Sexual Deviation

One of the most difficult topics ever to confront man is the topic of sexual deviation. I do not hereby attempt to explain the causes of sexual deviation for there are many and the causes of which are widely varied. Also, to understand sexual deviation one must neccesarily be sexually deviated oneself. But I would like to list the sexual deviations I can think of as of this present moment.

  1. Pedophilia

The first and most prominent deviation is an adult’s sexual interest in children. If all are sexually interested in children then the human species will no doubt perish.

  1. Homosexuality

By the same token, if all engage in homosexuality then the species will perish, and if the specie perish then so do the individual components of that species, namely us. The fact is, homosexuality and pedophilia are anti-procreation, the end of both deviation is personal perverted satisfaction and not in the glorious birth of nations. Though as a devoute Catholic, I recognise that if we are all to become priests, that would end the human specie as well, however, we must recognise that the purpose of life is not in this earthly realm but in the space above and beyond, with the creator of the Universe and of the Word.

  1. Inter-racial madness

According to the racial instinct theory advocated in Mein Kampf, to propagate outside the race lead to one’s racial destruction, both individually and collectively. If white person is to marry a black person, then the question obviously arises, doesn’t the white want white children, and the black want black children? What about the question of racial identity?

The race supercedes the species in that to belong to a race is to be human but to be human is not to belong to a race. Who are we without racial connection to our racial ancestry?

  1. Racial migration

The worst symptom of decay in today’s society is thanks largely to Marxism and later Bolshevism. Both theories are concerned with macro-managing the micro. We are not equal, how long will the Marxist liars come to terms with their lies.

Mixing is proper termed Racial Migration is when two races mix for the purpose of mutual racial anilation.

How can we tell whether an act is a deviation, well, because if the act does not conform to the ideals of self-preservation.

Sex is after all a procreative activity, the purpose of which is procreation of the self. To procreate correctly, one must understand what is the self. In another words, self-identity. Our ancestors have kept their line intact, and it is up to us to maintain that connection.

Love is not an adequate defence for sexual perversion. Man can love children, does that justify sex with children?

The bottom line is ‘how do you want your children to turn out, if at all.’ Remember, at the point of conception, we can not determine the height, strength, intellect, nor sex of the child, but we can determine the race. So in relation to pro-creation, the race is the only factor under consideration. It becomes a simple question, to a white person ‘Do you want to have white children’ to an asian person ‘do you want to have asian children’ to a black person, ‘do you want to have black children’.

if the answer is in the affirmative, then the obvious reason is ‘the reason I want to have a white child is because I am white, or a black child because I am black.’

if the answer is in the negative, and it is because of ‘love’ in another words sexual deviation, then ‘you are white, why don’t you want white children’ ‘you are black, why don’t you want black children?’ Why don’t you want you children to maintain your racial identity?

The simple answer is madness reflected in their sexual deviation.

Welcome back, PoR. I can’t say it’s a pleasure seeing you again.

It’s not a deviation from the norm to want to procreate with an adult female of any variety. In fact, it almost seems like part of the artisic impulse to mingle with other types of people, just to see what happens.

Where to begin?

That’s not a correct claim… if we all stop reproducing the species will perish. Sexual interest doesn’t prove sexual activity.

If the purpose of this life not in the earthly realm but in the space above and beyond why should we be concerned with the “glorious birth of nations”?

Race does not supercede the species… racial membership is neither a necessary nor sufficient condition for personhood. One can be a human without belonging to a race. It is actually the other way around. You can be human without being in a particular race, but you cannot be in a race without being human.

Sex is not aimed at the procreation of the self, it is aimed at the continuance of the species. If sex was aimed at procreating the self why do we combine half our genes with a distinct other when we reproduce? If we were attempting to reproduce the self we would reproduce asexually.

You have work left to do… before I can accept this you will to prove race to me.


  1. What is the definition of a race, and how do we determine racial membership?
  2. What, if any role, does genetics play in race and racial identity?
  3. What is the difference between race and ethnicity?

I think those would be some helpful answers to start with for me.


after procreating with different racial varieties of humans, would your interest be extend into that of the animal realm? If the argument that procreation is not deviation as long as it does not deviate from the principle of pleasure, then by such moral standards all pleasurable activities are moral, thus you can not explain morality by being hedonistic. As a wanderer of forums, I must say, the question of identity, i.e the avatar is the hardest of all to choose.

If we turn sex into an act of procreation, then we can rationalise the meaning of sex, so if we systematically remove the decisions one has to make in relation to sexual choices, we see the only choice we have with regards to the off-spring is the race.

i.e black people will definately have a black child, though other factors are variables. race is the only determinable factor in procreation, and so it ought.


if one is a coward.

to ensure the continuation of posterity so as to provide them with the opportunity to reach the heavens above and beyond.

by similarly twisted logic, you can be a mammal without being human, but you cannot be a human without being a mammal.

we are more than human, we have races. so all people can produce human beings. but not all people can produce their races. since we can all produce human beings then that ought not be a factor for consideration for it is irrelevant.

I have explained this point at PhilosophyForums, but I will restate for your benefit. What is racial is facial. Meaning that one can tell the race by examining the facial features of a person. We are infinitely different from our parents in all ways, but we bear their racial resemblance. If you can not determine racial membership then ask someone who can.

Face is a physical component of the body, therefore subject to genetic forces. To have a racial identity is to belong to a specific club of human beings, and not just a general club of raceless identity which you seem to prefer.

Race is not ethinicity. A black person in America maybe termed ethinic, but if he were to step onto the soil of Africa, he would be among the majority. So the amount of people does not determine the race.

