You are the one who does not read what other ILP members write in this thread. If you had read the text of other ILP members, then you would have learned a lot. But you have not. … Pity.

That is nonsense. There are many other desires where you don’t actually die without it. And if you had read my posts properly, then you would have known this. One of my posts (try to read it properly):

Equal2u, I am afraid you will never learn the right basics.

Are you again frustrated, my boy?

I have given you all the informations you need in order to understand that your “sexocracy” is nonsense - based on a proton pseudos.

Other humans desire money, work, love, war, lierature, music, sports, machines, a healthier life, a happier life, and many other pleasures - but not or not necessarily sex.

Are you from the UK? If so, then - please (!) - realise that the Victorian era is over!

Queen Alexandrina Victoria (1819-1901).