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From your own perspective, what do you think of religious codes of honor?
Do you have a sense of honor?
Do you consider honor a religious concept?

Let’s chat.


I am an honor lead being and I do not need religion in any sense to obtain it. I come from an Eastern background where I studied bushi and often the most useful remnant of religion was a brief touching of Buddhist ideals to remain unattached to this life. But then again we come to the question of words and ask “What is honor?”.

Religion is useful for those who lack their own internalized sense of honor. Sort of “The Idiot’s Guide to Honor.” :slight_smile:

I will admit…I giggled like a school girl.

I have a sense of protocol, definitely, but ninja and samuri are very limiting options, really.

Ninjas are just feudal assassins & spies from Japan.

Chivalry, in its many forms, sounds to me like an idealism, anyways. It’s like submission to the human lords and ladies, quite religious, IMO.

I do not believe in worship, at all.

“Worship” is so rediculus and petty, if you really look at it…

I have a feeling that a sense of honour is needed like a clothesline, or perhaps a spine, in order to have something to hang everything else on.

Without a sense of honour, which is in my view a self-declared statute of limitations with regard to behaviour, a person remains ‘unpredictable’ and therefore in the eyes of society and/or other individuals - untrustworthy - and in the extreme, mad, bad and dangerous to know.

Of course, wether or not a person would, or even could, adhere to their consciously delineated sense of honour whatever the circumstance or situation is another kettle of turnips altogether.

Perhaps all that is required is to say you have a sense of honour, then cough uncertainly when Mr Push and Mr. Shove make their presence known.

True honour is then a language of deed, rather than declaration.

Unpredictability isn’t always danger, but are we talking about paranoya as being a foundationalism?

Agreed - but the quality of the unpredictable behaviour demonstrated is always only judged after the event, with hindsight, and even then contextualized by the percieved causes apparant to the judger. We do not like even our friends or spouses to undergo, without understandable cause, a 180 change from what we thought we knew of them. The process of founding any bond, of friendship or love begins with the construction of a mutual knowing - enabling prediction, and trust. The bond is sealed with an unspoken (honoured and honourable) oath: “I will not change. I will not scare or surprise you.”

For society as a whole… Reactions polarize - What is unpredictable is always mistrusted. Even if it’s beneficial - conservatism - faith in what is predictable - is long in the persuasion. In papua New-Guinea, when two hunters meet from different groups/clans. The initial reaction is to grip their spears - the second, to sit down and discuss lineage - to establish a reason to not kill eachother. To establish a shorthand ‘Knowing’ by proxy of family ‘honour’ generics.

Honor is the sense of living up to ones own or someone else’s ideals.

Dignity is the concept which determines what one is willing to sacrifice or do without in order to survive or in order to live up to these ideals.

Dignity and honor are closely associated.

I’ve been trying to transcend my dignity for quite some time, and am having gradual progress.

Why would you want to?

Your dignity is what characterizes and defines you.

Dignity and honor can be fully defined and explained and it isn’t dignity nor honor.

Satyr, I think that is what Dan~ was saying, although interpreting Dan~-ese can be a bit of a guess at times…

Dan~, I agree that words of honor are hollow. “By their works shall they be known…” Saying and doing can match up some of the time, or even almost all of the time, but finally, honor is what we do and not what we say.

First off the Bushi lived by the code handed down from the Shogunate … which was not always honorable. This was the early generations.

When this code came under scrutiny, and it was noticed there were Bushi who didn’t appear to take honor seriously, the Bushido Shoshinshu was written to remind them of their duty, and it became a natural part of the curriculum.

Ninja were two things: Ronin and scumbags.

Honor is the outward manifestation of character. When it is detailed in verbal language, it is a lie or a ruse. It is a manner of living, and shares little resemblance to “chivalry”.

I do not agree, from a historical perspective, that it was a religious code. Philological perhaps, but not meeting the definition for religious.

I consider honor a warriors concept, which does not necessarily require the invocation of deities or religious mantra or dogma.

as far as honor being related to religion, i’m in line with Phaedrus’ comment on it being sort of “The Idiot’s Guide to Honor.” i like what most religions have to say about it. as far as it being defined as self-respect, respect, dignity and character.

but as far as having honor for myself, i think i excel at some aspects while falling quite short in others. my own dignity and self-respect is quite developed yet my respect for anyone else has to be earned. most religions teach that it is automatically given. even to the extreme of ‘unconditional love’ which i am completely against.

i was once told, by not-so-wise of a man, that your character was how you acted when no one was watching. this really stuck with me. it does relate to honor as honor is so often associated with following procedures, rules, traditions, etc without being told and in privacy. these things, i have trouble with. especially tradition. if it doesn’t serve a purpose currently, i can’t bring myself to follow it whole-heartedly.

I think that both dignity and shame are rediculous ideas, pure fantasy and delusion.

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Honor, Religion, samauri, Ninja.

I am more of a ronin. I have a sense of honor and personal values, but I choose to hold those values to myself and no others.

As for honor and religion If your Honor is supported by a religion than there is a connection, otherwise Honor is personal and distinct, seporate from religion.