Seriously, satyr is still around..?

Haven’t posted here for maybe 3 or 4 years, and that asshole is still hovering around…? Say it ain’t so. #-o

Kt, it beckons you.

they have greek bathing pools. But without the pedophilia.

The only KT forum listed is some kind of German thing…?

No, its a bunch of canadians.

While googling it, I found this forum full of homos discussing it.

Ah God yeah, I remember that breakaway forum now, even the color scheme was toxic. Still, better there than here I guess.

Sad really, he was smart, but not smart enough to fix himself. For a while, a long while back, in another place, he almost got himself sorted out, but then rl stuff happened and fucked it all up.

We call those places insane asylums here.


Punk ass little shit… :sunglasses:

We all want updates on your life story. Pictures would be nice also.

Images of you dressed in clothes

Sometimes I am and most times I’m not. Some level of interpretation is always needed.

You’re totally a closet homo Turd. Own that shit.

Ive been saying it for years…

I have turds comming out of my ass daily.

Happy now?

Satyr is still around peddling his objectivist ultra conservative philosophical gospel where he is some sort of prophet interpreter.

On the other hand, Satyr hasn’t even been around KT of late. Unless you count Lyssa.


i like the fact that satyr doesn’t post on the kt forum for a few weeks and everyone notices … what did he do to you, Iambiguous?

On the contrary, no one [here] seemed to notice at all. Just one more extinction event…virtually ignored.

I was just curious as to why…

Will someone please explain to M. why [and how] it was the other way around.

You know, if it actually was. :wink: