Sex and Love

I have this theory that it can actually be psychologically unhealthy to over associate love with sex. Or rather that it might be unhealthy to have sex only with those you love. As what this causes is the association of love with sex and what such may cause is that when you then do not have sex with someone you do not feel loved by them. I think we are already seeing this to an extent in our society as evidenced by the typical marriage councilor encouraging sex between a couple. Because at a certain point a person can get tired of having sex with a specific person it then can become the case that because they have over associated love with sex that they no longer feel love for that person because they are not able to get sex or pleasurable sex from them. So it might actually be psychologically healthy to occasionally have sex with someone you do not love…


There are too many other variations available for the scenario.

“You might over associate drinking with having accidents, so you should go have a few accidents without drinking.”

There are some belief systems which associate love with sexual sublimation such as the tantric traditions.

Isn’t that the actuality of the relationship as it stands now? LOL.