Self publishing a book online

The gist of it is that I want to host my own book online. Why am I self-publishing?

a) Hard to sell books to agents nowadays…
b) Especially if it’s a philosophy book that’s not about self help…
c) Especially since I have no idea whether my book is good or not. I mean, from my best effort from an objective viewpoint, I think it’s pretty good. I’d read it, but then again, I wrote it.


  1. What’s a good web hosting service? Also, what is it?
  2. What’s a ‘domain name’? Can I just buy the domain name and upload my HTML code, or do I need to get the more expensive ‘web hosting’ services?

Gamahucher Press.

When I looked it up on Google, Colin Leslie Dean was the second entry.

Hmm. There’s an insight here, it’s just not clicking yet.

Sorry I just had to do it. What’s your book about?

When I started writing it, it was only about some minor updates to strategic thinking. You know, like in business, or in any field with competing players. Then it grew and got bloated and now that I’ve reread it, it appears to be some kind of book-length essay about ethics.

Interesting… I’m imagining a book about the ethical implications of being a master of game theory. I’m also feeling a blood vessel in my brain about to explode. Sounds like a pretty good book.

Yeah, such is the power of The Book that I cannot, with good conscience, release it upon the world without a warning about its destructive potential.
Or maybe I’m just a drifty writer.

I just started reading “theory of games and economic behavior” and I think it’s going to make me do bad things eventually.

Check out ‘Google Sites’, which allows you to create websites for free, and you don’t even need to know html.

There are some limitations, such as how you can’t upload your own html files, and maximum free storage is 100MB. But I doubt these are problems for you, for publishing a book. The site created will have a unwieldy name like[username], but you can buy your own domain name, which is mapped to the site.

You wanna read it? Faust and Tab has read it. At the least they said it was readable.

Could you send me a PM or a mail of your text?