The race is facial, while ethinicity is statistical.

Amusingly, I saw a show on Tv speculating about chimp/human hybrids and recently posted a link about Stalin’s desire to breed a half-ape race of soldiers.

Really though, POR get some new material.

Wow, a bit prickly when someone questions you.

Your original statement:

You may see it as twisted logic but it is you my friend who has made the error. An animal can be a mammal without being a human (there are many of them). But no human is not a mammal.

Also, please post, or direct me to where you’ve posted previously the rules of racial identification. Is there a formal system for identification?


procreation is one function of sex, important operationally but, among humans, statistically insignificant as a motivation to have sex.

‘race’ is not a supportable construct in biology, nor is ‘purpose’.


there is, but you are just too stupid to understand it, so there is no point for me to go on.

why don’t you go and ask that question to any 3 yr old, he can give you a better answer than I can.

(stupid moron) also Mr.Moronic, do trees exist? do cars exist? what are the criterias for defining a car or trees or forms? why am I still wasting time typing to a moron?


explain how 3 yr old kids can recognise races. look you are just an idiot, so please just bugger off. then go off and mate with chimps, for purpose is not supported by biology. what a f*cker! lol

I am not going to argue with idiots who are obviously crazy to the extreme. I learnt over the years that you can’t talk with idiots, because their mentality is just too idiotic to conceive the truth.

note: there is a different between insults and statements of truth. Please read what I wrote in context and you’ll see I have not insulted anyone’s intelligence, but merely stating the truth of the situation. To speak otherwise would be to lie.

You’re a pretty big talker there Himmler… its funny actually.

I wasn’t even necessarily disagreeing with you, I just wanted to know more about your claims.

I’ll give you a statement of fact: Hitler was an impotent fool who had to get others to do his dirty work. Then, when capture was coming near, and he could have fought to the death for his ideas, what did he do? He killed himself, like a coward. He sent boys to the front lines to die and he himself didn’t have the guts to die in battle. He sold out every German that died during the war.

He died in the cowardly way that he lived.

are you on medication?


First things first, Hitler was not a soilder, he was the Fuhrer. You can not expect someone of so much importance to degrade himself into participating in almost meaningless defence of Berlin. He asked himself, what happen if he was Captured alive? the thought dreaded him. He asked directed this question to Speer, whether he ought to die in Berlin or fight till the end. But any way, the fact the Fuhrer died in his bunker in the Chancellory of the capital of the Reich has enormous symbolic significance.

If he were to be killed by the enemy, then he was defeated by the enemy, what bad publicity. I always prefer resignation to the act of check mate in chess, and I think he had similar thoughts on his mind when he choose suicide rather than capitulation. I mean, imagine the Russian who shot Hitler, come on, he would boast on and on forever, there’d be no end to it.

The decision Hitler took was the most appropriate given the situation as the Fuhrer of the Reich, he had to make a symbolic decision. He did not want to give the enemy the pleasure of killing him, so he killed himself. Suicide is the most hardest thing to do, and he deserves a third Iron Cross for doing it.

Now back to the race question, Race exist because it is known intuitively when you see the face of another being. The criteria is intuition, but certainly it is not a learnt social construct.

Racialism is built on the principle of racial preservation, it is a deviation to mate with another race. I mean, as a black person, don’t you want to have a healthy strong, black child? Racialism is a philosophy that transcend all racial boundaries, it is a unifying idea that defeat racism in its core.

We must admit that certain characteristics exist in the faces of men. we are not just humans because we all look different.

a white person is not just a person with white skin, there is more to it in the face, especially. the characteristics you see in the face, is intuitively weaven into a coherent racial concept.

When I see a face, I look at the features of the whole face, and that gives me a racial intuition. I don’t see how race does not exist as everyone seem to suggest.


no, but I suspect you are.

My dear sir, there is nothing quite the pleasure of a good slice of bottom.

Adolf Himmler,

Just to flick through a few comments, ask a question or two, if i can be arsed that is, i hate humanity and we will eventually hate you. Hitler was a great rhetorician, the best even since Jesus, how many people could do what he did to Germany? He went nuts and pigheaded after 42, mostly from the vastness of drugs he was consuming and the multiple physiological problems. I’m not gonna hide from the racial issue everyone else seems to be doing by going PoR (hehe how observant we all are), the problem is with the minority. They complain to much, and people that complain too much do so because they suck. Racial integration is inevitable, mixing the genes is inherent in the psychology of humans, Marco Polo on his journeys apparantly fathered many Asian ladies on his voyage, any racial breed outside the norm was asked by fathers to inpregnate there daugthers. Add to the genes instead of constant interbreeding. Today multicultualism is at the gates, genes will be mixed, colours will change, natural disasters will occur and envitably, who knows what scale of aeons will pass, skin pigmentations will adapt and return to what fits the environment. The circle will continue ad infinuum.

Genological surveys show were practically great-great-great anchestory away from Adul in Pakistan. Even blonde Finns. I could go on and on. Its not worth it though. The annoyance is physical differences, like anything, do you wish to eliminate the problem or walk on by, with a mind thats gone insane.


did you know Hitler was a vegitarian and that he did not smoke, so he could not possibly have taken the drugs you allege.

I think you are one of the spineless, you see multiculturalism at the doors and yet you are refusing to defend your citidel? are you pacifists so willing to give up the struggle for the existence of the nordic race?

who cares what Marco Polo did, I mean why don’t you do what Michael Jackson is doing right now? come on, find a better mentor.

The fact is, I love my own people and I will continue the race which my ancestors have passed down onto me.