Seven Part Invention (vortical-an impressionist dedication)

the girl in chicago
the girl in the forum
the girl in love

alone in chicago
angry in the forum
miserable in love

the girl in her vertical self

she seeks comfort from a sanctuary sense of home
she seeks answers from a romantic taste of wisdom
she seeks life from a hopeless view of love

she’s insecure
she’s confused
she’s hurt

she’s her vertical self

(peace v, peace :sunglasses: )

Dine with wine
On the grins of sands
Draw in a summer breeze
From a far isle bathing in waves

Ford with the trout
Kisses and embraces meet
At the feet of the voyage
Through the fairy kingdom of the elf

With hauntingly smile
Hammering keys clout
Trim strings of the nerve
Sounding overly brave

No sun too warm
No foliage reaches heaven above
Melodies lacking sensation
The twin of confusion and desperation

The frostily daunting void
Bestowed upon the fate of the soul
As the creatures born by nature
Infinitely come and go

The best man can do
To endlessly strive
Impassively give
And mindlessly love

(a nutralisation piece for peace)

I take no offense as your piece is completely accurate as it pertains to me being in love. I don’t consider myself otherwise wholly insecure, confused and hurt. Did you spell check this in Word by chance? It will always change the word “vortical” to the word “vertical” automatically. I think you should edit the poem if this is indeed a typo… that is the only thing about it that offends. I’m flattered Pureasonist- thank you!

I like the second one too- did I also inspire it as well?

glad you liked it…

“in her vErtical self”

that’s about the entire essence of the thing. i especially designed this phrase for you, cause your name obviously rhyms with it. oh yep, the ms word automaticaly alters it to vertical, i found that out when i tried to type up your name. in her vErtical self, whithout the view of the horizantal. might not apply to you very well, but i know many girls who are like that - stuck within their hopeless self-realm.

really gald that you liked the second one. that was to ease the atomshere a little, don’t wana upset you too much. that was inspired by myself, my own life so far.

Self realm, yes I certainly have one of those. I get it, it does make sense and I like that you were so thoughtful in piecing together this image of me from my posts.

I don’t easily get upset with strangers on the internet- besides I enjoy the attention you pay me.

i’m in love with you vortical, in love with your intellectural lucidity. oh too many clever people’s minds around town are… impured shall we say?

i’m the pine-tree, you’re the sunny chicago palm-tree, i dedicate to you: a
heinrich heine

There stands a lonely pine-tree,
In the north on a barren height.
He sleeps while the ice and snow flakes,
Swathe him in folds of white.

He dreams of a palm-tree,
Far in the sunrise-land.
Lonely and silent longing,
On her burning bank of sand.

…why thank you, you’re incredibly sweet. I think I’m going to be the only palm tree you’re ever going to find in Chicago!

“I think I’m going to be the only palm tree you’re ever going to find in Chicago!”

sounds good enough for me.