Sex as the Anchor of Humanity-ism

If a person doesn’t have sex, he starts to fade away until he (I don’t know how it works with shes) becomes a kind of idea, an ephemereal being that doesn’t exude a smell or percieve a smell. Sex brings a person back into himself, back to human mode, back to stinking and smelling stink (a necessary element to humanism-ity). Before sex, I am an idea; after, I am a person.

I shower before and after. I guess I don’t spend much time as a person…

BTW, what happened to your avatar?

Maybe you are an idealist!

I got rid of it. I was also going to change my name, but i decided to be honest about it. I just felt like I was pretending to much, better to be as naked as possible and dress myself only with the ideas that I post.

*Edit: The Mr. America is a continent thing, though, I will never get rid of! That is my tie, so to speak.

You’re a pretty cool cat, Pezer.

Yeah, you can thank me for that, your friendly neighborhood American humanitarian imperialist.

I’m not worthy…

I agree. I think that when you are single for too long you turn inside yourself and become too self-centred. You define the world so-to-speak in your ideas whereas being with another, and having them sit on your face now and again, you learn to compromise. You learn to let go of a completly self-centred position.

does it really take sex to learn selflessness?

damn those evil virgins

btw pezer i’m glad you got laid

if any ladies are reading this, the selfishness is starting to pile up again… feel free to make me a good boy lol

It’s not selfishness per se, it’s detachement from existence, becoming an ideal, let alone an idealist. It’s enjoyable in its sense, but the real world is always more fun.

It’s not the only way but it’s easily the most preferable/pleasurable :sunglasses:.


So… the stinkier the sex, the more humanity-affirming?

A type of Koro?

If so, Pezer, you might want to see if these causes apply to you:


I am talking about shrinking existence, not penis, though some guys do equate the two.

Goddamn right.

Now go and teach what you have learned!