Sexy Sesame Street

If you’ve been watching the news recently, you’ve no doubt heard the hoopla over a video of Elmo accompanied by a woman who displays legs and cleavage. She is sexy to most hetero males who are older than 10. The notion that her performance is inappropriate for preteens somehow smacks of the thinking of certain Texas ladies who were apalled that genitals were left on statues of horses or of the museum curator who sometimes has to bring out a fig leaf to make the statue of David decent.
As a dirty old man I see Tinkerbell as very sexy; but then, I’m not ten.


Yeah. She’s one of those girls that’s only hot cause she acts slutty. If she acted normal she’d go unnoticed.
Skank. Look at those pasty legs. Doesn’t she sing a song about california girls? Bitch needs to get a tan.

I dunno, she faked it till she made it I think. Now she’s achieved a state of hotness as her default setting.

And having just googled her legs for empiric proof, I’d just like to state for the records that I’d google it.

Katy didn’t like your post so she used her slut-power on the internet to remove any trace of it.

Interestingly enough, she was wearing a mesh bodysuit under her Sesame Street outfit, so watching her on that program is effectively no different than watching a female figure skater in similar attire.

To chime in on the other aspect of this conversation, I’d probably rate her as a 6.5 or 7 out of 10.

she’s hot, but only because we’ve been programmed to think about her in that way.

Thanks CtV for the you tube exposure, and Tab for your fine humor. I have to agree in part with UPF on the serious side. Ancient Romans and many artists from then until the advent of “Playboy” liked their women portly and drew the curves body fat displayed. The current ideal female form seems to be borderline anorexic.
E-mails to news programs about the Perry display include one that asks if it is puberty forced before its time. I still say stuff and nonsense. It’s not a matter of polluting children’s programs with soft porn anymore than Tinkerbell or Snow White could do. I don’t care if Perry can sing or not. “She’s got legs and knows how to use them.” I don’t think preadolescent, hetero males cared about much other than the song, the pretty lady and, most of all, Elmo.

Actually, it’s good nutrition that brings the early onset of puberty in children. It’s like their bodies wake up early and say to themeslves - “hey, we’ve lucked out here guys, there’s food all over the place. C’mon, lets hit the level-up button early and get busy, might not last forever.”

:smiley: Yep, adolescence is a panic about time running out coupled with the idea that death is a far away abstraction. Does Perry have the power to bring this on or, as you suggest, does good nuitrition? That suggestion does seem to be historically accurate. Doesn’t anybody else here find Tinkerbell sexy? :smiley: At this after-the-fact time in our lives do we dare remember the angst of being an in-between–not quite adult, but more than a child?

Aw, Smears, isn’t it time for Viagra?


You think that’s bad?

When I did salvia I had a terrible experience that had a sesame street theme. Urban okayness. I was hoping for a mystical experience. I got big bird, pavement, and buildings crushing me. I almost couldn’t look inside this thread.

i love salvia. Personal opinion here. I don’t think it’s that bad to have Katie Perry on SS especially since she’s just singing a song, not going down on some guys chicken noodle.

Kids are dressing more sexual or provocative anyways… if anything this makes it more aware to the average parent and maybe they will do something lol.

Straight up and most obvious, the young ones have access to a ton more information these days.

When I was kid . . . I might hear a dirty word but not know what it meant for a long time. No private internet search meant finding someone to ask at the risk of major embarrassment. Parents could tell you anything, without proof.

These days, the kids are swimming in this info. Younger marriages, younger pregnant situations, sexy clothes, ect, this is not a moral decline so much as early awareness and adaptive decision making.

Santa is not real, sooner.

I sound old.

Good fun here. So what causes objections to the video? Bad nutrition? Aesthetic differences? Puritanical heritage? Envy? Media overload?
Smears, I didn’t mean to offer criticism. Bronzed beach bunnies just aren’t my cup of tea. I think they faded away with the Beach Boys.

Hot or not, don’t miss the point. PBS stations are not going to risk losing patronage over tits and ass. All they need is some idiot right wing evangelist call for a boycott to “protect” innocent young christians from SS evils and they have a funding problem. PC is with us - big time.

I take viagara all the time. Especially when I’m by myself.

Remember to call a doctor if you experience an erection lasting more than four hours.

Yep, fundies rule, whether we like it or not. Here’s a net forward, paraphrased, you might like. “When it comes to explaining reality, televangelists do more than lay people.” Back to Augustine’s horror about sexual urges! The hypocrisy is amazing and amusing. I think Paul’s ‘thorn in the flesh’ was being inordinately horny."