, it could be the case that he is incompetant and/or psychiatry itself is bunk. What are your thoughts?

P.S. Sorry to have apparently hijacked your thread, GalacticHeart.

P.P.S. Old_Gobbo, I am terrible at sports. :laughing:

apollo, sorry for taking so long to reply . i think that our light sparks are related . i have also experienced ego dissolution. your going crazy? i bet your just becoming real. * a real person looks crazy to a sleeping person. everyone will try to force a fake personality back on you, and the next thing you know your smiling at things that arent happy. now your depressed. i dont realy know what else i can add about the sparks. i also see energy static on walls and most surfaces. . . . i dont know how to play the piano, but for a while i thought i was realy good, i was playing realy gracefull, and all of the sudden the room got brighter and softer. i think the sparks mean your getting closer.

your seeing past the fixed image. do you have ocd ? i did, but was able to get my composure back. if i may, i would highly recomend you buy the c.d. “if your feeling sinister” buy bell and sebastian.

Been watching The Matrix much? :laughing:
Don’t worry, I’m a fan too. :wink:
I’m not sure I’m becoming real, I feel sometimes that I’ve always been real in a different way than most people. I also feel solipsistic at times.
The ego dissolution I feel only when I’m experiencing trauma, and it usually has nothing to do with ontological or epistemological ideation. Furthermore, I guess I should make it clear that the ego dissolution is in no way a pleasant experience for me. In fact, it often feels worse than the trauma that caused it. I speak in the present tense because it has happened many times before and is likely to happen many times in the future.
And people may try to force a personality on me, but that doesn’t work very well since I don’t interact with people much :wink: .


sorry for the hyper- asumption post.

I’ve always been able to see what appears to be a small cloud of swirling red dots, about the size of a pea at 4-feet, just like GalacticHearts sparks. I can see it anytime, all I have to do is think about seeing it and it comes. It start as a point, grows larger to full size and then shrinks to nothing. I can’t sustain it, it just comes and goes. Lasts for a few seconds. I can do it repeatedly one after another but can’t sustain any, and only one at a time. I’ve never given this much thought but seeing this thread I thought I’d seize the opportunity to ask if anyone else can do this, or indeed, can everyone else do this?

when I blink a lot I can start to see what seem to be psychadelic shapes and dots, but I never thought that had anything to do with insight

on a different note, there are also times when I seem to experience enlightenment, like I finally understand something that has been bothering me for a while, I feel light enough to float, but I’ve never had any strange visions to associate with the feelings

My first thought upon reading the initial post was the spiritual concept of “orbs,” which are merely dense concentrations of energy. Of course, you’ll find a lot of variation as to what these things actually are, including just a problem with visual perception, but I can say that I have seen them as well.

When you see them, are they moving objects? Or are they just spots of lights that you happen to notice? Mine are the latter: they fade into vision, then fade out.

When I see them most is when I go from a light room to a dim room. My eyes have yet to adjust to the lighting, or so I would reason if I sided with the spiritual aspect, and it’s easier to perceive whatever these light spots are before my eyes adjust to the darker setting and make the rest of the room visible.

If I were you, and if it were reasonable to, I would go see a doctor about it just to confirm that it’s nothing malignant. If it turns out that you’re okay, then you can interpret it as you please–but not before safely checking with such a specialist.

GalacticHeart quote - does anyone ever see sparks of light? i do, they usually appear 4-feet away…

Could be a type of migraine, my attacks give me “flashing zigzags” in front of my eyes…
Helicopter pilot Robert Mason apparently had at least one such similar attack,he writes in his book “Chickenhawk” how his lighter began flashing and sparking in his tent at night, but he later realised it hadn’t, and that it was a visual disturbance.
At least two NASA space crews have also experienced flashing lights, Buzz Aldrin spoke about it on TV only the other day when he and his crewmates noticed it on board Apollo 11 en route to the moon, apparently its caused by high-velocity particles of something or other hitting the brain. Our atmosphere shields us from most of the particles, but a few might get through, there could be a number of causes for seeing “lights”.

“Crewmembers of the Apollo 11 mission were the first astronauts to describe an unusual visual phenomenon associated with space flight.
During transearth coast, both the Commander and the Lunar Module Pilot reported seeing faint spots or flashes of light when the cabin was dark and they had become dark-adapted. It is believed that these light flashes result from high energy, heavy cosmic rays penetrating the Command Module structure and the crewmembers’ eyes. These particles are thought to be capable of producing, visual sensations through interaction with the retina, either by direct deposition of ionization energy in the retina or through creation of visible light via the Cerenkov effect.”

yes, I do. I asked a doctor what he thought and he called them “floaters”
I had my eyes checked and they were fine. So I don’t know the reason for the sparks. Its just good too know other people have seen them too.

Well if they are not micro-organisms floating in the fluid on the surface of your eye, they could be another common problem.

The surface of the eyes retina can easily become abraided and scratched. It produces shapes superimposed over your vision such as orbs, circles, jagged shapes etc…

Either that or it could be related to drug (medicinal use). :slight_smile:

Incidentally although migraines cause flashing ‘neon signs’ in front of the eyes, they’re nothing to do with the actual eyes themselves, its to do with the part of the brain that processes sight, medics still can’t explain it fully.
My own attacks (about once every few months) start by disrupting my vision, for example I can be talking to somebody and suddenly notice that one of their ears or their mouth has disappeared,or I could be watching TV and a hole appears in the screen… I’m never prepared for it and it always comes as a slight shock…
Then flashing zigzags slowly begin to form across my field of vision, then fade away after an hour and are replaced by a splitting headache, but a couple of aspirins can handle it.
I’ve been trying to work out what triggers the attacks but am stumped, although they seem to occur more while watching TV, perhaps the flickering screen is the trigger, so as a precaution I keep the contrast turned down.

I think the lights are fairly common. Most likely, its stress related, or perhaps simply the effect of excessive pressure on the brain.

I notice that they get more frequent as I get closer to having a stress migraine, or a visual migraine…never when I get the purely auditory ones, though.

Actually, before reading this thread, never thought much about them…they kinda fit right into that same catagory as the dots when a camera is flashed and the temporal blindness when you move too quickly standing up.