Sell or Go?

Whose side are you on?

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My girlfriend says, ‘I’m about to be the best girlfriend in history.’

Naturally, I ask what she means.

‘I might be about to get Super Bowl tickets for free.’

The short of it is, there’s some guy she knows who has tickets and offered them to her brother. He can’t go, so he declined the offer, later telling her about it. So now she thinks she might be able to swing something.

At this point, I’m asking, ‘Why is your brother such an idiot, and why is this guy with the tickets such an idiot, giving away something worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars?’

It eventually boils down to my arguing I wouldn’t even go to the game (I’d sell the tickets) and my gf saying she wants to go, citing things such as seeing and meeting celebrities.

I further argue the money for the tickets could be spent on something like a real vacation, opposed to driving to downtown Detroit and seeing some celebrities. I don’t even think it’s an argument.

Of course, being the ‘I’m smarter than you’ type, she’s content to not hear my reasoning. This poll is a quick effort to prove to her how insane she’s being - so give me the answer I want to hear. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sell them.

  1. I’ve only ever seen the Superbowl on TV at some unlawful hour (time difference to UK) but it mainly consists of adverts and the halftime show. I can’t imagine being there would be that much fun

  2. Selling the tickets could bring you a lot more than one night’s possible entertainment - something much more memorable and with a much higher chance of entertainment (of what kind it is you enjoy), practically the guarantee of being able to do something that you’ll like.

She’s mental, as are most people. She simply hasn’t thought the problem through and hasn’t considered the options. Take the advice of the Nordic Gods and threaten to sacrifice her in a giant wicker football helmet unless she listens to reason…

As much as someone like me, who might enjoy seeing the Super Bowl live, I can’t argue with the logic of selling the tickets. They are worth way too much money to pass up an opportunity at cash.

I mean come on, a coach was caught scalping Super Bowl tickets because of their ability to get them. Doesn’t that say something? An NFL coach, scalping tickets to the Super Bowl, must be some good profit there eh?

Just get in the spirit of the game and if she does get the tickets, stand up and raise your arms in the air and scream at her “Hell no, we won’t go! Hell no, we won’t go!”

If they are her tickets, then there is her choice whether she wants to sell them or use them.

Of course, you are somewhat right. By selling them, you can go to Hollywood and see the celebrities there. :smiley: I assume you are Americans, since you are talking about Super Bowl…

like viking (whoever the fuck that is :stuck_out_tongue: ) said, they are her tickets, and if that makes you happy. how about compromising by selling them but buying two tickets for some further seating hmm?

You are not used to new people here, are you? Hehe… :laughing:

of course i am, i just want to see if you guys can take it. consider that a mild daily comment, sweetie

A Scandinavian can take more than you will ever know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, they ‘took’ this country that I’m living in…

:laughing: And that is? :smiley:

Jolly old Blighty…

I see! :wink: :slight_smile:

Ok, so what happened to this story?


welcome, VikingF :slight_smile:

I knew this would happen, actually - I said as much to her at the time.

The update is, dude called her and said he wants $2500 for them now. She mentioned something about saying, “WTF? You were going to give them to my brother for free …” yada yada, to which he apparently said, “Well, that was before.”

I’m skeptical about the whole thing, actually. Not that I don’t believe my gf, but the whole thing was wacky from the beginning, like I said at the onset, “Why is your brother so stupid for not taking them, and why is this guy so stupid for not selling them?” … etc.

So, indeed, I wound up being correct … of course.


Does it cost that much?! :astonished:

Well, then just give him the tickets back. He can’t charge you for something that was free anyway. :wink:

→ Obw
Thanks! :sunglasses:

Being right about something when you’d rather be proved wrong is barely a victory. Nevermind, hopefully she’ll learn for next time…

What’s the big deal?

A Super Bowl ticket, or a Cup Final ticket (for us Brits), is merely a currency. It can be traded for something else. It is no different to owning 1000 dollars or a photo signed by Elvis Presley in 1999 (I know, I know).

When it comes to trading, the question we all consider is, simply, Is what I am getting in return worth more TO ME than what I am giving?

Is the weekend in Las Vegas worth more than 1000 dollars? Is that BMW worth more than a signed picture of Elvis?

As to the answer to the original question, I’d say I wouldn’t go to the Super Bowl if you paid me (but I’m English). But I’d take the tickets and sell them on eBay.

2500 for superbowl tickets?

they will be worthless on march 1st


supply or demand. I forget.

One of those drove the price of the xbox360 up to 5K on Ebay the day of the release. It’s not even worth 399…

At least you’ll have memories from going to the superbowl, what will you have with the xbox? a hunk of ugly plastic that locks up if you stand it on end?

before you found out it was a scam, I would say to sell the tickets, and spend the money on a vacation.