Serial Killers

What are they?

Gacy, Bundy, Manson, Ramirez, BTK, Unibomber, Green River Killer, Zodiac… I’m sure there’s more. Interesting people if you ask me. I think that focusing on extreme cases in behaviorism teaches us about the limits of what phychology can predict or determine.

Oops you said WHAT are they not WHO.
They’re people who behave in a way that is uniquely radical and against the established moral principles of just about every society ever.

You can read about some of them on Crime TV crime library. Each story usually includes a person’s biography and psychological evaluation.

There, you can also read about Leopold and Loeb, the two guys who used Nietzsche’s Ubermensch as justification for murder.

Leopold and Loeb inspired the story of “Rope” a movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

I just find them to be amazing specimens of men who got tired of being under the leash who decided to rule their own fates by their hands alone.

I would agree with them.

It is funny how morality and so called justice neuters the independent by that of execution or imprisonment.

Helter Skelter.

He was a pro in my book.

Why kill people when you can find others to do it for you? :slight_smile:

This quy was the biggest threat since… since never. This is why he was written off as a psycho. Which he was; but if his thinking had been given a serious airing, in particular the need for a violent revolution directed at culture and at the people --not a hippy love and drug revolution against the establishment. I’d like to see a thread: Charles Manson Revisited.

Create the thread and I will reply to it. I’m game.

People who kill alot of other people. Common joker you get dumber by the day

I’m a serial killer buff - spend years researching them.

The FBI says that a serial killer is someone who kills three or more people over a period of time, for motives outside normal reasoning. They do not kill for money, or to get ahead in a professional capacity, nor for any other purpose. Most serial killers are compulsive, and have little actual control over their killings - read about the lipstick message left by William Heirens in Chicago. They are driven to kill by a rising sexual urge usually, althought not exclusively, and tend to be antisocial rejects, self-serving outlaws obsessed with getting back at society through “compensatory justice.” An example of this is to kill a random girl in the street to teach your girlfriend a lesson for cheating on you. Only the killer feels satisfied with this justice because it is backward logic. Hitler and Saddam do not class as serial killers, neither does Manson.

Any questions just PM me.

What do you make of Richard Kuklinski- the Iceman? Serial Killer or no? He said he had no feelings about killing either way; that he did it for the money, out of curiosity sometimes, or in defense. He claimed to have killed over 100 people.


How would you classify Hitler,Saddam, and Manson?

I knew someone would bring up the Iceman! :wink:

No, he’s not a serial killer - he’s a hitman. A serial killer would not pimp himself out like that. They kill for themselves. It would be like paying a drug dealer to take drugs, which is what a serial killer is - a drug addict, and his drug of choice is sex-fantasy fuelled murder.

Hitler and Saddam were simply dictators, “right men,” as one writer puts it, children who were spoiled by their power and lost their morals in a gluttony of power. Someone opposed them they had to die. As Einstein "I think…) said, if a child had the power, it would destroy the world.

Manson was an acid crazed, paranoid cultist. The murders are basically part of his twisted little world. He never killed anyone himself, so Manson himself is certainly not a serial killer.

Ah, the killin’ in the thrillin’. Murder is just like masturbation to these people.

Richard Kuklinsky is a nutcase. I watched a thing on him last night and woah - he’s crackers.

I bet the euphoria in killing is more pleasureable than masturbation.