Sometimes it’s justified, right?

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Self-loathing is a suitable karmic punishment for the crime of being loathsome. The crime of being human, all too human. The crime of being stupid, or fat, or unfaithful to your partner. The crime of being lazy or greedy or addicted or perverse. The crime of being weak and flawed, of failing to live up to some idealized version of yourself.

And also perhaps the social crime of being too fucking self-involved. For instance, self-love often seems like an attempt to compensate for a deeper sense of self-loathing. A lot of narcissists are that way because they harbor a fundamental contempt for themselves. There is a kind of self-loathing who’s seminality within the collection of conceits constituting some individuals’ personalities is hard to question. You can see it in depressive people, vindictive people, defensive people, insecure and anxious people, nihilists, narcissists, neurotic people in general.

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Self-loathing is an essential component of the sickness unto death. Religious guilt thrives on it. It is both the product of and foundation for the concept of sin.

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I have no point, and i hate myself for it.

I just do not understand neurotic, nihilstic, narcissists. After all, since the world revolves around me, they should just GET OVER IT. :sunglasses:

Great pic J. Kudos. =D>

UPF. Cheer up, I love you.

Yeah, yeah.

I love you too, Tabby.

(and Jonquil)

(and jonquil parenthetically hearts upf too – and Tabby)

well kum-bye-fuckin-yah, it’s a love-fest, the self-loathing is no match for that - thank god for the internet. wry smile

Ok. I take it back. lol (just kidding, maybe)

i think the children are our future

but my love for you, dear Jonquil, is thoroughly unironic

(and i mean that in a totally non-creepy, platonic sort of way)

Thank you. I really didn’t want to take back my love for you, either, also totally non-creepy and platonic.

Hey! Watch it, kid. Some of us old people still have a dragon or two to kill… Well , maybe just maim 'em… OK, maybe just piss 'em off. Fuck this…

Well, if the future is in the hands of socially conscious people like you, it’s in good shape.