Sexual Hate

Does It takes some hate for ones own sex to have passion for the other sex:

I think of how it would seem that in order to not be bisexual or gay one must have a distaste for the appearances of their own sex. So if not hate some level of sexual-self dislike.?

Hate no, Disgust yes.

Not really.

I’ve sort of come to the realization lately that except for rare instances women don’t usually provide intellectual stimulation for men - and basically admit, and are OK with this - so I I have a certain analytic respect for men. They are entities that generally provide good conversation.

When it comes to women I respect them, and genuinely enjoy their company, but I do not expect them to overcome their biological predetermination to all of the sudden not think in a way that has its locus directly within emotional movement. Similarly the thing to learn from women is that intellect when it comes to dealing with emotion. That is why cool (to men) women are the ones that basically understand that ‘boys will be boys’ because of the fact that they don’t understand emotional as well.

I don’t it you don’t mean ‘hate of sex’ in the sense of… men have angular bodies and stuff.

Do you think that this difference between men and women is cultural, or at least a genetic trait engrained by culture over time?

I don’t think so. I do not hate the appearance of peacocks, but I have not once felt the urge to have sex with one.

This got me thinking… it seems to me that women to not think emotionaly i don’t even see how that is so much possible there must be a significant degree of intelectual thinking, its just they perhaps are more open to expressing emotions. I mean can you give me an example of thinking emotionaly. maybe i’m brain farting here…

Women think in emotions. Their lives are run by emotion. Their desires are emotional responses to culture, or biology. Pretty much always. That is why they are like 99% more sucked into the media than guys, and only care about getting pregnant. I think i’vr seen like 3 women in thr truth field over the years.

They cannot intellectually distinguish themselves as much. Whereas men are biologically wired for sex, but can also use self-control to pursue other ventures as well, and usually when they do seem attractive because they are doing something the women cannot. That is why friend zone guys appear like bitches: they are just being emotional like a woman would, which is not manly.

Not sure how to sum this up. The other day I said hi to a women at work and I could tell she wanted something more - not me, or sex or anything; just ‘more’ out of the exchange - and sitting at my desk doing work I knew analytically this wasn’t the time for ‘more’ to occur. Women are, fundamentally, crazy compared to guys. They only think in emotion and that’s why we love them I guess.

I don’t hate or find men disgusting ~ inc’ myself [!], I simply adore women, not only are they living art in form and manner, but you have to win them over, play games. For me a womans sexual organ doesn’t end, the skin is an entire organ so a woman is one big sexual thang.

I find that women annoy me far too much for me to ever get with one, and a guy has to really impress upon me both physically and mentally for him to even garner a glimmer of interest in me…

What is your point?

Having the inability to intellectually distinguish myself due to being the poor emotional creature that I am, I am afraid that I do not have a point because my emotions are clouding all logical assertions from being made :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I hope you find someone.

I meant males impressing themselves upon me to garner my interest in them :doh: So in light of my grammatical error… my response had nothing to do with male disinterest in me, but in my disinterest in about 98% of all humans… except for the males that somehow manage to impress upon me with their sexy selves :slight_smile:

I find the need to be attractive to as many people as possible a distasteful one… it’s what’s driving society towards cosmetic enhancements and both physical and mental fakery.

So you have a disinterest in people except for the ones you have an interest in?


I’m loving how Mags turned up on this thread to try to dispel the assertion that women are fundamentally emotional rather than intellectual beings, and in the process demonstrated exactly how that is the case.

There is a reason there are very few female philosophers, and it has nothing to do with institutional sexism.

2% hardly gives me room to play, but I narrowed my options down for that very reason… as before I had far too much room to play in and far too little time to do so in, but that 2% has to impress upon me like any good peacock worth their salt would :slight_smile:

Every single person on earth has a percentage of people they find viable as mates.

Where is this going?

Yeah… read the last couple posts.

Not any more or less so than anyone else on this thread has displayed, but yet you attempt to single me out as coming from an emotional angle? you stating it doesn’t make it fact…